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JUNE 2023

ISIS Attack Cuts Off Palmyra-Deir Ezzor Highway, Terrorists Claim Capturing 2 Russian Soldiers

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ISIS Attack Cuts Off Palmyra-Deir Ezzor Highway, Terrorists Claim Capturing 2 Russian Soldiers


ISIS units have attacked pro-government forces near Ash Sholah village and pushed  the Syrian military to close the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor highway, according to both pro-government and pro-militant sources.

An intense fighting is now ongoing in thea area between army troops and ISIS terrorists.

The ISIS-linked  news agency Amaq claims that a 30km-long part of the highway is closed because of the clashes.

Amaq also claimed that ISIS members captured 2 Russian soldiers. No photos or videos confirming this claim have been provided. If ISIS captured some Russians, most likely they were private military contractors operating within multiple pro-government factions in the area.

The Palmyra-Deir Ezzor highway is the main supply line to government forces operating in the countryside of Deir Ezzor. Any ISIS attacks on the highway slows down the army progress against the terrorist group on the both banks of the Euphrates.

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This will be lifted soon enough but any Russians in Syria need to be incredibly vigilant. The US has clearly given the word to attack the Russian people through an increased body count in Syria.

J. Laoshe

Any military halfwitt will expect Isis to attack the soft belly of the Saa. You will think that the Russian will cover this area with satellites / aircraft surveillance ! It could be due to lack of equipment and false priorities. In the war game of Syria, the US are dealt a bad hand but are playing a better game. The saa is not to be blamed!

Prince Teutonic

Clearly a raid or offensive that was masterminded by US…

jhon malakiat

FOAB please..

Solomon Krupacek

where is your house?


Russia needs to just punch thru daesh lines with hundreds of tanks already!!!

jason sixx

See, that sukhnah shola kobajjep line is so dangerous with zero buffer on the southern side. This is a revisit of the 2015/16 khanasser attacks


Not to worry, Deir Ezzor city is it’s own supply hub now. And there are now 3 routes into it. If the Daesh trash want to die in the desert, no problem. Time for some airstrikes. :)



Muto Romanof

This is a new isis tactic; pull back and attack from rear. The SAA and its allies must be vigilant and take it easy. Look whats happening to SDF/YPG forces, they getting killed in dozens because they are pushed by their masters to stop SAA advance. It will only end in disaster.


Russia needs to take the gloves off and kill every last one of those disgusting sub human primitives.


I remember before the McGregor-mayweather fight last month, mayweather said you should be ready to take it as hard as you can give it. I guess thats true, seeing as how SAA has been giving it really hard to daesh lately lol I just hope these attacks don’t slow SAA too much and they can hit em back even harder

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Synchronized attacks of ISIS and terrorist rebels on virtually all fronts simultaneously can only be orchestrated by one mastermind sponsor and founder, ”AMERICANS” in their wicked desire that their Kurdish puppets remain by all means with all the energy resources of the area. I hope that the SAA and Russia and their allies will cease to be so patient and considerate, and they begin to use all regular and irregular means as well, unleashing the same hell without pity and mercy everywhere, to the point of utterly exterminating all the civilized world’s ennemies operating lowering the standard of the States of America in Syria, whoever they may be. Only fighting the fire by more fire, will achieve the final victory in Syria, I fear.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They had captured 5 km of ashola and were being repelled as this attack like all others were ongoing, Amaq is a CIA propaganda channel run by the NVA .(Northern Virginia Army)

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