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ISIS And ‘Moderate’ Militants To Leave Southern Damascus Under Deal With Government – Reports

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ISIS And 'Moderate' Militants To Leave Southern Damascus Under Deal With Government - Reports

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UPDATE: Clashes between army troops and ISIS members have been reported in southern Damascus. It looks like that ISIS members are not going to withdraw.

ISIS reached an agreement with the Damascus government that will allow ISIS members to withdraw from the besieged Yarmouk refugee camp south of the Syrian capital to the ISIS-held areas in eastern Homs, the pro-government blog al-Masdar News reported on April 19.

Separately, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that besieged fighters of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the district of Yalda, Babbila and Beit Sahm, east of the Yarmouk camp, had reached an agreement with the Damascus government that will allow them to withdraw towards the northern Syrian city of Jarabulus.

Meanwhile, Syrian opposition sources reported that the Damascus government and Russia had implemented a 48 hours long ceasefire in the area. However, it is unknown if this ceasefire is related to the supposed evacuation deals.

The SAA and its allies massed thousands of fighters in southern Damascus last month. A source in the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) told SouthFront that the number of pro-government fighters deployed around the Yarmouk camp is higher than the number of fighters who participated in the successfully Easter Ghouta operation.

Although no Syrian official confirmed these reports yet, local observers believe that such deals are possible. The militants know that they have no chance to win the battle in southern Damascus.

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  1. Rob says:

    I hope the pockets Yarmouk, Eastern Qalamoun and Rastan will be cleared of all US and UK backed terrorists before July 2018.
    The next will be ISIS pocket, Daraa, Golan Heights and Al-Tanf before 2019
    The last will be the Turkish and US held Syrian lands in 2019. In 2019 the Syrian war will end.

    1. Lupus says:

      The Turks and USA will not give back their stolen areas

      1. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

        Funny how they say that and their proxies rob and force the Syrian people to fight for them against their government. This will be a war that will easily be won against these Imperial Fascist regimes as they are becoming unpopular in these area as more of their crime come out.

        Syria is swiftly retaking it’s country back they have Al Petra Mtns. and Al Afa’y Mtns. in safe and friendly hands of the Tiger forces.

        1. Lupus says:

          Hope u r right bro

    2. Michał Hunicz says:

      Golan Heights one day will be Syrian again. Eastern Qalamoun surrendered (Al-Masdar), Rastan is negotiating, Yarmouk surrendered. Next should be Daraa and At-Tanf as these pockets are massively supported by Zionists. ISIS will die sooner or later. And then kill Kurds!

      1. Rob says:

        Israelis are US backed terrorists like ISIS who have grabbed land from Palestinians while Syrians are Russian true ally. In Daraa and Golan Heights we will see that US backed Israeli terrorists will win or Russian true ally will win.

    3. David Pryce says:

      Seems the SAA and Allies will leave the tough terrain around the Golan to Daraa till last.
      I can only imagine the work Israel has put into fortified positions there.
      With thousands of rats forming there own Arab brigade in line with the Zionist filth. This will be a serious Conflict, how a Muslim could prop up the zionist forces makes me sick ?

    4. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

      Walla, this will happen never be surprised at what I say when its said by me it always happens as truth inshallah.

  2. Rob says:

    Syrian army and their allies should clear of one pocket of terrorist at a time to minimize casualties both sides. Syrian army should not divide their armies and should not open multiple fronts at a time.

  3. velociraptor says:

    assad supports isis

    1. Barba_Papa says:


      Assad doesn’t want to waste the lives of his men?

    2. §âm says:

      Assad did use them as a tool in Idlib, but yeah he’s not in a rush to beat them

      1. neil barron says:

        There doing good job of taking each other out I saw this coming along time ago
        Keep fighting each other head choppers.

  4. Attrition47 says:

    Ev’rywhere I hear the sound of marching, charging feet, boy

    Cause summer’s here and the time is right for fighting in the street, boy

  5. pjt says:

    Can’t let all the killers go..

    1. Oscar Silva Martinez says:

      They are not letting them go, they are putting them in an area where they fight them later with less risks for the civilian population

  6. MichaelE says:

    Funny, how all these pockets are emptied into areas, where they can fight each other (or Turkish backed rebels). Would be even better, if some of them could “travel” to eastern Euphrate Syria to prepare recapturing the oil fields.

  7. Oscar Silva Martinez says:

    Good strategy, put all the rotten eggs in one baske

  8. Leonard B. says:

    The “observatory” is basically the mouthpiece of the FSA. A microphone if your prefer.

    1. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

      The SOHR is the “mouthpiece of the Muslim Brotherhood” which is Al Qaeda and ISIS who pretends to be “Fake Syrian Army” they are all disparate gangs seeking power in the leadership.

      The UK through MI6 sponsors SOHR and uses it as a media tool the guy who runs it is a member of Al Qaeda left Syria before arrest and hasn’t returned since.

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