ISIS Attacks Syrian Army Near Al-Bukamal, Claims Killing Of Over 20 Government Troops


ISIS Attacks Syrian Army Near Al-Bukamal, Claims Killing Of Over 20 Government Troops

Illustrative image: Syrian troops

On December 11, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq claimed that members of ISIS launched a large attack on positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) near the border city of al-Bukamal.

According to pro-ISIS sources, the terrorists conducted at least one vehicle-borne improvised explosive device and killed over 20 government troops during the attack. A battle tank and a BMP vehicle of the SAA were also reportedly destroyed.

The attack allegedly took place northwest of al-Bukamal. However, according to pro-government sources, ISIS units were not able to achieve any notable gains and were forced to withdraw after a seires of clashes with the SAA.

The situation in the area remains tense. A large number of ISIS members is now besieged in the Homs desert and in the border area between Syria and Iraq north of al-Bukamal. These terrorists still pose a threat to Syrian troops and US-backed forces operating there.

ISIS Attacks Syrian Army Near Al-Bukamal, Claims Killing Of Over 20 Government Troops

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  • MD Ranix

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    • Vidura

      lol you fools need to lay it off with the conspiracy crap

      • Vitex

        When people get close to the truth, the hasbara trolls show up.

      • Jc Plancarte

        You need to grow up and realize, just like Santa Claus, that the good, benevolent USA does not exist!!!! From its very beginning it was like a pack of feral dogs set loose upon the Native American. This genocidal masonic creation is now controlled by the Zionist mafia and US presidents are nothing but puppets who must obey the shadow government masters lest they get their brains blown out like JFK, served on a platter for a Rothschild bitch’s birthday. She filmed the whole thing, standing near the motorcade, unafraid, since she knew all the details of the Zionist/CIA/Nixon/LBJ plot. Then, they also stopped Robert Kennedy…and they control the Federal Reserve, and Israhell/AIPAC control all federal politicians, all of them go pay homage to Zionism, lest they are done with!!!! Do you know about the Israheli attack on the USS Liberty in 1967??? Do you know why LBJ/USA did nothing after the Zionist pigs murdered over 30 US sailors???? Sorry to burst your bubble, cupcake, but you need to wake the hell up!!!!

      • Axis of Resistance

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    • dutchnational

      You sure this is english?

      Sounds like IS lingo


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        • Solomon Krupacek

          nice face, dirty mouth

        • roger temple

          What an interesting answer. You must be an american.

    • Feudalism Victory

      Bs. Syrian fanboys willing to fight to the last Russian. Nows the time for assad to lead his war to the end. If he cant finish it now he doesnt deserve to win.

    • Tudor Miron

      Keep it up buddy :) Just don’t brake your neck while overthrowing Assad :) Talk to you later in a month or so.
      Some people don’t even try to comprehand what Putin means when he says that Russia is withdrawing its forces :)

  • Rob

    Saudi government could join Iran, Russia and China. Saudi government should not make it too late like Ex president of Iraq Saddam Hussain, M Qaddafi of Libya etc. Otherwise the damages to the Saudis government and whole nation that caused by America and Israhell will be too difficult to recovered.

    Asking for help from enemies of Muslims is not wise. United they can win and divided they will fall. Till this time what America have given to Saudi government just ready made military hardware and false promises. That is nothing. Saudi government could get military hardware manufacturing facilities.

    Their scientists can join research and development projects together with chines and Russian in nuclear power generation, military hardware technologies and in space delivery and exploration technologies etc. Then in this way Saudis can lead the world and not the American and Israhell.

  • Ernie Gabo

    i thought ISIS was already defeated? why such attack happened? is it really done? too many fake news right now including here at southfront.

    • Tudor Miron

      Get lost…simply get lost :)

      • Solomon Krupacek

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        • Lex

          You are naive) You think that sportsmen not supported in decision by Gov and Putin? Goal is to win in any conditions) – it is usual for Russian Sport. Russia has no asthmatic team as Norway, but they will try to win)

          • Solomon Krupacek

            i am not naive. they prepared themselves for own money. the government can not stop them as individuals.

          • Lex

            You just confirmed my words) Where you saw info about “own money”? You are not in course of real situation.

        • John Whitehot

          how is this anyhow related with the article?

          • Solomon Krupacek

            private discussion

    • goingbrokes

      IS (Islamic State – “State”, get it?) is defeated, but banditry continues as long as Saudi money flows to the jihadists.

  • World_Eye

    Body Of Lies…

  • dutchnational

    One wonders how north west of Bukamal can be attacked by IS. The whole valley is supposed to be under control of Iranian proxies and some SAA, right?

    • John Whitehot


  • Thegr8rambino

    I find it very hard to believe these reports, especially when they come from amaq. How can daesh still do attacks like this? Where are they hiding?