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ISIS Attacks SAA Positions Around Al-Safa, Kills And Injures Many Soldiers

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ISIS Attacks SAA Positions Around Al-Safa, Kills And Injures Many Soldiers

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On November 1, ISIS fighters attacked several positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies around the heavily fortified area of al-Safa, which lays between the Damascus desert and the governroate of al-Suwayda. 20 soldiers and officers of the SAA were reportedly killed and injured.

Later, ISIS fighters shelled other positions of the SAA with 10 mortar rounds. The terrorist group news agency Amaq said that the positions had been hit accurately.

The SAA faced another setback during its operations in al-Safa on November 1, when a friendly-fire incident claimed the lives of 7 local fighters. According to the Syria-based al-Suwayda 24 blog, a battle tank of the SAA hit the fighters by mistake due to the rough terrain.

A day earlier, the SAA attempted to advance in al-Safa. However, ISIS repelled the attack and claimed that its fighters had killed and injured 33 personnel of the army. Later, it was revealed that the SAA lost two soldiers only.

The SAA resumed its military operations against the remaining ISIS fighters in al-Safa on October 27. However, it is yet to make any significant advance due to the rough terrain and the bad weather conditions.

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John Whitehot

Amaq more.


phosphor ammunition …..and this would be the perfect place for the russian MOAB


If 33 = 2 dead, 20 = 1, caeteris paribus.


Maybe the SAA will do what the SDF have just done. Make up an excuse to abandon the fighting then run away!

Douglas Houck

Is Israel and/or the US giving ISIS intel on SAA positions? Otherwise, how would ISIS, hold up in caves, know where to target their firepower?


Of course, but it does not matter. SAA tactics looks very very poor.

John Brown

The perfect place for the russian MOAB and thermobaric bombardment against ISIS.


look at relief around Al-safa.it seem to be not easy to liberate.



Not, it is not easy for SAA because it lacks of good tactical war afair. TGhis job must be left to Russia-Iran-Hezbolah army and aeroespace Russsia force.


By just looking this video. SAA looks like walking around in a party field. They are only a few of them. I do not see hundreds of SAA soldiers looking for terrorists all over the places and ready to kill them.

R Trojson

Just last week Russia-Syria-Iran resupplied al-Safa ISIS with at least 4 truckloads of food, drugs, ammunition, arms. Who would have imagined resupplying al-Safa ISIS would result in more attacks?

Concrete Mike

This cd player is stuck on repeat…can someone kick it free please!!!

Also you guys did the same in raqqahlast year so fuck off duplicious peice of shit


SAA generals do not realize that they are making an international ridiculous here by taking so long to move only a couple of meters in this area.


it is not necessary to be a general to understand that the launch by sectors of thermo-bombs would cook all the rats present and then the infantry would have only to collect the carcasses.

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