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ISIS Burns Alive Two Turkish Soldiers Captured Near Al-Bab

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ISIS Burns Alive Two Turkish Soldiers Captured Near Al-Bab

Photos of soldiers from the ISIS video

Last night, ISIS terrorist group released a video of burning alive two Turkish soldiers – Fathi Shahin and Saftar Tash.

The soldiers were allegedly captured by ISIS near al-Dana located northwest of al-Bab in the end of November.

This was the first documented execution of Turkish military personnel by ISIS terrorists.

On Thursday, ISIS delivered a major blow to the joint forces of pro-Turkish militant groups and the Turkish army west of the Syrian city of al-Bab. The terrorist group turned Turkish forces back from the town, seized a number of military equipment, including Leopard Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks and killed many pro-Turkey fighters. (more on the topic here and here)

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As much as i hate turkey, But that’s saddening to see. May they rest in peace…


These are very cruel and horrifying act. However, I would like to ask a question on which other may have some insight. Are events like these just a manifestation of a totally brutal and vicious mindset or are they intended to intimidate the enemy and cause them to flee in terror? I know the answer may be more complicated than my simple question implies.

It is not unheard of for prisoners to be executed in full sight of the enemy so as to frighten them off. Is this is what is going on here or is it just blood lust?

Bruce Barrett

It is probably a combination of the two. certainly such acts will strengthen any desire on the part of the Turkish soldiers not to get captured, I would imagine that as the Turkish Army is largely conscript this desire not to get captured will most likely manifest itself in a reduced resolve to stand and fight, rather than to ‘fight to the last round’. Potentially at least I think we could see more instances of weapons capture such as that at Al Bab as a result.


The interesting bit is its so marvellously anti-Islamic. ISIS has a deep hatred of Islam. Burning fellow Muslim’s to death in the name of ‘God the Compassionate, the Merciful takes a particularly twisted mind set.

Hans Offermans

It means that islam is so evil that they are not even save for each other…


Cruelty in warfare always serves to to intimidate the enemy. And your own population. If the enemy shits his pants knowing what you might do to them you’ve won half the battle. Of course it could also backfire as it causes the enemy to seek revenge and pay back in kind. This is what happened on the Eastern Front. The Germans behaved like animals and when they lost they reaped what they had sown.

This act will probably serve to enrage the Turkish population, this is not something the Great Sultan of Ankara can blame the PKK and Kurds for. Until now fighting ISIS was a side show for him. He may now be forced to give them more priority.


Probably both. Most of these Daesh soldiers don´t think by themselves, they are completely brainwashed and stoned as a matter of fact.

Bruce Barrett

regardless of how you regard Turkey’s role in this war, this is a shocking act of brutality .. my heart goes out to theses guys and their families


Why were these idiots let themeselves to take into a cage?


Turks should learn from the Kurds, when fighting Daesh, always keep one bullet for yourself !! How true !!


Don’t be weak. This is the jungle. They got what they deserved. Russia needs to nuke Ankara and Raqqa


The number of pro isis and pro Nusra (alqaida) sympathizers in turkey is high. It is very tricky for erdogan to turn public opinion from being anti assad and pro Nusra, and reversing this mindset is impossible.

Erdogan is trying to get turkey to accept assad “temporarily” and focus on hating isis. The flaw is both isis and Nusra recruit from the Same pool in turkey. The FSA allies which turkey wants to use against isis is mostly Nusra linked fighters whose heart is just not into fighting isis. These untrustworthy FSA units are why the siege of Bab has been much more difficult than turkey anticipated.

Turkey will need to use more of its own military and as a result turkey will take on more casualties. As they take casualties negative feelings towards isis will rise in turkey. One day erdogan will have to realize his support of FSA is not in turkey’s interest. They will not help him fight isis and the FSA in Idlib will abandon turkey and align with the saudis.

Paulo Romero

Those guys know they are dead. Their hands are free , why not take on those Isis shitpots when they handle them like dogs??Are they drugged?? I’d rather die fighting than waiting to be burned alive. Even if they lost that last fight and got shot , stabbed or beaten , it would be better than being brazed alive.

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