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ISIS Attacks Tunisian Army Patrol, Reportedly Destroys Armoured Vehicle


ISIS Attacks Tunisian Army Patrol, Reportedly Destroys Armoured Vehicle

On Saturday, ISIS fighters attacked an armoured vehicle of the Tunisian National Army with an IED on a road in the Al-Mughila mountain in western Tunis.

According to ISIS, the attack led to the explosion of the armoured vehicle and the killing and wounding of 5 Tunisian soldiers.

Spokesman for the Tunisian National Army, Belhassen al-Waslati, announced that the incident didn’t lead to any material or human losses.

According to a Tlocal unisian source, the three soldiers who were inside the armored vehicle were transferred to Al-Jihwi hospital in the Tunisian state of Kasserine. Another source from the hospital confirmed that the three soldiers are in good health, stressing that “their morale is very high”.

The Al-Mughila mountain is located between the states of Kasserine and Sidi Bouzid in western Tunis. The Tunisian National Army has declared the mountain a closed military zone since 2015. It’s considered a safe haven for extremist elements in Tunis.

On April 7, the mountain witnessed clashes between the Tunisian National Army and extremist Islamic fighters, resulted in killing of 4 Tunisian soldiers and injuring 9 others.

After the success of the revolution, Tunisia was transformed into a strong heartland for Islamist extremists of Al-Qaeda and later of ISIS. Some Tunisian parties have sent thousands of extremists to fight in Syria and Libya since 2011. The new Tunisian government has only begun dealing seriously with the terrorism threat in the country since 2014 following several terrorist attacks in Tunisia.



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