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ISIS Advances South Of Damascus City, Captures Position From Hamas-Affiliated Group


ISIS Advances South Of Damascus City, Captures Position From Hamas-Affiliated Group

On October 20, ISIS fighters attacked a position of the pro-Syrian opposition Palestinian armed group Aknaf Bait al-Maqdis east of the Palestine roundabout in the Yarmouk refugee camp south of the Syrian capital, Damascus city according the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq.

Amaq reported that ISIS fighters were able to capture the position. ISIS fighters also killed 4 fighters of Aknaf Bait al-Maqdis, and captured weapons and ammunition during the attack, according to Amaq.

Back on August 13, Aknaf Bait al-Maqdis, Jaysh al-Islam and Jaysh al-Ababel approved a de-escalation agreement that includes several areas south of Damascus city, one of them is Yarmouk camp. This was the first time Aknaf Bait al-Maqdis accepts a peaceful solution.

Aknaf Bait al-Maqdis was formed back in 2013 by Mamoun al-Jaloudi (Abu Jaafar Aknaf), a Jordanian- Palestinian citizen who was a military trainer in the Palestinian Hamas Movement, and a bodyguard of the former Hamas Leader Khaled Mashal. Al-Jaloudi was captured by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) back in 2015.

Many Palestinian pro-opposition armed group affiliated with the Hamas Movement including Aknaf Bait al-Maqdis allowed terrorist organizations like Jabhat al-Nusra (also known as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham) and ISIS to operate inside the Palestinian refugee camps across Syria since 2012.

In 2014, ISIS was able to beat all pro-opposition armed groups and Jabhat al-Nusra and captured most of the Yarmouk camp. Most of Hamas-affiliated armed groups fighters in the camp defected and joined ISIS back then.

This ISIS attack in Yarmouk camp is considered the first since 2014. The attack is likely an attempt by ISIS to sabotage the de-escalation agreement south of Damascus, and to de-stabilize the Syrian capital as the SAA is closing in on ISIS in eastern Syria.



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  • Ivanus59

    A few more dead terrorists, always good to hear but never enough.

    • Deo Cass

      The terrorists are the Zio-Nazis and ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) which condicted this attack under the guise of ISIS terror group. Hamas are Palestinian freedom fighters.

      • Ivanus59

        Simply being Palestinian does not make them freedom fighters. Hamas are islamists just like many other FSA factions. I also used to think that they are different and better, but they themselves chose not to be when they sided with the Muslim Brotherhood (well Hamas was funded by Qatar so ofc they do as their benefactors command them like any other dog would).
        In Gaza I support their resistance against Israel, even thought that resistance is not so good – they fire a dozen rockets into Israel that does almost no damage while Israel then uses it as an excuse to kill a thousand people with their air raids… Hamas like Israel chose to ally up with FSA, which is obviously mind-boggling I agree so idk how you could support them.
        Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) is the best choice we have for a good resistance group against Israel, even thought at the moment they have less numbers then Hamas (in Gaza, but in Syria, Lebanon and West Bank they are stronger then Hamas), at least their policy is coherent and they support the Syrian government and are part of the Axis of Resistance in this war.

        • RamboDave

          If not for the Palestinians, East Aleppo would NOT have been liberated last year. It was their al-Quds brigade, made up entirely of Palestinian refugees from the nearby camp in Aleppo, that actually liberated half of East Aleppo last year. South Front has documented this fact several times.

          All of Syria owes Palestinians a huge debt and continued support for the liberation of their homeland as a result of this Palestinian sacrifice for Syria.

          • Ivanus59

            I do not understand how your “reply” has anything to do with what I said before. Hamas-linked fractions in Syria are actually allied to the FSA that Liwa Al-Quds was fighting against… Your comment would fit as a reply to someone who was talking against Palestinians, which isn’t me :p
            There is no “debt” there to be had among friends, Syria always supported the Palestinians in general, and it’s only natural that Palestinians would come and support Syria in it’s time of need too.

  • dutchnational

    In this article one can find just another reason to terminate all so called palestinian refugee camps anywhere.

    They are not refugees anymore, should be given Syrian passports and follow the rules of Syria. By any international law, all those born within Syria are Syrians, not stateless palestinians, not after 3 generations.

    • goingbrokes

      The colour of zionism is shining through and the criminal disregard for international law goes with it, as usual.

      • dutchnational

        Palestinians refugees is a sick joke. There are no more palestinian refugees, or maybe just a few very old men and women.

        Thay are an artificial problem to have a stick against Israel, paid for by the UN and the EU.

        Germany, a small country, received 12 million refugees at the end of a war that destroyed their country. All refugees were absorbed in a dozen years or so.

        Arabs, now over 200 million, could not, rather would not, absorb less then a million in their 22 countries. Only Jordan made the effort and integrated them. Commendable.

    • Jeff Lewin

      Syria is not a Dutch colony, and Syrians will decide their own immigration and citizenship policies.

  • Mountains

    The defiance of ISIS against the world is admirable regardless of what side or opinion you hold. They just don’t give a —k thats it. They will attack and fight anywhere, everyone and everytime..

    They took on all comers. Russia, USA, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, NATO coalition, Kurds, Gulf arabs, Syria and Turkey

    • robert wa

      But just not Israel or Israeli troops.. strange one that

      • Mountains

        I think Israel became neutral by default in ISIS view due to them just having more enemies the oceans can fill up.. There hands and time were overbooked. they didn’t had any free schedule

        • Joe

          Not true by a mile. Israel only attack anti terrorists forces

          • Mountains

            Israel don’t have respect towards puppets or people who are fearful of them. I think Israel is smarter then you think. They know ISIS is crazy so hitting them will definitely have made a response but the Assad, Hezbollah and others are weak puppets and easily intimidated.

            They serve the political views of foreigners nothing organic like ISIS who are independant operators and players. You hit them you meet resistance. Just like they took on all comers.

            Israel don’t treat Assad, Hezbollah, Iranians as equal men but puppets and they discuss with Russia or Turkey but not the others because they simple just don’t respect them.

            Avoiding lunatic entity like ISIS on their borders was wise nor do ISIS view them now as threat or anything but rather neutral

          • Joe

            Your reply is totally out of reality and not true.

            Israel supports the terrorists and gave them weapons and medical help have been well proven with the purpose of over throwing Assad.

            Not once we read about Israel attacking ISIS and vice versa.
            But lots of attack on Assad and Hezbollah Only with safety of the air never face to face.

            Your talk about respect are all big bull.

            Assad is in no position to fight Israel now but one thing for certainty once Russia provides air cover ,Israel will not attack.

            Being in denial will not make you right as the world knows what is going on I Syria

          • Valery Grigoryev

            Adolf Hitler was an ‘independent operator and player’ too. And his system was very ‘organic’ :)
            And he never was a puppet :)
            So what?

          • Vitex

            Change your name from ‘mountains’ to ‘golani’

      • goingbrokes

        Daesh apologised to Israel!

    • Lupus

      …and will all turn up dead in the end

  • TiredOfBsToo

    Isis needs a visit from Russian cruise missiles to assist them in their wish for martyrdom.

    • More

      You are writing nonsense.

      It is Putin – Russia’s policy to keep Syria destabilized as Russian Air Defence allows the US led “Terror Axis” countries to fly freely in and across Syria to supply their Terrorists hence “ISIS” is still alive and kicking in Damascus area just as it still is all over Syria.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yeah, dustchnationalist, huh, terminate, nice touch by the way.

    Do notice, just an friendly advise, the reason flow of manure thru the commentary fields, coming from turd filled “think hehe tanks” packed to the brim with shit heads, like this, uh… Dutchyboy, more likely an westernized wanker armed with missiles of stupidity, ready to soak any place down with manure.

    Not that you are new in that sense, more like an itchy pimp in my ass like creature.
    The reason for me think God do have humor, he created pimps.
    F….. that can ruin things, like an good movie, etc, etc.

    Hehe, an inevitable consequence of living in this world.


    • dutchnational

      What is it with all those ass obsessed commenters here?

      I refer you, just like your ass friend Justin, to more ass oriented sites elsewhere so you can have your fun there.

  • More

    Russian Air Defence still allows US led “Terror Axis” countries to fly freely in and across Syria to supply their Terrorists hence “ISIS” is still alive and kicking in Damascus area just as it still is all over Syria.

    • Jeff Lewin

      Realistically, the Russians are being pressured by NATO on their western border. For the Russians to counter the opposing GCC(+Turkish?)+US+Coalition+Zionist air power in the Middle East would involve a massive investment of personnel and equipment that they need now in their home territories.

      Even if Russia added to its modest deployment of aircraft in Syria, the combined USAF+USN still have a numerical advantage, and could send more of their own aircraft.

      Elsewhere, Russia’s economy is struggling, and they are in no hurry to burn their last bridges with the Gulf Arabs, Europe, the USA, or the Zionists.

      The downsides are that the US-led coalition can outmatch the firepower and tactical capabilities of the combined SyAf and RuAf in the Middle East theatre, and Russia has little inclination to go beyond the publicly stated boundaries of its counterterrorism operation.

      • More

        Jeff Lewin
        Good assessment.

        • Jeff Lewin

          China might be a bit of a wild card. Many suspect they are advancing their interests in the Middle East by subtle means.

          Earlier this year, the Chinese leadership proposed a military alliance with Russia.

          If the Chinese were willing, they have a sufficient force of modern aircraft to overturn the disparity in Middle Eastern and European skies, but they still tend to be the proverbial “sleeping giant.”

          The Chinese could achieve this without intervening directly in the Middle East. If they merely deployed to western Russia, it would give the Russian Air Force a free hand to increase their role in the Middle East theater.

          • More

            Jeff Lewin
            Your points are valid and to add China operates on “Soft Power” and Business Model with almost every country around the world.

            China can undertake but seeks to avoid military campaigns like Russia has undertaken in Syria in order to stop both the Saudi – Qatar or Iran – Iraq, oil and gas pipelines

            Even heavily sanctioned Syria and North Korea have China amongst its largest trading partner.

            China is developing the OBOR, One Belt, One Road, “New Silk Road”.

            This will promote many functions, from Business Development to Geo-Strategic goals of a land trade route should its sea route through the South China Sea or the Malaysian Straits are blocked.

            China’s land route from its western edge through to Pakistan’s Gwaidor Port on the Arabian Gulf is now open and will function as a “Dubai” style trade hub to export to the Middle East and Africa.

            China is developing a trade route through to Iran – Iraq – Syria to the Mediterranean coast, this would allow trade to flow to Europe should the Yemen straits or Suez canal were blocked.




  • goingbrokes

    Daesh is on its last legs. No more than a nuisance any longer. Hope their contract says they have a right to israeli citizenship if things don’t go to plan…

  • Lupus

    This spot will be coloured red too, when the other jihad psychos are terminated in the east

  • The Palestinians know how to make friends. So they received food and shelter as refugees by Syria for many years, even decades, and then they join the terrorists of Al-Nusra or ISIS to kill Syrians. Finally they will get punished and then complain how bad the world is doing to them. Just kick them out.

    • RamboDave

      Not so fast …. If not for the Palestinians, East Aleppo would not have been liberated last year. It was their al-Quds brigade, made up entirely of Palestinian refugees from the nearby camp in Aleppo, that actually liberated half of East Aleppo last year. South Front has documented this fact several times.

  • Deo Cass

    If these hooded men are all that Amaq had to show, it means they are Zionist Israeli special forces. Anpther fail for the Russian so called ‘de-escalation zones and proof tht they are nothing but terrorist safe heavens and incibators. Astana talks needs to be suspended. The only solution possible is a military solution. Throught Syria the US/Zionist have been emboldened and reinforces. Damascus city is again being regularly bombed. Al-Nusra is advancing against government forces in Hama using Idleb, where supposedly the Turkish army is combattng them, as spring board for such attacks. So De-escalation zones aka terrorist safe heavebs and incubators, are a guiliotine hanging on the Syrian state’s head.