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ISIS Attacks Popular Mobilization Units As Iraqi Sources Blame U.S. For Airlifting Terrorists

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ISIS Attacks Popular Mobilization Units As Iraqi Sources Blame U.S. For Airlifting Terrorists

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On January 31, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) announced that they have repelled an ISIS attack in the region of Jurf al-Sakhar in the province of Babil. According to the statement, the attack was repelled by the Al-Jazirah Operation Headquarters Command.

The incident took place as pro-Iranian sources blame the US for assisting ISIS in its operations against the PMU.

Sabah al-Akili told al-Maloumeh news website on January 31 that the US military airlifts ISIS units to areas behind PMU positions in Jurf al-Sakhar region.

“The strategic military goal of the US forces is to cause division in Jurf al-Sakhar in order to create a threat to nearby provinces and to invent a pretext for American forces to stay in Iraq,” he said.

Al-Akili claimed that the move is designed to provide a justification for the Iraqi government to ask the US troops to remain in the Arab country.

“Foreign and [Iraqi] political parties, backed by the US, are doing their utmost to drive the Hashd al-Sha’abi (PMU) forces out of Jurf al-Sakhar, which connects the provinces of Babil, al-Anbar and Baghdad via the holy [city of] Karbala,” he added.

Meanwhile, another convoy of the US-led coalition was attacked by local resistance groups. The logistics support convoy was targeted in the central Iraqi province of Babil. Qasim Al-Jabbarin group claimed responsibility for the attack. An explosion of improvised explosive device allegedly led to no casualties.

Meanwhile on other parts of the frontline:

  • On January 31, a logistical convoy of the US military was targeted by an IED attack in the Babil area;
  • On January 30, a logistical convoy of the US military was targeted by an IED attack in the Diwaniyah area;
  • On January 31, ISIS claimed responsibility for an ambush of Iraqi Federal Police forces in Kirkuk;
  • On January 31, the PMU’s 47 and 45 Brigades repelled an ISIS attack towards the Jurf al-Nasr area.


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Potato Man

Israel says drone falls in Lebanese territory, Hezbollah says it brought it down

Zion make me laugh, yeah their drone just felled in Lebanon.

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Lebanon’s Hezbollah said on Monday it brought down an Israeli drone that had entered Lebanese airspace, while the Israeli military said one of its drones had fallen inside Lebanon.
Hezbollah said in a statement carried by al-Manar television that it was now in control of the drone.

Just Me

Hezbollah has shot down a Zionist armed drone south of Tyre with AAA and photos are posted all over the internet. Zionists not having a good day.

Just Me

comment image

Potato Man

The ugly face of goys never change never.

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Israel has been ransacking natural resources on the strategic island of Socotra, said the Minister of Transport in Yemeni National Salvation Government, Zakaria al-Shami.
“The Zionist regime, under the cover of the UAE, is operating in Socotra, looting and plundering its natural resources, and taking advantage of its geographical location, crude oil as well as medical and tourism capacities besides its other riches,” Al-Shami said at a meeting in the capital Sana’a on Saturday, while stressing the urgent need to safeguard the remote Arabian Sea archipelago which is a candidate for UNESCO recognition as a world natural heritage site for its biodiversity and natural beauty.

Lone Ranger

Is anybody surprised..?
U.S. Chair Force aka isis air force.
I wonder what they tell at home…
Honey how was your day…?
Ahm nothing unusual just airlifted a few rapist, cannibal, headchopping terrorists from A to B.
Nothing to worry about…
U.S. demoncrazy un a nutshell…
And they are even proud at it.
Nero and Caligula would seem normal in comparsion with these cockroaches.

Blas de Lezo

No evil deed ever goes unCovided.


Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen. Afghanistan and Syria know wxactly just how the US and the EU bail out their toady’s when they’re in a jam…….time and time again……lol

Just Me

Wahhabi terrorism is a old tested US franchise. The headchoppers are CIA foot terrorists in regional destabilization is US airforce is their preferred airline with frequent flyer bonus from Syria, Iraq, Yemen to Afghanistan.

US forces ‘transporting by choppers’ Daesh terrorists in Afghanistan: Taliban sources

Ashok Varma

ISIS is a US proxy as alCIAda.

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