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ISIS Attempts To Pressure Republican Guard In Deir Ezzor City, Gains No Ground

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While the ISIS defense is collapsing in the Palmyra countryside and in southern Raqqah, the terrorist group’s members have continued atempts to put an additional pressure on government forces, led by the Republican Guard, in the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor.

ISIS attacked the city from the northwestern and northern directions and shelled military facilities controlled by the Republican Guard. The terrorists made no gains in the area.

Meanwhile, the Republican Guard conducted a series of attacks against ISIS in the cemetery area allegedly inflicting some casualties to ISIS forward units. However, government forces were also not able to achieve notable success.

The situation in the city remains tense, but the moment when the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies will be able to lift the ISIS siege from Deir Ezzor are becoming closer every day. This is why ISIS desperately attempts to seize the government-held area there prior to forward SAA units reach the city.

ISIS Attempts To Pressure Republican Guard In Deir Ezzor City, Gains No Ground

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ISIS couldnt take DZ when they were strongest, also dont forget US bombing when they killed 100 SAA soldiers


This is becoming plainly stupid. Like hitting wall with your head to break through. Impossible. If they didn’t capture the city in three years how would they now. Gaps are closing, they don’t have man power to defend other points but they are in offensive inside a large incirclement? In don’t understand logic behind it. This is religious fanaticism, drugs or something else.


Well, the analogy with Nazi Germany keeps on growing in the case of ISIS. Including a delusional leadership that keeps on making stupid decisions that make no sense. As for the rank and file, like with the Nazis I wouldn’t be surprised if ISIS watches like a bloodhound for any sign of defeatism and unwillingness to fight, to then make a bloody example as to what happens to ‘deserters’. During the battle for Berlin any German man without a valid pass behind the frontline found themselves strung up on lamp posts for that very reason.


I doubt that the Washington barbarians want the remnants of their head-chopping, heart-eating rapers hanging around after the war, reading the Anabasis.


The German soldiers could hope for the wonder-weapon/a-bomb, but daesh could only hope for god – but since they are fanatic, it could work…


Since god doesn’t exist, ISIS will be wipped out. Germans were not religious fanatics that were fighting for myths written in a book. Germans were fighting for their nation and used science. US didn’t give them weapons like USA did for ISIS.

Americans were fighting for globalists and USSR was fighting for communism.

Now, in Charlottevilles you have Americans nationalists that are taking the flags of Nazis. XD. I was waiting for this moment. The moment when Americans will understand that they were digging their own grave. I hope they will burry themselfs without taking the world with them.

Anyway. USA has never be a real country. Only a country of terrorists and criminals that have killed the Indians to take their land and claiming to be good by propaganda. A country without a people is not a country, it’s a corporation.


The Germans had wonder weapons, ME262, the V rockets, it was too little to late.
The dead end results on the eastern front had wasted significant German resources in manpower, equipment and technology.


Hitler was stupid. He made war against USSR for no reason. Otherwise, he would have succeded.

northerntruthseeker .

You really need to study real history more… Hitler had no choice but to attack the USS in operation Barbarossa due to the massive Soviet build up for the planned Soviet invasion of western Europe slated for July 5th, 1941 under the code name of Operation Thunderbolt…. Hitler basically preempted that Soviet strike, wiped out the forward Offensive forces of the USSR and saved Europe from Soviet domination…

That is fact and not fiction, and I wish that people would get up to speed on our real history!


I have never heard about that. Give me a source but I doubt about it.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The GRU had admitted as much in their planning and had well placed officials in the US govt at the time. This book was written by a former member of the GRU can’t remember the title since a few have come out also confirming this operation.

northerntruthseeker .

Look up the “iceberg” revelations made by former Soviet officials… And check out the articles at my own website about this as well as those posted over at Rense…

John Brown

ISIS can hope for more air support from Israel and the USA like they get near the Israeli border and remember the previous USA air strikes in Deir Azur to help ISIS.

Julius Meinel

You can argue the same about the Ukrainian Nazis attempting to take over Novorossia. They have not succeeded in over 2 year now and have lost lots of manpower and material in their futile attempt. Not sure what makes them think there is even a remote chance of defeating the Russians in the east when much larger and more disciplined military powers have failed at this game in the past. They too must be on drugs or something to keep fighting with no chance of even winning that war and die in the process for nothing other than vanity.


the neo-nazis of ukraine are now hoping they will be provided by the US with more lethal weapons.


How about Freedom fighters from the Ukraine trying to liberate Eastern Ukraine from Soviet occupation?

Wars are won by money and manpower. You’ve got to have both. The message is clear. If Russian wants to re-conquer the Ukraine weapons and money from the USA and EU will flood in – as they did in Syria.

The defeat of ISIS in Syria is as much to do with cutting of off the US weapon supply and funding of ISIS as it is to Russian support of Assad.

If you want the real story of why there was an uprising against the Soviets in the Ukraine – ask one of the many Ukrainians working in Poland. The Ukraine and Poland are culturally very similar countries. Poland is a boom country where wages have gone up 25% in five years the Ukraine was Soviet oligarchy mired in corruption.

Ukrainians in the Western Ukraine can see and experience what its like in the non-Soviet world. . . .


Also of course bear in mind that until 1945 much of Western Ukraine was part of Poland and Polish speaking. . . . .

Clearly the country is historically and culturally divided. If the Russians living in the East want to live in a poverty in corrrupt society run by oligarchs – that is their choice.

The Ukrainians and Poles in the Western part of the Ukraine want no part of it.

Brad Isherwood

Eventually they get pushed out west of the Euphrates.
US are signalling that FSA and Kurds will fight ISUS along the Euphrates.
Syria East of the Euphrates has significant oil and nat/gas Fields.
ISUS is sitting on this,allong with a chunk of Iraq’s western reaches.

If the US/Globalist want a partition with a new Sunni cut out statelet, …it’s right here
They will dig in and create some political drama to justify creation.
Or…they really do end ISUS. ..yet do all to make sure no Shia get anything of the former ISUS

US/Israhell are maneuvering to have IRGC removed from Syria.
US is pressuring Bugdud over PMU operations in Iraq.
Iraq has elections in 2018…
ISUS probably is still around to keep the Iraq nation tumbled politically.

Trustin Judeau

If there was time when ISIS could have captured DZ was in their peak – the summer of 2014 to mid 2015 . Now it is not possible . Another thing is that ISIS is very weak now . It has been 8 months since their last successful offensive against SAA . Since then they have lost so much territory – Suweida , Rif Dimashq, Aleppo and almost all of Raqqa CS and Sukhna


Isn’t it so amazing? Its like it went from a complete newbie playing a video game to a complete pro


So stupid sunnis. They don’t see that they are surrending and that they will be wipped out ???
Stop, gun down and save lives.


Do you know that terrorists american that killed millions of people in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan are called heroes in USA ??? XD. They are called “US vet” (I rather prefer “US pet”) and people like them because “they have saved the world” from a martian that wanted to take over the planet. XD. You can see thousand of these terrorists buried in USA. Sometimes, they made ceremonies for them. And they are always used to brainwashed Americans saying that they are heroes whereas they are terrorists.

American terrorism. Stop the american terrorism. Americans are not heroes, they are zeroes and terrorists. When did americans ever save someone ??? XD


ISIS are brainwahed. Surely, they are told that they are winning. Just like Americans are called that they good when they kill millions of people for nothing.

Two fanatic people.

northerntruthseeker .

No.. ISIS are US bought and paid for mercenaries and operatives… They know what they are doing for they are getting their orders directly from the criminals in Washington…

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

ISIS are Mercenaries then you have the gullible idiots who follow them, these will turn into HTS/Nusra Front forces which is what they actually are. The same ideals and training provided by the US to be that local group to create destabilizing an country no affiliations to a country other than being supported by the US, Israel and Saudi govt’s.


If you want to see the indian genocide commited by Americans, just go to Disneyland. They always make a show called “Indians vs Cow-boy”. The indian genocide memorial is in Disneyland.

Man, the country of “human rights” buddy. XD.


Syrian Republican Guard , honor beyond measure .

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