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MAY 2021

ISIS Ambushed Iraqi Forces In Northern Saladin Province Leaving 18 Killed Or Injured

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ISIS Ambushed Iraqi Forces In Northern Saladin Province Leaving 18 Killed Or Injured

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Late on November 21, ISIS terrorists ambushed joint forces of Iraqi police, army and local fighters in the northern province of Saladin.

The Iraqi Security Cell said a civilian car was struck with an improvised explosive device near the town of Almsahag. When a joint force arrived at the scene to investigate, it came under fire of ISIS snipers.

A security source told the Shafaq News agency that five police officers, including the director of Almsahag Police Center, were killed in the ambush, along with two service members of the Iraqi military, two fighters of the Popular Mobilizations Units and two civilians.

“Eight were also injured in the attack, all from security forces and civilians who backed security forces,” the unnamed sources said. “The wounded are now receiving treatment.”

ISIS confirmed its responsibility for Almsahag ambush in an official statement released by its news agency, Amaq, on November 22.

Following the attack, the 4th Commando Regiment in Salah al-Din was dispatched to Almsahag to track and neutralize ISIS cells in the town, the northern part of Baiji and the nearby district of al-Zawiya.

ISIS cells have been highly-active in the northern and western region of Iraq. The repeated operations by government forces are inflicting losses on the terrorists group. However, they are not harming its influence.


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  1. johnny rotten says:

    Look at the whole picture carefully, in the West they arrest and prevent doctors from speaking who question, from a scientific point of view, the farce of the coronavirus, while the fake Atlantic intelligence organization known as ISIS maintains its channels of active propaganda, without any problem of censorship, then you understand that everything in the West is false, and that the whole concept of Western civilization is long gone.

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