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ISIS Actively Prepares for Protracted Defense of Raqqa

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The Islamic State terrorist group has started to build fortifications around Raqqa city, preparing for a protracted defense.

ISIS Actively Prepares for Protracted Defense of Raqqa

Photo: AP Photo / Militant website

Terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) group have declared the Syrian city of Raqqa a “zone of military operations” and started to build fortifications around it, preparing for a protracted defense, the Arab Asharq al-Awsat newspaper reported.

According to the newspaper, a few days ago, IS terrorists started to dispatch residents of the surrounding villages to the city in order to use them as a human shield. They also equip machine-gun emplacements at the approaches to the city, covering them with sandbags, dig antitank ditches and lay mines in underground tunnels.

The city is located on a bank of the Euphrates River, about 300,000 people live there.

Meanwhile, the Syrian government appealed to the UN Secretary General with a request to make the Western coalition’s forces to stop bombing of dams, located on the Euphrates River.

“Destruction of these dams, which became objects of airstrikes, will wash away and flood cities and villages, endangering lives of hundreds of thousands of people, inhabiting in these areas,” the appeal reads.

“The Syrian Arab Republic calls on the [UN] Security Council to fulfill its obligations to preserve international peace and security and to take urgent measures to save the region from the impending catastrophe.”

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Behold a Pale Horse

Rats in a barrel


Like the protracted defense of Mosul? What’s different in Raqqa?

Real Anti-Racist Action

Yeah, all of the important leadership has already been airlifted back to their clubs in Tel Aviv and will live comfortably off of government checks for the rest of their lives.
Another Israeli operation 100% success.
Now in a future war with Syria, Syria now only has 50% of their army remaining. Half of the Syrian army was wiped out before even meeting Israel on the field of battle.
“By Deception Wage War” -it is written on the inside of every Jew.

Bill Wilson

This must be a combination of old news reports. ISIS began digging those trenches early last year and the Coalition was bombing the electric substations by the dams some time ago. Those dams are made from reinforced concrete so are immune to suffering any real damage from aerial bombs.

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