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ISIS Attack In Syria’s Homs Desert Claimed Lives Of Dozens Of Syrian Soldiers

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ISIS Attack In Syria's Homs Desert Claimed Lives Of Dozens Of Syrian Soldiers

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ISIS’ news agency, Amaq, announced on November 29 that the group’s terrorists had ambushed a military convoy of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the eastern Homs countryside.

The ambush took place a day earlier, west of the town of al-Sukhnah. The SAA’s convoy was targeted with a number of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), according to Amaq.

“Two battle tanks and a 4×4 vehicle were destroyed,” a source in ISIS told Amaq. “20 soldiers of the Syrian military, who were with the targeted military convoy, were also killed.

After the ambush, ISIS cells targeted two other vehicles of the SAA with heavy machine guns and an IED in the vicinity of al-Sukhnah. Amaq claims that several soldiers were killed or injured.

The terrorists likely came from the Homs desert, which lays between eastern Homs and western Deir Ezzor. The desert is infested with terrorists’ hideouts. U.S.-backed fighters based in the nearby area of al-Tanf are allegedly providing the terrorists with supplies.

A day earlier, government forces kicked off a new combing operation in southern and western Deir Ezzor to limit ISIS’ activities there.

According to a recent report by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, ISIS terrorists killed at least 95 Syrian service members in the central region over the last month.

The Russian Aerospace Forces are supporting Syrian government forces operations against ISIS in the central region. However, the situation there is not improving. The group has established itself in the region, likely thanks to the support of U.S.-backed fighters.


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  1. Ed says:

    It’s from Amaq, so it must be true

    1. Rhodium 10 says:

      ISIS Amaq like SOHR use to inflate casualties and damage of the SAA…there are continue operations and many terrorist are being killed…of course there are also caualties in the ranks of SAA…

      1. Jens Holm says:

        SOHR is a very reliable source compared to others in the whole region. Erodium is not.

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          SOHR is about as reliable sd Clown News Network.

        2. Porc Halal says:

          Reliable…just like you, Jens…just like you are…

          Ps…is Jens your real name?!

  2. The Objective says:

    How can this war end unless the whole world unites against ISIS? But how can the world unite against ISIS when Russia refuses a political solution?
    America will likely continue to fund, arm and even train ISIS.

    1. Proud2BArab says:

      Ok , I’m against US actions in the Middle East but truth be told , They don’t help ISIS .
      ISIS collaborates with tribes in Iraqi and Syrian deserts that smuggles weapons , goods to terrorists and donates money to them as well .

      1. Lone Ranger says:


      2. Jens Holm says:

        The spendables are told and believe this more then Chorans in big letters.

      3. The Objective says:

        If you followed what happened in Syria between 2014 and 2015, you’d know the US owns and supports ISIS.
        I’ll refresh your memory on that: America under Obama claimed to be fighting ISIS in Syria between 2014 – 2015. I followed the news everyday. Thousands of U.S airstrikes on ISIS. But the terror group kept expanding its operations in Syria, taking more lands, selling oil, and just getting stronger. But the moment Russia joined the fight in 2015, I can remember the Russian planes bombing hundreds of ISIS oil tankers within weeks, pushing them back from areas they took, and severely weakening the group.
        It was Russia who defeated ISIS in Syria and with fewer airstrikes than the US.
        America created, owns, manages, funds, trains, and even recruits ISIS. Tell this to anyone.

        1. Jens Holm says:

          Nomal people are able to wonder, why Kurds were needed.

          You havnt followed much at all.

          Even it was fine Russia found those many oiltrucks, it was the USA which destroyed the oil production.

          Your version for what went on makes me laugh too:) SDFs started a nothi´ng and Assads had HAD a full scale army and airfoce with bases and aotports all over.

          If any should compare the SDFs took their parts i % very well and much better then Assads.

          I told someone about this before. They like laughing.

          1. The Objective says:

            America only turned to SDF after ISIS was severely weakened by Russia. It is you who has been victim of US propaganda. America keeps repeating over and over that it is fighting ISIS so that people like you can be deceive. No critical observer of Middle East affairs would believe that the US did not create ISIS.
            The U.S still claims to be fighting ISIS in Syria, Iraq, and even Afghanistan. But we read latest news of ISIS getting stronger in Syria (they are killing more Syrian soldiers lately), Iraq (they killed many Iraqis too). The twisted reality in this grand American deception is that ISIS occupy areas not far from where America and its so-called allies operate in Syria.
            If the U.S had not entered Syria, Russia would have defeated ISIS by now – I have no doubt about this. But America’s presence is preventing a complete eradication of ISIS.
            No doubt America created and owns ISIS.

          2. Jens Holm says:

            Parts are highly incorrect. If SDF with USA and a few others wasnt there, the Assads 100% was defeated.

            A new start for You would be to use the calender made by Julius Ceasar.

            You must be blind too and has to have explained the maps of today from no liar.

          3. The Objective says:

            You’ll remember that the U.S was helping Syrian rebels (including ISIS) through Turkey. But in 2017, we saw Turkey part ways with America over Syria. That was largely because of America turning to the Kurds. Since 2012 when the Syrian war began proper, it was only in 2017 that Turkey invaded Syria because of the Kurds. That means they weren’t such a great threat prior to 2017.

            Recall that Russia joined the war in September 2015. From that time through 2016, ISIS lost a large portion of its territory. I think that was the point where America decided to invade Syria proper, seeing ISIS was going to lose. The U.S entered Syria with the claim that it’s fighting ISIS, never mind that Russia alone could have simply eradicated ISIS in Syria with or without America’s supposed war on ISIS. America entered Syria to only prevent the defeat of ISIS and the opposition to Assad.

            Where Russia and Assad went wrong is when Russia kept bombing even the legitimate opposition to Assad, claiming knowingly, that they were all terrorists. Thus, by labeling the legitimate opposition terrorists, Russia had the moral ground to attack them.

            Don’t believe this over-hyped bullshit about America fighting ISIS. Because America never did, and never will until ISIS accomplishes the mission for which it was created: Be America’s foot-soldiers in countering the Shiites of that region, with the ultimate goal to destabilize Iran. Not that I support the Mullahs of Iran. To me, they deserve whatever ISIS gives them because they also cause untold sufferings for others. I’m just stating facts as I see it.

    2. Lone Ranger says:

      They already do and did for the past 9 years, same with al-ciada, Taliban, Mujhahideen.
      All CIA creations.
      What political solution?
      U.S. doesnt have vote in Syria.
      Never had.
      Its a sovereign country.
      Onky solution is to drop a tactical nuke on Langley, maybe that would wake them up a lil…

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Syria is no state. The leftovers for decades has been runned as private property owned by the Baath Party just as the Communists did and do in Kremlin.

        1. Jihadi Colin says:

          Have you ever been to Syria? So you know any Syrians personally?

          1. Jens Holm says:

            I know most of the many Syrian personalities very well, thank You. Those are well descriebd during time and I read a lot. We have books and Internet here as well as TV.

            And no. I have only been in Beirut and UAE.

          2. Furkan Sahin says:

            you just know Damascus today is better than Mogadishu Somalia even though the city has been war thank you Assad he has made country better

          3. Jens Holm says:

            Damaskus is only a small part of Syria.

            I see 500.000 has died. I see several 100.000 which has lost a leg or more. I se 5 mllion internal refugees. I see 5 millions not even in the couttry telling they have no intensions to go back pregaring UN rations for someone like You. I also see the many emigrants leaving into Europe, where most of them never will fit it.

            Isee Assads and Russians exclusing the majority of the population. Thats no country. Countries are coyuntries, because they include people. I see the oil money only reach the Bath partists drowned in overwhelming corruption. Not even investments, which could give better benefit for themself too is done.

            I also see total destruction of all infrastructure which includes destructions of food on the fields.

            Assads for decades ahs made most parts of the country worse and worse cimpare to all I know and its devllopment.

            So what about the Lira ? Is is money or toiletpaper now.

            Your version for making tha country better can only bee seen as You are blind or probatly worse.

            Things are well descriebed, so its very strange, You can see that.

          4. Jihadi Colin says:

            So, basically, you don’t know Syria, you don’t know Syrians, and you’re talking through a filter of what you were told to think by your media.

            I wonder what my Syrian Sunni friend Dr Murad would have thought of that. I can’t ask him because Amerikastan’s moderate headchoppers threw him out of his house in East Aleppo in 2013 as an “Assadist” and he disappeared.

          5. Jens Holm says:

            Your associations are wrong in its worst and highly manipulated and biased as well.

    3. Free man says:

      I actually think the Russians are very interested in a political settlement. I also think the Americans will cooperate. But the Mullah regime will torpedo such settlement, they are interested in the continuation of the chaos in Syria and the continuation of the struggle against Israel.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        All here should be happy clapping in their little hands. USA almost left Syria as well as Iraq.

        We now see the great succes and all the solvings making peace and prosperuty – for the dead ones.

        If there as money, there also was many joibs for any kind of construction and reconstruction.

        The new Oligarcs in this Oblast are undertakers and florists.

        American coorporate very well. The main problems are made by Assads. There will be no solutions with people of that kind.

    4. Jens Holm says:

      You ask here and find no answers. And if You prpose any, they all are ignored. All here think they will be winners and not loosers.

      Russia dont refuse solutions. They are not able to and also has uts own agenda.

      USA sipporting ISIS is crap.

      Finally most of the whole world actually fight ISIS mainly having succes. Syria and Iraq are not the center fx for me. But Danes as many others do their best to decline ISIS on all levels, we can.

    5. Jihadi Colin says:

      What political solution?

      In 2012 Russia proposed a political solution. Who refused? Right, the Amerikastani Empire, which thought Assad would fall. What political solution is possible now with defeated moderate headchoppers?

      1. Jim Allen says:

        Putin made his last attempt to join wit US to fight the terrorists in the Middle East to avoid fighting them at home
        in mid-September 2015.
        Putin put a lot of work into reaching a political solution, but the West wanted no political solution, Assad had to go, BiBi said so, and a Western friendly puppet installed.
        Russia disagreed, accepting Syria’s request for military assistance, joined in the war against “terror.”
        Or, fighting US Coalition “pet enemies.”
        That was 5 years ago, conditions are changed, the West is running it’s same format. Russia, and the Middle East are evolving, and winning.
        This isn’t just about the Middle East, it’s about the world, and that’s the way Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, (Hezbollah) Venezuela, Bolivia, (again) Cuba, a growing number of countries are viewing this.
        WWIII is on. Russia, it appears to head up the alliance (but in a far different manner than US heads up the Western alliance) being the world power it’s the logical choice. The most advanced technology, civilian, and military capabilities in the world currently. Particularly in military technology, and capabilities. The best intelligence services in the world currently, as well according to the former head of Israeli intelligence services, Yakov Kedmi. Very high praise coming from this gentleman.
        Simply put, Russia has
        US/NATO outgunned, despite being a somewhat smaller force, (not so much smaller than is believed fighter aircraft is the one place there’s a large disparity in numbers.
        Surface Navy is the other.
        US Navy is big on the surface, it’s also aging, having had maintenance deferred through the 8 year Obummer administration, and the fist two of the Trump administration, the fleet’s not so ready for a fight. All the new ships are sub-standard, the new carrier is still not operational. Only one new nuclear submarine, if it’s still with the fleet.
        There was an undersea nuclear explosion in the Pacific Ocean that registered a radiation signature consistent with a submarine reactor explosion. The US sub was known to be sailing that direction. US Submarine Service, doesn’t talk.
        Russia has more submarines, newer, advanced, and ready to fight. Surface fleet is 71% modernized, much of it is new, and a new warship, submarine, icebreaker, etc., is launched every other month it seems.
        US has no domestic war production, on the scale necessary to wage war.
        Russia has more nukes, it’s fighter aircraft range from equal to superior in performance, and capabilities. Far fewer in numbers.
        US ground forces are tied up, and spread thin. At the end of long lines of communications, a logistics nightmare.
        Russia’s forces are free to move, and quickly. The best armor, and more of it.
        Unsurpassed missile systems, offensive, and defensive. Several models with no analog in the world. Directed Energy Weapons in service, EW.
        Iran is just slightly behind, and just as prepared. Syria’s military is quite effective, Iraq’s ain’t bad, Hezbollah is superb.
        There’s more

  3. Lone Ranger says:

    Why not carpet bomb a lil with FOABs…?

    1. occupybacon says:

      Because they are stupid.

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        Or afraid of bad PR.
        I wouldnt givd a shit thats for sure.

        1. Jens Holm says:

          Why dont You look at a map and se Yourself where ISIS are now and then, which includes corners of the SDF too.

        2. occupybacon says:

          Bad PR that’s for sure, the ISIS newspapers from that desert will write some nasty things.

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            CIA run MSM and SOHR will.

          2. occupybacon says:

            The schools from the desert…

      2. Free man says:

        They don’t have the money.The cost will be astronomical.

        1. occupybacon says:

          I know, looney sees a lot of death ;)

        2. Lone Ranger says:


          1. Free man says:

            You really do not understand what you are writing about.
            Leave the computer and go out to get some fresh air.

          2. Lone Ranger says:

            Indeed you should…

    2. Jens Holm says:

      You have no idea about how big things are there compared to those bombs. ISIS also are digged very deep.

  4. johnny rotten says:

    The fans of terrorism daydream, then the Isisraelis are the ultras of organized cheering.

  5. Icarus Tanović says:

    If it is from Amaq, it must be true.

  6. Jens Holm says:

    I only could find this: https://syria.liveuamap.com/en/2020/29-november-yesterdays-mine-hit-members-of-the-18th-divisions.

    I divide Amag with 4 and Assads with about 2, add those and divide with two making a little plus for Assads admittetd “officers”.

    So by that Assads lost about 12 and ISIS lost two :) or :(

    1. Lone Ranger says:

      LSD is a hell of a drug…

  7. Fog of War says:

    The clown show continues, while Russia shucks and jives .

  8. Fog of War says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Russia and China officially accused the US of fully supporting ISIS , and in most cases, actually being ISIS instead of pretending that its some mythical Muslim organizations with unlimited men, unlimited resources, and combat super powers ? There must be ample evidence by now.

    But who am I kidding, those two wont even release the information they have about the BS self harm operation called 9/11. Does anyone like theater ?

    1. Lone Ranger says:

      Lavrov did multiple times.
      Lame stream media didn’t ouck it up, but its in youtube.

    2. Lone Ranger says:

      Russia warned the U.S. about 9/11, two weeks before it happened, they even named the city and the WTC as a possible target, they were ignored…

      1. Satellitte says:

        9/11 was inside job

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          Aided by the Mossad and Saudi intelligence.

          1. Jim Allen says:

            MI6, others.

  9. Jihadi Colin says:

    How many eggs did the desert lay, and what happened to them? Omelettes for everybody?

  10. Davide Herzog says:

    They killed the last Sirian soldier ( the same way the very last hospital in Aleppo was destroyed dozens of times ).
    We just need the confirm from cnn .

  11. Mustafa Mehmet says:

    Time to change government .. Syrians people should freely choose democratic leader. not by force. assad family things they own the Syria.

    1. Jim Allen says:

      Assad is very popular with his people.
      Syria had the second highest standard of living in the Middle East under this Assad, the duly elected President of Syria. If I recall this is his second term.
      Maybe it would help you to know what the Hell you’re talking about when you wish to comment. I mean if things like that matter to you.

  12. qveenz says:

    2 Battle Tanks ? Deployed ? Using an IED ? Ambushed ? In desert ? Covered by air ? ISIS ?
    Maybe some NATO commandos but… not without Dark Sidious.

  13. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    Maybe the Russians should be doing the same thing the US is doing to help the SDF keep an eye on Isis, they’re giving them skylark recon drones, they’re cheap but effective which means the SDF can have a lot of eyes in the skies now.
    Could recon drones also be helpful to the SAA, I think they could, it would mean the SAA could routinely and safely patrol the highways scanning for potential Isis minelayers and groups of armed fighters ect. And they could also be used to follow fleeing Isis fighters back to their camps [possibly unseen and unheard] after skirmishes or battles, and possibly with just some minor modifications they could also be used as low yield kamikaze drones if needed [if the halfwit terrorists in Idlib could modify drones the SAA can too].
    Drones have proven to be extremely effective in Syria and Azerbaijan for both combat and surveillance duties, so I think it’s time for the SAA to get with the times and do some upgrading too, next time Russia offers them some more tanks, artillery or aircraft, Assad should say no and ask for drones instead, and if the Russians can’t supply them then just get cash instead, and then either go and buy them from the Iranians at a good price, or get the Russians to buy some from the Israelis and sneak them in that way.

    1. Jens Holm says:

      Yes, drones are the future for finding people there as well as where they are hiding. And yes, the kamikaze dones improves too.

      Its very complicated for me to see what Russia actually can in drones. I think Russia give them good stuff but as a part of modernisations of their own armed forces.

      …and thats not drones.

      1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

        As advanced as Russia is in some fields it isn’t in drone technology, the Russian’s have some catching up to do there.

        1. Jens Holm says:

          I know.

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