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ISIS Attempting To Set Up Own Province In Philippines Island Of Mindanao

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ISIS Attempting To Set Up Own Province In Philippines Island Of Mindanao

Photo source: https://twitter.com/NewsWcn/

Clashes between Philippines security forces and ISIS terrorists are still ongoing in the city of Marawi located on the island of Mindanao.

According to reports, security forces are attempting to regain the western part of the city that was seized by terrorits earlier this week.

Fresh airstrikes were also reported in the city on Friday. The Philippines military started carrying out airstrikes on ISIS targets inside the city on Thursday.

In his report to the Senate, President Rodrigo Duterte has said that ISIS is attempting to esbalish own province in Mindanao.

“These activities constitute not simply a display of force, but a clear attempt to establish the groups’ seat of power in Marawi City for their planned establishment of a Daesh wilayat or province covering the entire Mindanao,” Duterte said.

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Nigel Maund

The Philippine Forces need to completely wipe out ISIS and take no prisoners. Duterte need to ask President Putin for Russian counter insurgency and urban warfare expert advisers. He can forget the US Deep State who no doubt instigated this uprising.


Yeah, the timing is a bit iffy. A move on Brunei would make much more sense.

Nigel Maund

The False Flags and Set Coups are getting monotonously predictable. The US Deep State MIC is now completely transparent to all but the voluntarily blind and ignorant. The big question is this: “When are the US Citizenry going to finally wake and get rid of these maniacs?”………..or are the to complacent and apathetic??

Peter Moy

In response to your question: a large percentage of the American public is just too uninformed, misinformed, apathetic and downright stupid to be concerned about events in other countries. Many don’t even care about what is happening in the US. There are many videos that show how dumb many people are posted on the internet (YT). Just look at the upcoming national Memorial Day observance on Monday, May 29. The media here in the US would have you think that is is a grand celebration for shopping and barbecues and not for honoring the country’s war dead. Just downright pathetic how many in the US are so stupid and brainwashed. It is no wonder that Americans are ridiculed as being ignorant, extremely superficial and have no sense of culture, world history or even American history. Voter participation in elections is also pathetic. Turnout in the 2016 general election was a only a shameful 57%. Greetings from 3rd World New York City, 8.5 million strong, over 300 murders and thousands of assaults each year and a 21% poverty rate. (BTW I voted for Mr. Trump last year and am starting to have “buyers remorse.” I wish US foreign policy would extract us from all of these damn wars. There is already enough hatred for Americans in this world.) ~ from a former US Army paratrooper officer: ’84 – ’88.

Charlie rad

be patient . did you think deepstate would just rollover. Trump still can’t get 455 appointees approved by Congress. 455 Obamites still in play. He isn’t in total control yet. He’s making some very slick moves. on the surface don’t appear so good. but after deep study, he & staff are sharp. Especially for novices. He will do as promised & more. It’s a War, not a battle.

Nigel Maund

Charlie, I just hope your interpretation of events in the USA turns out to be correct. If Trump does really take on the Deep State and their attempts at impeachment don’t work, then the may do the JFK solution.

Nigel Maund

Peter, these are very good comments and thanks for posting them; much appreciated! Sadly, all you say is very true and not just of the USA, but also Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France and the UK. Our societies are all guilty of: wanting the easy life, trying to survice lives of debt induced serfdom; carefully crafted nonsense distractions on the media, cell phones and video games and failure to educate ourselves in order to preserve our rapidly dwindling liberties. Now, the whole world faces the greatest threats we have collectively every faced. Most of us are all in the same boat and need to recognize the threats and work together via the internet to address then and act. If we don’t, the the world is headed for a very dark and unhappy future.


Others will know the US better, but of Europeans I can say that they’re not who they claim to be. Western foreign/military policies have been INSANELY profitable for their energy and arms companies, hence good for EU Inc. How many brown children get killed in the process… well there are some things you don’t really *want* to know. That part is at least rational, but sentimental attachments to old imperial grandeur still run very deep, and have been given a new lease of life through the Israel link. The latter line of thought has had a strong “White Man’s Burden” religious/messianic dimension for centuries.

Then when they have to bury their own children, it’s boohoohoo, why do they hate us so much.

Nigel Maund

Good commentary and understood! Thanks!


urban warfare is an easy task for the Philippine army. Jungle warfare is worse than urban warfare and is a nightmare for the attacking army.

Nigel Maund

Good comment and I have to agree true!


When Duterte started calling out Obama as a son of a whore, it seemed to me he’d started running his mouth off before making sure the Axis of Sanity had his back. Some attacks are false flags and others are not; evidence is still important. But would the US, at a minimum, reduce/misdirect counterterror cooperation when the Philippines step out of line? Unthinkable that it could be otherwise; they even threatened Germany when they got funny ideas about letting Snowden testify in front of the Bundestag.

Oh and by the way Obama’s lineage may be much worse than that: his mom worked for USAID, we well-known Company front.


Good luck Phillipines, the one thing ISIS cannot handle is professional forces. Don’t let them get a chance to settle in.

jade villaceran
That Guy

looks like ISIS is turning into ISISP


Daesh will soon be kicked out of Iraq.
So they will be known as PISS.

Charlie rad

they have wealthy backers. They have become a serious Global threat. Must be stopped soon at all costs.


Soon We will see these events happen in Europe starting with Sweden.


You are couple of decades late with your prediction. NATO have already created islamic teritories in Europe (hints: Yugoslavia, Balkanisation).


This is about US extending a proxy war against Duterte (regime change). In Europe it’ll start in Albania.

Charlie rad

you will see the Balkans reset themselves very soon. Jihadis will be chased out once again. Balkan wars part 3.


Interesting. What do you know?


What are you waiting to destroy ISIS here ? maybe USA is sending these ISIS to destroy Philippine. Philippine must not worry about human rights, these things are animals, not humans.

Charlie rad

so right. they must destroy them with extreme prejudice, Like NOW !!!

Real Anti-Racist Action

Like Zionist, once ISIS settles in like a tic, it really digs in. Once they appear they must be removed quickly and uprooted. Branches, Trunk and Roots and all.


CIA handlers of Maute are now in frantic mode what to do next. While they have very reliable and trusted military generals in the government, the CIA does not have the president and the president is watching them. Maute/Abu Sayyaf should rather assassinate the president first to achieve their goal of establishing an Islamic Caliphate. It should be easy because the president lives in Mindanao.that is, if they are still alive.

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