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ISIS Ambushes Syrian Soldiers Near Al-Tanaf

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ISIS Ambushes Syrian Soldiers Near Al-Tanaf

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Late on January 22, ISIS fighters ambushed a group of Syrian soldiers and officers in the Damascus desert west to the US-controlled area of al-Tanaf in the southeastern part of the country.

A military source told SouthFront that four Syrian soldiers and officers were killed in the ambush. The casualties were reportedly serving in the Sixth Regiment of the army’s Border Guards.

Last week, the SAA killed two ISIS fighters in the area of al-Hublah between al-Tanaf and the Damascus desert. The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) said that the two terrorists were trying to reach residential areas south of the historical city of Palmyra in eastern Homs.

According to the available information, hundreds of ISIS fighters and commanders are currently hiding between the Damascus desert, al-Tanaf and Homs desert. These fighters, most of whom are foreigners, are highly-experienced and well-equipped.

The SAA and its allies will likely launch a large-scale military operation to neutralize these terrorists when the weather conditions improve later this year.

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These terrorists are probably guided by US Special Forces !

Brother Ma

For sure. So some rockets need to land on them to teach the Yankers a lesson.

Paul Barbara

Didn’t you mean wan*ers?

Brother Ma

Od course. They burn the wick from both ends. They wank and they yank.lol


They away the probability, please.

Paul Barbara

Absolutely! Perforce!

Real Anti-Racist Action

Perhaps they are a mix of 50% regular ISIS and the other 50% made up of Mossad and Mi6 and SAS agents and CIA-civilian-contractors.

Prince Teutonic

How hard is really to locate and neutralize hundreds of terrorists in the desert terrain with the help of modern technology like thermal imaging from UAVs, satellites and surveillance aircrafts?


they have a “home sweet home”……..a sanctuary…..al-tanf!!!
thats their protection.,

al quaida

I’d say ISIS have learnt a few tricks over the years to avoid detection.

Paul Barbara

Yeh, like hiding under Uncle Sam’s skirts.


Hanging out at Al Tanf canteen for one.

Paul Barbara

The US, who control their hinterland, have zero intention of stopping them, but arm, coddle and direct them.


Anglosazon s must realise that the trm I usehere is now one of revulsionused against us, particularly y youngChine ( Mr Zi never did a thing) because of our behavior. The attack was part of a very major Oovert Op orBlack Op, othwewiseknown as Covert Operation, continued by DonaldTrump to seizeontrol and effect Regime Change in Syria, A fortune of American taxpayers’ money has been spent onit since 1003, ISIS are our paramilitaries to effect it and are on our payroll.


The SAA and its allies will likely launch a large-scale military operation to neutralize these terrorists when THE WEATHER CONDITIONS IMPROVE THIS YEAR.
Are you fucking kidding me?!!!


Dear South Front: You say “a large scale offensive is coming soon” enough that on the occasion you’re right it can be ascribed to coincidence.


I think, there will not be large, and there will no be an offensive.

Xoli Xoli

USA leeft behind terrorists are sabotaging waiting for Erdogan terrorists integration.


As long as the US keeps supporting terrorism these kinds of attacks will continue.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Hopefully straight after they clean out Idlib.

Bill Wilson

I thought that the Russians and SAA had defeated ISIS?


You are well aware that the ISIS remnants are located in US controlled Syrian territory – around al-Tanf and on east bank of lower Euphrates Valley. The US presence keeps these ISIS remnants completely safe from SyAF/RuAF air strikes and final destruction. By an amazing coincidence if these ISIS remnants were actually finished off by the Syrians-Russians there would no longer be any US public policy rationale for US military to remain illegally stationed in Syria.

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