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JUNE 2021

ISIS Attacks Egyptian Security Forces Near Arish In North Sinai

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ISIS Attacks Egyptian Security Forces Near Arish In North Sinai

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On August 25, several gunmen attacked a key checkpoint of Egyptian security forces west of the city of Arish, which is located in the northern part of the Sinai Peninsula, according to the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV.

The Ministry of Interior of Egypt announced in an official statement that security forces repelled the attack after killing four terrorists, one of whom was wearing a suicide belt. The statement didn’t mention the loses of security forces. However, the BBC claimed that nine Egyptian policemen were injured during the clashes.

A day later, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack on the checkpoint through its news agency, Amaq. The terrorist group said that its fighters attacked the checkpoint with assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades killing and injuring 15 Egyptian policemen.

This was the biggest attack of ISIS in Egypt since the beginning of the anti-terror operation in Sinai Peninsula on February 9. The size of the attack proves that the remaining cells of the terrorist group are still a serious security threat.

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lene johansen

ISIS working for greater Israel. ISIS never attacks Israel – why?. The dog don’t bite the hand feeding you.

Pave Way IV

Al Arish. The ‘forgotten’ part of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty was that Israeli forces executed a few hundred Egyptian prisoners of war somewhere around al Arish during the 1967 war. The USS Liberty was just offshore of al Arish monitoring both Israeli and Egyptian forces communications at the time and intercepted many reports of it.

The Israeli commanders were terrified that the slaughter would eventually be reported from the spy ship to U.S. officials, who would turn against Israel. That was back in the day of paper reports and magnetic tape reel recordings. No ship – no detailed reports. The U.S. had no love for ‘Soviet-backed’ Egypt at the time, but Israel couldn’t be sure the U.S. would keep it secret. The ‘accidental’ napalming of the Liberty was arranged, along with complicity of Adm. McCain and his aircraft carrier in the cover-up. A Russian ship actually showed up to help the Liberty, but was waved off by the spy-ship crew.

Bill Wilson

What a load of crap! BTW, Admiral McCain passed away right after Imperial Japan surrendered.

Peter Jennings

I believe Pave Way is referring to the father of the now thankfully dead muckain.
Muckain’s father, John Sidney “Jack” McCain Jr was responsible for the
naval court of enquiry. He and his father were both 4 star admirals.

Peter Jennings

The ship should have sank, that was the isreali regime goal. Question is whether the isreali air force was so inept that they couldn’t sink it, or whether the ship was just too well made for isreali armaments.

Pave Way IV

The first jets were Mirage IIIs attacking with nothing but rockets and cannons – the intent was to disable the Liberty so it couldn’t escape (it was sailing West) and/or prevent it from communicating. No sinking a Victory ship with the Mirages – they were successful at taking out the radio mast and lighting some fuel drums on fire.

In the meantime, the IAF intentionally dispatched two Mysteres with napalm loadouts – they intended to burn the flags/markings enough for plausible deniability by the torpedo boats, and burn the crew and bridge equipment as much as possible to delay an escape. Mostly successful, but – again – hardly enough to sink a Victory ship.

The IAF pilots were cruel, subhuman psychopaths, but not inept. It wasn’t their job to sink the Liberty – just to hold it for the torpedo boats. Now those guys were inept. Five torpedoes at an unarmed ship moving < 5kts and they only managed to hit it with one.

By that time, some rouge Sixth Fleet commander put out a radio call about incoming American fighters – because he wasn't allowed to do anything else. The Israeli jets and torpedo boats stopped attacking and ran away, only then calling their bases about a possible 'mistaken attack' (= botched NSA spy ship sinking).


John McCain recently passed away a couple of days ago at the age of 91. I’m not sure if Southfront has already reported on it.

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I ran an ET/ED contact op in the White Desert in central Egypt when I was there during the 26,000 year galactic alignment NE of the area where you’re not supposed to go without someone from the Egyptian military because there are no roads or water there. Which could be an option on a future trip off planet to bring someone from an earth government with me on liaison work.


I bought a stand up height Teepee tent and some plastic containers that can be used for Campguard lantern stands for additional base camp perimeter security field testing in case of further bigfoot or surface level antigravity probe activity on upcoming contact ops.
comment image


I’m working on buying a new 4×4 snow track ATV, basically a small snow cat. To able to run year round remote wilderness mountain ops in places where 4×4 trucks and suvs, dirt bikes, and depending on snow depth, snowmobiles can’t go:



The quad track atv that I’m negotiating buying new from China is spec’d out with a 600cc V-Twin overhead cam fuel injected 35 horse power engine. That could be capable of pulling a small tent camper/untility trailer with skies on snowed in forest service and logging roads. That could also be used for transporting the quad track into the mountains behind my Bronco ll as far as it was safe to go with tire chains on all 4 wheels.comment image?c=2


Dual purpose trailer during camper set up:comment image?c=2


Trailer with tent deployedcomment image?c=2


Rear landing gear for leveling trailer for loading and camper use:comment image?c=2


The Americans(ISIS) seem to be attacking everybody.
It’s a sign of panic, their date with destiny must be very close.

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