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ISIS Attacks Syrian Military Positions North Of Al-Bukamal

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ISIS Attacks Syrian Military Positions North Of Al-Bukamal

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On June 30, ISIS fighters attacked several positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies north of the city of al-Bukamal in the southern Deir Ezzor countryside, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

The pro-opposition monitoring group said that heavy clashes between ISIS and the SAA is currently taking place in the village of Doueir north of al-Bukamal. Several fighters of ISIS and the SAA were reported killed as a result of these clashes.

During the last three days, ISIS fighters shelled several positions of the SAA north of al-Bukamal, according to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq. Furthermore, the terrorist group announced that its snipers killed a soldier of the SAA in the village of al-Sukariyah on June 30.

The attack was likely launched from ISIS positions on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River as the SAA secured the desert around al-Bukamal on June 27. Earlier this month, ISIS launched two similar attacks from the eastern bank, which is the zone of responsibility of the US-led coalition and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The artillery and rocket launchers of the SAA and its allies will likely shell the remaining positions of the terrorist group on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River in response to this attack.

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They forgot to coordinate with the US command before the attack, so no air support or initial aerial attack.

Don’t look at the US, Americans don’t provide them with ammunition and fresh troops. ISIS either grows new arms and recruits in the fields on the Euphrates eastern bank or fishes them out of the river.

Wise Gandalf

How was in Moscow?


He’s from Iran, maybe you should ask him how Tehran was?

Although knowing Tehran I’d say it was probably dusty and polluted.

Wise Gandalf

He visited Russia.


You saw him there?
Did you report him with your shoe phone?

Wise Gandalf

How’s the weather in Virginia, hot I hear, you might need a fan to get some cool air up your dress?


The US will continue to aid ISIS, the US plans to hold eastern Syria, to stop the Iranian gas pipeline to Europe.

Bill Wilson

Sounds like ISIS is still trying to open a corridor to the east for their fellow members trapped out in the desert.


ISIS/USA already controls the east of Syria.
Notice how ISIS never attacks the USA, they only attack the enemies of the USA.

northerntruthseeker .

Well…duhhhh…..that is because the US is in fact ISIS….


They have to attack now because they know they will be next. But it’s hopeless anyway unless Israel gets involved. They should have rebranded a long time ago because with the ISIS name nobody can openly come to their support. Fortunately they are idiots.


AMN is reporting that the SDF has agreed to open the roads that they’ve blocked to allow civilian traffic into and out of the areas that they control. That’s a step in the right direction to restoring Syrian government administration and removing foreign occupation forces from SDF held areas.

Wise Gandalf

Several days ago one crazy syrian general talkaed about elminated ISIS pocket. Already that tome i told, he lies.


Don’t worry kike kid, when the SAA goes across the river, you can kiss these ISIS friends of your goodbye.


I figured that that Syrian general was way too optimistic. As George Bush proved, nothing good comes from declaring ‘mission accomplished!’


It’s an easy drive from their safe American base, these kind of attacks will continue as long as the USA protects and supplies ISIS

John Mason

They will continue as long as the US remains in Syria and Iraq.


We really need to settle which part of the desert is marked what color on that map. I mean, we found out that there had been ISIS cells near Damascus the entire time, then stuff like this happens right after the SAA says mission accomplished in Deir ez-Zor.


More BS analysis from a buffoon arm chair warrior, how is that Saudi UAE victory you claimed weeks looking in Yemen you idiot.

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