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ISIS Attacks SDF Headquarters, Frees Terrorists’ Wives


ISIS Attacks SDF Headquarters, Frees Terrorists’ Wives

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ISIS terrorists have freed a an unspecified number of women affiliated with the group from a headquarters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northeast Syria, the terrorist group’s news agency Amaq reported on October 17.

A security source told Amaq that ISIS fighters attacked the headquarters, located in the village of Mahmudli in western Raqqa, after receiving information that several women affiliated with the terrorist group were being held there.

“They [ISIS terrorist] killed six of the captors … The attack resulted in freeing Muslim women,” Amaq quoted the source as saying.

The SDF is holding up to 14,000 people affiliated with ISIS, including foreign wives and children of the terrorist group’s fighters, in several prisons and camps across northeast Syria. The Kurdish-led group warned earlier this month that the ongoing Turkish attack on the region could force it to reduce its security measures in these facilities.

These warning were widely ignored, especially by the SDF’s Western backers. To this day, many Western countries are still refusing to take back their citizens from the group.

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