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ISIS Attacks Libyan National Army South Of Ajdabiya City

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ISIS Attacks Libyan National Army South Of Ajdabiya City

On October 25, ISIS fighters attacked a checkpoint of the Libyan National Army (LNA) located 60km south of Ajdabiya city in eastern Libya, according to local sources.

Dozens of ISIS fighters and vehicles allegedly participated in the attack on the checkpoint. According to reports, 2 fighters of the LNA were killed, and 4 others were injured during the attack. Other sources claimed that a third soldier was captured and then executed by ISIS near the chekpoint. The sources added than 5 other LNA fighters went missing after the attack.

Meanwhile, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq confirmed the attack on the LNA checkpoint and claimed that ISIS fighters captured a vehicle armed with a 14.5mm gun. 3 other vehicles of the LNA were destroyed by ISIS fighters, according to Amaq.

Back in 2016, the key ISIS stronghold in central Libya, Sirte city, was captured by Misrata militans backed by the US-led coalition. However, most of ISIS units withdrew towards the African Desert in southern Libya.

In late August, ISIS attacked a checkpoint of the LNA south of Jufra district in central Libya. The latest ISIS attacks in Libya confirms that ISIS is looking for a foothold in the country after it lost most of its strongholds in Syria and Iraq.

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i guess all isis fighters that dont want to change uniforms and become sdf move to Libya to continue their fight against everyone

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