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ISIS Attacks Syrian Army Position, Convoy In Southern Homs, Claims Dozens Of Soldiers Killed

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ISIS Attacks Syrian Army Position, Convoy In Southern Homs, Claims Dozens Of Soldiers Killed

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ISIS fighters launched a large “hit and run” attack on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the southern Homs countryside on May 15.

According to the terrorist group’s news agency, Amaq, ISIS fighters stormed a key position of the SAA near the town of al-Sawwanah. After imposing control of the position, the terrorists ambushed a convoy of the army that was heading to repel the attack.

Amaq claimed that 21 soldiers and officers of the SAA were killed in the complex attack. Three army vehicles were also destroyed.

“The fighters of the Islamic state constantly target the Syrian military and its allied forces in Badia al-Sham [ISIS’ term for the Homs desert], causing heavy losses among them, including Shiite militia officers,” Amaq’s report reads.

A Syrian source confirmed to SouthFront that a position of the SAA near al-Sawwanah was attacked by ISIS. However, the source said that only four fighters of the Military Security Shield Forces (MSSF) were killed in the attack, dismissing the remaining claims by Amaq as a mere propaganda stunt.

The attack was likely launched from the remaining ISIS positions deep inside the Homs desert. The terrorists hiding there stepped up their attacks recently taking advantage of the SAA’s ongoing military operation around Idlib.

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klove and light

lol…..pathetic…not believable any more….

anybody wanna tell me, that the big Mighty russian airforce with satellites cannot bobmb the shit out of supposedly 1000-3000 jihadi pricks hiding, not in a jungle, but in a desert area…..its not believable anymore…


Good observation. Russia must answer this.

Rhodium 10

If you look the map where SAA troops have been attacked…its near US occupy Al Tanf area…so these terrrorist just change their “moderate” clothes by ISIS uniforms….

David Parker

The Russians are under no obligation whatever to fight for the Assad government.
They lease Khmeimim Air Base and Latakia from the Assad government and they will defend themselves. But, they are there to prevent the CIA head choppers having a base to export terror to the Russian Federation across the Black Sea. Bombs aren’t cheap and neither are flight ops.
So, the Russians provide the SAA with intelligence information as to where the terrorists are hiding. Also, the Homs Desert is not just sand dunes. It is mountains and canyons of rock with plenty of caves and natural fortifications and US air and artillery support.


Hope revenge is deliberate


I have repeatedly mentioned before for several months that now its time to first fully eliminate these US terrorists from Homs and Deir Ezzor then launch the Hama and Idlib operation but they have ignored. So much mercy to ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists is not good. Safety first.

Now as Syrian army and allies advance in Hama and Idlib so Trump terrorists will also advance in Homs and in Deir Ezzor.


And how many losses did Daesh suffer? NONE OF COURSE once again!!! Wow, they must be completely superhuman and invincible if they are able to kill all these SAA soldiers and not suffer any casualties themselves!!

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