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JUNE 2021

ISIS Activity In Raqqah City – Map Update

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According to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq, ISIS terrorists have been remaining active along a wide frontline in the southern part of Raqqah city counter-attacking against the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in multiple directions and inflicting some casualties on the SDF.

Key tools of the ISIS counter-attacks are snipers, suicide bombers and IEDs.

Amaq also argued that the SDF made little progress during the last two weeks. However, the agency forgot to mention that the SDF linked its frontlines in the  southern part of the city isolating a large part of the Old Raqqah area from the southern direction.

ISIS keeps a strong resistance to the advancing SDF fighters. However, the terrorist group is in no-win situation in Raqqah.

This map provides a look at the military situation in Raqqah city according to Amaq and non-SDF sources:

ISIS Activity In Raqqah City - Map Update

Click to see the full-size map

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>>ISIS keeps a strong resistance to the advancing SDF fighters. However, the terrorist group is in no-win situation in Raqqah.<<

Doesn't that apply for ISIS basically everywhere?



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Trustin Judeau

ISIS is finished in Raqqa . First of all there is nowhere to escape . Second – SDF have captured around half of the city . The only thing ISIS can do is prolong the battle but at the end they will lose like in Mosul . These days the ISIS goal is to prolong its existence because they cant expand anymore in Syria and Iraq .

Daniel Apaza

They have decided to not make it easy for anyone.


Where do u think most of their remaining forces are concentrated in Syria?


Is there any reliable evidence of who and how ISIS continues to be supplied?


They had well over 2-3 years to stockpile.

However, terrorists are masters of smuggling.


Your first sentence is the one I would say is why they still have load’s of weapons or ammo ..it was there’s for three year’s there all underground


All speculation and no hard evidence. Last I heard US special forces personnel were giving contacts in ISIS intel and they are getting supplies indirectly from US and Israel. Based on Israel’s open support for ISIS and wanting to carry on the war that is no surprise. However, if the war is to come to an end then hard evidence still needs to be exposed not only with respect to ISIS but also to stop the US, Britain, Israel, and Saudi Arabia from supplying and paying all the terrorist mercs in the area.

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