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ISIS Blew Up Part Of A Gas Pipeline In Syria’s Eastern Al-Shaddadi Region

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ISIS Blew Up Part Of A Gas Pipeline In Syria's Eastern Al-Shaddadi Region

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On October 2nd, in eastern Syria, unidentified persons blew up a section of a gas pipeline connecting Talje station and a plant in the Al-Shaddadi region.

Following that, on October 3rd, Islamic State militants have claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack on the territory controlled by the Kurdish “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF).

ISIS Blew Up Part Of A Gas Pipeline In Syria's Eastern Al-Shaddadi Region

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Just a month earlier, in the end of August 2020, a suspected attack on a pipeline in Syria caused a nationwide blackout.

According to SANA, Electricity Minister Zuhair Kharbotli said a pipeline blast in the Damascus area “led to an electricity blackout across Syria”.

The oil minister, Ali Ghanem, said the explosion struck the line that feeds three power stations in southern Syria was a “terrorist attack”, but he did not elaborate.

Kharbotli was quoted as saying the explosion on the Arab Gas Pipeline occurred after midnight between the northeastern Damascus suburbs of Adra and al-Dhamir.

He said this was the sixth time the pipeline had been targeted and that technicians were working to fix the problem and electricity should be restored in the coming hours.

US Special Representative for Syria Engagement James Jeffrey said he believed it was an ISIS attack, but no responsibility was claimed.

“But it was almost certainly a strike by ISIS,” Jeffrey said.

Jeffrey said, “In Syria, particularly the Badia Desert south of the Euphrates … we’re seeing an upsurge of ISIS activity.”

Back in February 2020, several explosions took place in the eastern countryside of Homs province.

hey have been caused by rocket shelling whose source is unknown so far, targeting places in Al-Rayyan Gas Station, Central Region Factory, Ebla Factory, east of Homs city, triggering fires in parts of them.

The shelling caused material damage but no information was reported about casualties so far.

Eight days earlier, unknown assailants attacked marine oil pipelines in Banias coastal city with IEDs.

On December 21st, 2019, SOHR activists reported that an aerial bombardment by drones whose identity is still unknown to date, targeted al-Rayyan Gas station, Homs Refinery and the Central Region Factory in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Fires broke out in the above-mentioned areas after some pipes and furnaces to improve the petroleum materials exploded. No casualties were reported about.

Attacks such as these aren’t that common, but they still occasionally happen.

Meanwhile, the US continues exploiting Syria’s oil fields, together with the SDF. On October 2nd, Syrian national outlet SANA reported that the US brought out a new convoy of oil tankers carrying stolen oil from Syrian territories to Iraqi lands.

Local sources told SANA reporter that a convey consisting of 6 oil tankers loaded with stolen oil from the oil wells that the US occupation troops occupy in the Syrian al-Jazira left Hasaka to the Iraqi territories via al-Walid illegal crossing in al-Ya’roubya area in Hasaka northern countryside.


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Assad must stay

shit they need to guard all the pipelines!

Albert Pike

There is no ISIS-State, there is a Mercenary Unit called ISIS, controlled by Nato and Mossad. So it’s Israel and Nato who blew up the pipeline…

Jim Allen

ISIS is not mercenary, it’s terrorist.
Sometimes called “Islamic State”

Albert Pike

No man, it’s Nato and it’s Arms supply went via“Timber Sycamore”, first out of Pentagon budgets, and then via Bilderberger Henry Kraviz (KKR). Further money came from the group the ‘Friends of Syria’:

You may also see it on the fact that up to 2016 it was legal in Europe to advertise for Mercenary/Jihadist Jobs in Syria. They traveled via Nato-Turkey and where sorted out there on Turk ground into units:

Lucia West

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johnny rotten

So we have the fucking Yankees protecting ISISsraelis while destroying the Syrian People’s energy supply, and they call it export of democracy.

Jim Allen

Essentially, US military pet “enemies.”

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