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ISIS Attacks US-backed Forces, Regains Village West Of Raqqah – Reports


ISIS Attacks US-backed Forces, Regains Village West Of Raqqah - Reports

On February 13, ISIS terrorists launched an attack against the so-called “Syrian Democratic Forces” (predominantly Kurdish YPG units) in the area west of the ISIS self-proclaimed capital of Raqqah.

Following a series of firefights with YPG units, ISIS terrorists reportedly retook the village of Sweidiyah Kabirah north of the Tabqa Dam.

Reports about the event was released by the ISIS-linked Amaq news agency and the so-called “Syrian Observatory For Human Rights”, which has a direct pro-western stance.

Pro-YPG social media accounts deny repors about the ISIS gains, adding that clashes are still ongoing in the area.



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  • Barba_Papa

    There’s always the odd counter attack here and there to give hope to the faithful. Even the Nazi’s occasionally managed to push back the Red Army and Allies in some small sector even as late in the war as 1945. The overall trend is what matters. And the overall trend is that (thankfully) ISIS is being pushed back in every sector.

    You do have to admire their tenacious resistance though. Only a few years ago they were just one of the many Jihadi terrorist headchopping organizations, now they’re fighting conventionally against some major powers and making them fight and bleed for every inch. Gruesome barbarians they may be, that transformation is one for the military history books.

  • Brad Isherwood

    The …Syrian Democratic Forces….reeks of US media and political scheming.

    They can sell US boots on the ground in Syria….fighting for Democracy against ISIS
    Meanwhile. ..bombing Syrian infrastructure and schemes to tumble Assad, interfere
    With Russia and Iran.

    If they can create fighting with IRGC/Hezbollah,…they have their Iran the terrorist label working
    As US media is relentless Iran bashing now.

  • AMHants

    Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, really? Next, the White Helmets will distribute one of their fake videos, to compliment the narrative.