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ISIS Blew Up Bin Hayyan Gas Company Near Palmyra (Photos)


The ISIS-linked news agency ‘Amaq’ released a statement, claiming that the terrorist group had destroyed the Hayyan gas company in the Syrian province of Homs.

The attack on the Hayyan gas company was the most recent in a series of ISIS attacks in Homs aimed to undermine gas and oil supplies to the government-held area.

Photos released by ISIS:

ISIS Blew Up Bin Hayyan Gas Company Near Palmyra (Photos)
ISIS Blew Up Bin Hayyan Gas Company Near Palmyra (Photos)
ISIS Blew Up Bin Hayyan Gas Company Near Palmyra (Photos)



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  • PZIVJ1943

    It may be a chilly winter for many Syrians. Remaining reserves will be prioritized, #1 are natural gas fueled power stations. The Syrian people will adapt and persevere against this hardship. ISUS will pay in the not to distant future.

  • Ronald

    There seems to be a real focus on infrastructure since the victory in Aleppo , water supply in both Aleppo and Damascus , electrical transmission towers feeding Damascus , now gas . We will see if this continues after Trump takes office .

    • Bob

      It is notable that the USAF has had a distinct and systematic habit of destroying Syrian infrastructure (allegedly targeting ISIS) and now ISIS and various militant factions on the ground are running parallel strategy of targeting essential utility services.
      Does seem a larger strategic pattern to frustrate and disrupt Syrian society at play here.

      • Joseph Scott

        You’ve seen this movie before. Remember Iraq 1991 and Iraq 2003? Guess what the USAF spent a lot of effort and munitions destroying?

    • Brad Isherwood

      Some of these recent attacks could have been stopped via better security and awareness*
      That after Aleppo….Empire would go for the Colonial… infected blankets for the Natives

      Putin and Russian MI have really disappointed lately.
      The Syrians are maybe just not mentally set to cope with Empire,
      Russia however knows Empires ways.

      US,Jordan,Nato,Israel…probably even the Saudi …all flew in and bombed Syria while
      Russia’s supposed dazzling air defence systems did F All!.

      Any Russian General that calls Putin out over Military and Security weakness
      Has my Vote…
      I’m drinking His Vodka brand….
      The Putin label Vodka seems watered down lately.