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ISIS base destroyed in Istanbul


A training site located in the Turkish city was destroyed by the police according to local media.

ISIS base destroyed in Istanbul

ISIS militants at training camp

Vatan, a local newspaper, has reported that Istanbul police recently disarticulated a place in which teenagers and kids, mainly from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan were receiving special training by members of the terrorist group.

The training might have consisted of lessons on radical Islam, norms of life of ISIS and physical and military training itself as well.

A series of operations, since Ankara terrorist attack, have taken place in Turkey, as a result of them about 50 people, foreigners mainly, have been detained in Pendik, Istanbul. Authorities claim that there were 24 teenagers among them.

The Turkish police also informed that the arrested ones were preparing themselves to join the terrorist group in Iraq and Syria, whereas it’s widely known, the jihadis have control over vast territories.


Written by Lisbeth Mechter



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