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JUNE 2023

ISIS Confirms Al-Baghdadi Death, Appoints New Leader

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The so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has officially acknowledged the death of its infamous founder and leader Abu Baker al-Baghdadi.

The terrorist group’s al-Furqan agency released on October 31 a short audio message of the group’s new spokesman, Abu Hamza al-Qurashi, who confirmed that al-Baghdadi was killed “a few days ago.”

President Donald Trump announced last week that al-Baghdadi blew himself up when U.S. Special Forces raided his hideout in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib.

Al-Qurashi also acknowledged that ISIS spokesman Abul-Hasan al-Muhajir was killed. Al-Muhajir was appointed as the terrorist group’s main spokesman on December 5, 2016. He was also killed by the U.S. last week.

According to al-Qurashi, al-Baghdadi succeeded by Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi, who was elected by the terrorist group’s Shura Council.

Several sources revealed that ISIS new leader’s real name is “Abdullah Qardash,” a former officer in Saddam Hussein’s army.

ISIS Confirms Al-Baghdadi Death, Appoints New Leader

Abdullah Qardash “Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi”

Qardash is a Turkmen originating from Tell Afar in western Iraq. He was a religious commissar in al-Qaeda before joining ISIS. Following the raise of ISIS in 2014, Qardash oversaw operations against the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Aleppo and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in Deir Ezzor.

The terrorist leader also personally oversaw the selection of suicide bombers and the conduct of suicide operations for the Islamic State.

Qardash was jailed in 2003–2004 by the US authorities with al-Baghdadi in Camp Bucca in Basra. He reportedly became one of al-Baghdadi’s closest companions in that period.

The appointment of Qardash was not a surprise. Many terrorism experts commented that the terrorist, nicknamed “the Professor,” was the second in-line to the ISIS leadership. Under the command of Qardash, ISIS will likely continue its terrorist activities and further.

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Looks like we’re back to square one again.

Jens Holm

I dont think so. Almost all of their top-tops are gone. Those and the money is very difficult to replace and regain.

I also will add, that we now are much more prepared for knock out organisations like that once again.


If almost all of their ‘top-tops’ are gone, who decided on this new guy becoming the leader? Or did he just nominate himself as there was no-one else?! Also, who is running and maintaining Amaq and all their other extremely professional looking channels that publish/broadcast claims on a daily basis? The most worrying thing is that according to Rita Katz, who maintains the SITE Intel group, many Daesh followers/supporters have already pledged their allegiance to this new guy, and by all accounts he seems a lot more ‘ruthless’ than Baghdadi. Therefore, I’m sure we will start to see a lot more attacks very soon, including more in Europe, especially with Christmas coming soon.

Jens Holm

If they come, we are as ready, as we can be. I am a lottle more optinistic according to Europe. They certainly has lost their glamour and are not able to improve finances and the most of the very few exports being top-top in a “country” are now gone having no replacers.

In IT its almost impossible to close everything down and its a dilemma doing it. Its like fx the Shengen non border control. Almost everything has improved by that almost traffic by trucks and humans just crossing.

Should we go back to, what was, becuse of criminal use. I dont think so, but we stil try to improve. The same goes for VPN on the internet. Criminals unfortunetly also use it for all crimes incl. pedofilias.

So my main program or wish for that it working with peoples mind rasing people to be peacefull not criminal citicens. And it is possible at least to lower crime. In the danish system the crimes are relative low compared with others, but we instead pay a lot by raising and especially to potentiel comming as criminals in our country.

I prefare our system, whcih includes all better. By that it should be eaiser to dind the really hardliners in crime and also by they find less or none support.

I think several countries in EU and the rest of the world fx USA, should do same thing. It include and homogenize the populations even its nort saving money and its difficult to count heads being rescued from crime.

The too much used version is to catch the already criminals and then count wellfare from, how many are not and in jail. We are not upside down in this, but moving some % into never criminals or make them change oppinions by helping them with education and good resettling does a lot of good things here.

And I dont have the kind of fear I once had about Qaida and ISIS anymore. I am used to that, even they are not comparable to other kinds of murder and carcrashes.


Let’s see how many times Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi can die or be wounded ! Was it 5 times for Al Baghdadi ? :D


Isis confirms Yanki propaganda. Well, Isis had little choice but to confirm Baghdadi’s death or have their revenue stream severed. Isis will now continue to be a useful tool in the Yanki toolbox. Clever piece of fake news. Donnie the draft dodger will get a lot of kudos from this well polished bull shit story. Baghdadi retired and drawing down a good CIA pension. Life in this smoke and mirror illusion gets more complex daily. Over and out

Karen Bartlett

I still don’t believe it ..Russia has no info on allowing US aircraft into this space and the locals say a raid was carried out in that area which killed three children. Is it possible the US would be paying ISIS leaders to back up their story?

Karen Bartlett

Btw, “whole family killed” could very well mean “whole family evacuated’.

Jens Holm

If You put things up in line by day, mont and year, You will see a pattern, which is possible and as told.

It might be untrue. Some might be untrue. Facts are You seemes under informed.

As I know it 2 wifes of him was taken in Irak. By that they got a house still not totally cleaned for secrets and then found coordinates for the place, where he now seemes to have been killed.

True with Your “very well”. I see no reason for that very and that well, but of course thats not impossible. It happens prisoners are hidden and interogated for many years in secret.


Looks like SF deleted the article from earlier today, which stated there is no proof that Al Baghdadi was killed. Go figure that one out. :)

Jens Holm

Its first class. We got an ISIS source about it.


What gets me is the conspiracy theories, To think that Al Baghdadi is an operative instead of a Daesh leader. For God’s sake, he has the blood of tens of thousands of civillians on his hands. :(

Jens Holm

If You think like that, there are always many more or less strange possibilities and those also can be more or less reliable.

I only see Bagdadi as a kind of Ikon. If ISIS now collapse fast in Idlib, it might be because they were kept in high moral because of protedting him an the idea of a Khalifat has to have some religios and also political leader inspiring them to do a proper jobs.

And the many dead ones. Here many musæims forget that mainly wasnt a life in peace but cleaning and claening among each other as well as cleaning away people, which were non muslims.

So some of Yours might take away some glamour from that.

In Denmark a period of time until now has been named as “The gold age” because so many very nice buildings and art was made. But if we go under that so many people actually was very poor and many of those actually paid for it as well as slaves producing rum and sugar at our colony named “The virgin Islands”.

I have no good answer for Your “for Gods sake… apart from I am now completly sekual and too often dont trust people as well.

I hardly see any sign here. I often think – Are thopse writers here the normal ones…

Jens Holm

Thats because You are stupid. The world and the military options are not as You assume. Hard to believe USA in one hand give 25 millions as reward and the pay some from ISIS too. Make me sick.

Hanny Benny

what a joke no more muhammad-anchestor?!? wtf..?!? what’s up with you ISIS, youhave no more real caliphs?!? this loser as new calip ? WISH YOU A HAPPY HELLOWEN-(BOMBED)CALIPHELL with him losers :) :)

John Wallace

ISIS new leader’s real name is “Abdullah Qardash,” Adull Qardashian as new leader. Reality TV just hit a new low.

Toronto Tonto

Where is all the fuckin idiot nay sayers now EH .


Al Bag deady now.


Yes,, ISIS confirm what it is impossible to confirm. ISIS made by USA, helping Trump re-election (good job).

Jens Holm

An my mother cant fly, and therefore is a stone ??

Konrad Ingvarssen

Is the new leader going to be the Caliph also? He would have to be from Mohammed’s tribe also, wouldn’t he? And maybe some other requirements. Not that it really means anything but I’m wondering if they are going to try to rebrand themselves.

Jens Holm

Hard for them to rebrand themselves right now. They are weak and rebranded tmeselves as being guerilla again after being a country.

I am not them, but if so, I would go silent for some years and regain.

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