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JUNE 2023

ISIS Attacked Syrian Army In Central Syria. Casualties Reported

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ISIS Attacked Syrian Army In Central Syria. Casualties Reported

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On January 24, ISIS terrorists attacked a military column of the 4th corps of the SAA near the town of Palmyra. 8 soldiers were killed in the attack and 16 others were wounded.‌‌

ISIS Attacked Syrian Army In Central Syria. Casualties Reported

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Meanwhile, the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) are transferring forces to the Homs desert.

On January 23, the VKS deployed a flight of MiG-29 fighters and 3 Mi-8 helicopters to the T-4 airbase between Palmyra and Homs. The aircraft will patrol the Palmyra – Abu Kemal and Palmyra – Deir Ezzor roads, where the SAA and its allies are targeted on a regular basis.


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this isil are getting coordinates of SAA movement . Russia and SAA has to work for this . How come isil getting information about SAA movement . SAA loss is increasing everytime.

Gay Ranger

Weird. So all those “Russian airstrikes” were hitting empty desert. Also which country halted the SAA advance on Raqqa and invited US for joint coordination to “fight terrorists”… answers on a post card lol


I think you mean advance on Idlib,but this shit happens far too often.

Gay Ranger

Yes Idlib, but Raqqa too. If you recall the SAA were going to cross the river after their liberation of Dier Ezzor but suddenly stopped in their tracks and the Yanks and SDF took the area. Russia simply stopped them in their tracks.

JC Denton

Yeah everyday we hear the same shit like “Central Syria: Russian warplanes hammer ISIS cells 234,923,423 times” and of course the “89,231,125th attack on a US supply convoy in Iraq”

How long is this going on already? 2, 3 years? Everyday in Syria is groundhog day and nothing changes, at least not for the better.

Last edited 1 year ago by JC Denton
Gay Ranger

You’re on the money. We were hearing the same thing about Marib in Yemen for 1.5 years. The Houthis we’re going to take the city the next day, but something kept stopping them. Like know, after the Saudi Barberian savagery rather than all out bomb the shit kingdom they lobbed a few missiles at air ports again. In Syria it’s far worse. Tiger forces have become a Mickey Mouse troop group, more effective at selfie’s than actual combat. Of course daddy Putinyahoo and weak Assad don’t mind.

Lance Ripplinger

Prayers to the brave SAA personnel who have lost their lives, or have been maimed by the terrorists. That is a large desert, and finding all the hideouts and underground tunnels is not easy.


That’s it assad must go now . He’s not capable for this job.. Russia just testing their new toys why they don’t send in ground Force to finish the job ? Syrian people should take over the control deal with this terrorist. bastard s

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