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JUNE 2021

ISIS Attacks Syrian Army Southeast Of Palmyra

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ISIS Attacks Syrian Army Southeast Of Palmyra

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On April 19, ISIS fighters conducted a hit and run attack against three positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) southeast of the city of Palmyra in the province of Homs, according to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq.

Amaq said that several soldiers of the SAA had been killed and injured in the attack. Amaq added that ISIS fighters had destroyed a 130mm artillery piece of the SAA and captured a vehicle armed with a 14.5mm gun.

This was the first attack by ISIS around Palmyra since May 2017, when the city was liberated from the terrorist organization by the SAA and its allies for the second time.

The ISIS attack was likely launched from the Homs desert that’s located between the eastern Homs countryside and the western Deir Ezzor countryside. More than 1,000 ISIS members [who withdrew from Deir Ezzor southeastern countryside in late 2017] are believed to be hiding there.

The SAA and its allies are planning to eliminate the ISIS pocket in the Homs desert soon, according to Syrian pro-movement sources. The Tiger Forces will likely be tasked with this operation as they finish their work with the militant-held pockets in western Syria.

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Terence Silvestre Jr.

American puppets carrying out what their sponsors do not have the moral courage and neither the manhood enough to carry it out themselves.
American hypocrites and puppets pretending to fight terrorism that they themselves create and encourage to cowardly achieve their evil purposes not only in Syria but in many other places and regions of the world.
Damn will be all of them from now and forever.

Man Dagang

They shld had asked US to bomb syrian army before attack, if so they already in damascus


SE direction…this would imply the terrorists are being shielded by the Al Tanf base which has a wide ‘zone of control’.

neil barron

Yup and Iraqi’s just went into Syria chasing ISIS into that area Jordan asked the Syrian Army to withhold attacking the area to see if they can get them to surrender. Me thinks that they don’t want the war to spill into their country it’s the only border crossing there.


What goes up must come down (science), what goes around comes around (tales of wisdom), Every force has an equal and opposite force (science), reap what u sew (agriculture and wisdom), Blow back (military term), Karma (spiritual).
With absolute certainty, there will be negative x 3 results for those involved in this conspiracy war against Syria,iraq and Libya. Russia’s involvement is the slow turn of this evil force back unto itself. All these Arab nations against Syria have Monarchies that ally with Israel (their natural enemy) and the USA not to save their country, but to save their power! Forces greater than isis and al-qaueda will be thrust upon those countries which will include their own citizens who have had enough of the corrupt monarchies sucking them dry! This is what Iran brings. The knowledge and know how of implementing revolution! But this time it will be the west calling these fighters terrorists and Iran and Russia calling them revolutionaries! But it wont matter what they are labelled! The matter is that the Middle East is about to turn inside out. Now Israel will be contained by real Muslims. Israel wont last long when this happens! Their nukes wont save them either!

Val Shadowhawk

Absolutey! Well stated.


You are Right

Christian Gains

Hate it, tho I DO, but, I MUST AGREE!! Where are the “WISE MEN” when needed??? ISIS is a “DEEP STATE” scourge permitted by one Admin., & NOW, (apparently), protected by ANOTHER!!????? Isaiah 33: 1 – 14!!! Truly a SAD DAY approaches; a day of reckoning approaches…Galatians 6:7…”God is NOT mocked!!!

Joe Dirt

fuck Syria!

neil barron

Same to you DIRT BAG you no not of what you speak.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Why are you so angry with Syria, my friend?
On the side of who, are you in the Syrian conflict?
Let me guess please…,Ooooh, I get it.
I’m very sorry but bad news.
Because Syria and allies will be the only winners,
sooner or later, whether you like it or not, I’m afraid my dear friend.

Joe Dirt

blah blah blah this is why NATO continues to kick the shit out of you! LOL

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Are you Isis or Al Qaeda man?
Let me guess again one more time, please my friend…..
Ooooh, I get it again.
It does not matter because both are perfectly two sides of the same coin? :)

Joe Dirt


Terence Silvestre Jr.

Okey whatever, my friend.


Chinese hate ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Israel. Chinese are united with Syrian Bashar Al Assad. My friend you cannot hide your dirty face from the world.

Joe Dirt

You don’t know Chinese policy.


I know better. Chinese are best friend of all Muslims. Now they are building the world largest Mosque in Africa. China has started developing industrial zones in Pakistan.

Joe Dirt

Chinese mess with towel heads because of there low IQ. All towel heads will be owned by the CCP! Look at how oppressed towel heads are in China.


Based on Joe Dirt’s repeated anti-Syrian postings on SF – probably more likely it’s Joel Dirtwitz from Tel Aviv.


US, UK and France are on the top of the list in corruptions and in frauds. Fake charities is on second number which is also a very attractive business for majority of politicians. 3rd number is foods and medical treatment particularly dentistry.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

I do not know if you can document or not your sayings,
but even so you still sound so naturally believable, I have to recognize it my friend.
Because I fear that there is more and more evil than goodness on earth than there ever was in the heart of man since its creation to date.

Winnie Eldrup



So no surprises then. Wonder how many of these “ISIS” soldiers are recycled “FSA” from Douma?

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Well said, my friend.

neil barron

All of them!!

Trustin Judeau

After the other pockets ( East Qalamoun,Rastan and South Damascus) are done then SAA and allies should clear the ISIS pocket in Eastern Syria once and for all


The problem is that the great expanse of arid desert would need to be garrisoned and with the US in Al Tanf and Iraq the borders of the desert are very porous, especially to light vehicles. The problem will need to be addressed and pergaps for now some aggressive pattrolling with air support might be an option. Its better than waiting to get shot at


Losers tell 100 reasons why not possible, winners easily find the way, how is possible.

neil barron

They are but events come into play that have to be taken first.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Thas why Israel attacked Syrian base of T4…to Support these hordes!…Iran had there attacks drones which they used to airstrike vs ISIS cells and avoiding them to launch attacks vs SAA!

northerntruthseeker .

Look at the maps, people…. The fraud “ISIS” forces making these attacks could not have originated from anywhere else other than that illegal American Al Tanf base position… It proves once again how the US is indeed ISIS and will continue to use these operatives to make it miserable for the people of Syria..

Promitheas Apollonious

no more prove required as what happening in syria and whom are behind the whole thing. What is needed is the elimination of all this mercenaries of the west and get it over with.

Paul Pestell

isis will pop just like jihads .long live Assad


Intel provided to ISIS courtesy of Washington, London and Tel Aviv the biggest sponsors of Takfiri Terrorism Worldwide.

neil barron



The US are allegedly there to fight ISIS and the only place where ISIS are free to roam is right in front of the US military base. You can’t make this stuff up.


@Southfront why always you keep refer to Daesh as ISIS fighters, how are you calling them fighters, fighters for what, do you consider them fighters, you should call them Barbaric Terrorist Extremists Scum not Fighters. LOL

Promitheas Apollonious

or what they really are. Mercenaries of the west.

neil barron

Yup Thank Odumbazz for the jv team.

Joe Dirt

Obama and Pootin for the jv team

Winnie Eldrup



He is moron leave him lonely he wants to keep us busy.

Joe Dirt

Vladimir Putin has claimed some 7,000 Russian Muslims flocked to the Middle East to join ISIS. Mercenaries of Russia you mean. LOL

Jc Plancarte

Don’t play stupid, you dirt bag troll. They are the West’s mercenaries because they are paid, trained, armed and supported by the USA/CIA. UK, France, EU, NATO, Israhell and their ME allies; the Wahhabi Saudis, Qataris, and UAE !!!!

Joe Dirt

Russia sends 7,000 ISIS fighters to Syria, then goes in to occupy land, build bases, and claim to the world we are here to fight ISIS! Are you that blind? LOL

Russia does not care about ISIS or Syrians. Russia cares about Russia and Russians.

Winnie Eldrup

It isn’t April1. today


OK show me how many pockets of ISIS bastards are there close to Hameam and Tartus military bases. Zero. And now Russia kicking their asses in Damascus. Russia have liberated 70% land from ISIS/US/UK.

Winnie Eldrup

NO mercenaires of the west – United States of ISIS

neil barron

Daesh is what the people over there call ISIS because think of it they are fighters until they dominate then the real dogma comes out. Thus your ” Barbaric Terrorist Extremists”.


So it’s a thousand now.

Gee, I wonder how they grew in number in the desert in one year? Did they get recruits from a foreign nation?

Gee, I wonder what foreign nation had an international jihadi recruiting network based on salafist ideology similar to ISIS?


Because the SAA officers are bribed by smugglers. Similar like happened in Damascus.

neil barron

Try the Wahhabi Saudis. They are the ones supporting the last ones that just lost and got kicked out Jeish al Islam the fake gas perps.


Deep in the bowels of the Pentagram, Generals are foaming at the mouth, running in circles and screaming what can we do.
This is because Syria basically destroyed the US missile attack on Syria.
So to appear to be doing something, anything they are getting all of their terror armies to attack with small arms, because Americas big guns are useless.

Although annoying and many innocents will die, it is because America cannot accept its defeat.
the American empire is collapsing, expect other oppressed peoples to rise up against the American oppressors in the near future.

Alan Hong

Surround them and deprive them of food and water supply.

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