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JUNE 2021

ISIS Assassinates Senior Government Official In Eastern Afghanistan

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On March 7, a provincial director of Nangarhar’s Hajj and Religious Affairs department, Mohammad Zahir Haqqani, was killed along with one of his bodyguards when a suicide bomber attacked his vehicle in the capital of Nangarhar, Jalalabad, according to the Afghan TOLO TV. The TOLO TV said that several civilians had been also injured in the attack.

Few hours after the attack, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq confirmed that ISIS had been behind the assassination of Haqqani. Amaq also claimed that five of Haqqani’s bodyguards had been killed.

ISIS Assassinates Senior Government Official In Eastern Afghanistan

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The assassination reflects the growing influence of ISIS in Nangarhar province and shows that the terrorist group can now strike accurately even in the capital of the province.

The ISIS activity in Nangarhar province is not only focused against the Afghan government and the NATO, but also against the Taliban. On March 7 only, ISIS members killed two fighters of the Taliban in a hit and run attack in the Chaparhar district of Nangarhar, according to Amaq.

The NATO is yet to take any steps to counter the growing threat of ISIS in Nangarhar. Some Afghan politicians as well as officials of the Iranian government have accused the US of supporting ISIS cells in Afghanistan.

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I was surprised that why Trump regime sent ISIS from Syria and Iraq to Afghanistan. So now its clear to me that this was the reason to keep occupy Afghanistan. Afghanistan government must support Taliban, otherwise Afghanistan will become another Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Libya etc. Pakistan and Iran cannot help because the Trump brutal regime have also created troubles for them.


All Afghani officials must keep assault rifles for their protection because they are in combat position with pro Trump brutal, rapist terrorists. If Afghani government cannot protect Afghani nation and soil against pro Trump terrorists then they must call security forces from Russia, Pakistan and Iran. They shouldn’t waste time.


Expell the west !!!!!!!!!!!

leon mc pilibin

So this is part of the zionist plans?after bringing isis into afghanistan just recently,they are intending that the afghan people never get ideas of independence from their occupiers by murdering their leaders.The zionists will never give up on their pillaging of the resources of the country,REEs and the poppy fields.Afghanistan needs new leaders and not zionist puppets


Hello SF The arabic text descrivbes an attack on PMU in Bagdad. Not what is reported in your article.
kind regards,

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