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ISIS “Accidently” Launches Large-Scale Offensive Near Palmyra Amid US-Russian Talks On Aleppo

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On December 8 ISIS terrorists launched multiple offensives against Syrian government forces near Palmyra.

SIS used a high number of car bombs and infanghtry fighting vehicles.

ISIS seized notable areas northwest of the city, including Jazal, set a full control over Qasr al-Halabat south of Palmyra.

The tactical goal of the ISIS operation was to encircle Syrian troops in Palmyra, cutting off the Homs-Al-Salamiyah-Palmyra highway.

On December 9, clashes continued in the area with Syrian troops were successfully repelling further ISIS attempts to deploy closer to the ancient city.

Since the start of ISIS attacks, the Syrian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Forces have intensified air raids in the area.

The attack took place amid the collapse of “moderate opposition” forces in Aleppo.

Is there a coordination between ISIS, “moderate rebels” and their Western backers?

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“На карте ISIS used a high number of car bombs and infanghtry fighting vehicles и стрелки”

“Под картой ISIS seized notable areas northwest of the city, including Jazal, set a full control over Qasr al-Halabat south of Palmyra.”

Southfront is run by Russian spies confirmed. :D


Most likely source article in Russian and auto translation skipped the phrases.


That’s the joke.


The answer is above)

Ole Johansen

Who would listen to someone that does not even know what a spy is?

Was there ever any doubt that south front is like a Us or western information outlet?

I do not even care if is that dude living on the dark side of the moon that is behind this site. Its brings information that i compare with other information.


No offense. But you missed the point so much that your are the one who ended up on the dark side of the moon.


This video was made by joint efforts of our Russian, Ukrainian and German members. We hope this explains the thing)

Richard Dickson

That’d be one way to explain why they’re so much better than most media!! Whoever they are, I’m grateful for the prompt and correct frontline reports.

I remember in the early days of the (former?) Ukrainian conflict; S.F was reporting with 100% accuracy all the aircraft shootdowns and individual losses, while the shrapnel was still warm… while other military journals took a couple days longer to even acknowledge that the units had been deployed! 10 out of 10 IMO


I give up. People are just oblivious to sarcasm/parody on the internet


Turkey also launched Al-Bab invasion at same time. Something might be cooking between US/Turkey.


Fantasies. They are completely at odds in this war. Turkey wants an Ottoman Empire and they are not listening to anyone.


Not necessarily – multiple motives can also overlap. Sure, Turkey fixated with threat of a unified Kurdish canton across its whole southern border. But look at Syrian territory the Turks are now occupying to split the Kurds – it is exactly the north area of Syria the US/GCC/Turkey need to run the Qatari pipeline into Turkey that is cause of whole war. They also need an corridor running down eastern side of Syria – which is currently ISIS dominated except for smack in the middle at Dier Ez Zor is a holdout garrison of SAA. It was that very garrison US chose to ‘accidentally’ bomb immediately followed up by an ISIS offensive on garrison during last ceasefire. The US and Turkey have real issues, but both still want that land corridor for a pipeline and will try to partition Syria to get it (and operation ‘against ISIS’ will be their means to try and occupying it).

John Whitehot

It’s not the first time that ISIS comes to the rescue of “moderates”. I’ve always believed that ISIS has been created for several purposes, yet the primary one was to enable regime change in Syria. It’s mainly a propaganda stunt, made to justify intervention of western (and sunni arab) countries on the side of the “moderates”. The problem is that if the “civilized world” is willing to wield such a device as a mean to fullfill its civilized objectives, people should really start questioning how the word “civilized” is used. Israel, US and EU are slipping down the latrine, the old mummies who run those “countries” will have to acknowledge how the truth derails the plans of those who try to undermine it, to enforce their little dirty personal agendas.

Paulo Romero

There is probably an agreement between Al Nusrah and Isis. They are the only significant opposition forces in Syria whom the West conveniently terms as terrorists or rebels dependant on who they fight and where. As Isis unravels we will probably see the majority of their hardcore foreign fighters being absorbed into Al Nusrah. The FSA has most likely been wiped out in Aleppo, with most remaining fighters pledging allegiance to Al Nusrah. The Aleppo remnants will probably get a bus ticket to Idlib , where Turkey and Saudi Arabia will rearm them and return them to Al Nusrah ranks. Having said this , Isis has been known to exploit tactical situations independently. They also have fighters trapped in Aleppo. Previously they have attacked on multiple fronts to pin down government forces and prevent re-enforcements from getting to critical areas. After Aleppo , it would be interesting to see where the Syrian Army goes on the offensive next. Most likely the Palmyra area or maybe Al-Bab?

northerntruthseeker .

They are both the same! There is NO difference between US operatives running ISIS and US operatives running “Al Nusrah”….

There is NO “unravelling” as this is indeed a carefully planned and coordinated offensive… It is being conducted by the 8000+ “terrorists” that were last month taken out of Mosul and “redeployed” into Syria…. And those US operatives now attacking Palmyra are being fully armed and equipped by their US masters….

You need to get with the program and realize that the entire “war on terror’ is a FRAUD.. Its purposes are not only for the fraud of “regime change” that is basically US/Israel brutally removing any opposition to their hegemony, but is also for the “Greater Israel” project that calls for every Arab nation to be either subdued and made as puppet nations for their Jewish masters, or to be outright conquered and destroyed to allow for the expansion of the criminal Jewish empire…

Brad Isherwood


It’s to the advantage of Israel,Empire and the Miserable House of Saud that opponents React slowly and with limited force to counter the game moves. Russia has dazzled with spectacular weapons display…special forces actions. Yet this is fractional. ..vs the scale the 3 criminal rackets move in. These Conflicts would be turned and ended if the fractional response became Actions of same scale. Israel gets away with far too much, One wonders if they hold the Financial extortion against Russia …who having Nuclear Weapons, Is small steps vs large strides when facing. ..That Shitty little Nation…as a Euro Diplomat once blurted out. The Saudi and CIA were big part of why Chechnya wars occured. Saudi get a pass to it seems. For me…this is question why Russia is so small response. How many here reading want Russia to shoot down an IAF jet or US and Let’s get the fear behind us….just do it : )


The French diplomat who said that was reassigned to Africa after saying that. See my comment above.


Russia should have stopped Gaddhafi from being overthrown. Then they would have been scared off from regime change in Syria and the Arab Spring would have ended. That was the time to make a stand, but better late than never.


I believe Lavrov already commented on this one that it was Russian mistake to let the UN resolution pass for NFZ which was later-on “creatively” used by coalition to overthrow Qaddafi regime. That’s why any sort of new disguised resolution will not be going thru Security Council anymore.

Brad Isherwood

They publish that Russia was tricked by The Libya No fly zone or whatever label they used to couch their murderous intent. Rumor too that They looted Gaddafi Gold and Bank accounts . US is rumored to be short on Gold which other nations stored in US for safe keeping. So…steal other players Gold to cover losses. Some oil was looted from Libya after the war,…Libya became a social misfit after. Still chaos today with regional power blocks fighting each other. Not sure Russia got tricked…. Possibly they thought that Empire would be sated after the crime spree. The Mercs from Libya going into Syria signaled the game was on… Ukraine removed any illusions of what and where intent was going.

Syria provides an opportunity for Russia to get some of her Airborne Divisions Real combat training. Not that they have to stand alone and hold, Still…it’s something which could negate these outlying surge actions like Palmyra or Der Ezzor. ..


always blaming Israel and the Jews. Either the Jews are so brilliant that they control 300 million Arabs (and the world?) or the Arabs (and the world?) are so dumb they allow a tiny group of people to run them. Which is it? And please let all the Arabs who read this site know if they are morons or the Jews are too smart to ever be stopped.

Brad Isherwood

The Jews get others to send soldiers to perish for Their agenda, They get nations to fund their aggressions with taxpayer dollars. They control the media who ALL sing loud like that Queen Lindsay Graham…that Syria must be bombed…or Libya…or Tehran.

Notice how America’s opponets are Israels Enemies. The UN sits silent as Israel slaughters Gaza….while Israel Press say Gaza Strip are Terrorist.

The Fake** War on Terror… ( Since 911/False Flag)….needs Terrorists!!

Guess who controls those talking points, And screams Antisemitism or Terrorist supporter if you expose the fraud.


Just read through your comments in which you turn every discussion into a rant on how Jews run the world. Sorry, no more debates til you get back on your meds. Cheers.


Not at all, there is not “accident” action. There is a total coordination between hard and moderated terrorists (with the help of USA-OTAN-Israel). Turky is a member of OTAN and acts according.


see my comment above.

chris chuba

The simple explanation is that this is opportunistic. Whenever you have a three way fight, the obvious strategy for any one player is to let the other two fight and then pick up the pieces. Since the Al Qaeda Aleppo rebels are on the verge of collapse, there was no reason for ISIS to wait any longer to mount an attack at what they thought was the most vulnerable location. Deir Ezzor is now a fortress, Palmyra was the obvious choice.


“Is there a coordination between ISIS, “moderate rebels” and their Western backers?”…Absolutely that there is coordination, that is why Kerry is asking for a cease fire in Aleppo…The Syrian/Russian must increment the bombing campaign and obliterate the UNITED STATES INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORISTS.


The ISIS offensive around Palmyra will have the same results as the south west Aleppo offensive by the jihadis for the last few months. It will be another jihadi meat grinder. There is no way these attacks can be sustained to achieve their objectives in view of the overwhelming air and SSM superiority on part of the Russian/Syrian forces. Even though the ISIS elements from Mosul find their way to Palmyra, they will step into a defensive meat grinder that will systematically destroy them.


I like your way of thinking brother.


The Palmyra bulge looks somewhat similar to the Kursk bulge of WW2, except it is more pointed and extends deep from their front lines. We know what happened during the battle of Kursk in 1943, the Germans tried to attack the bulge from north and south, to cut it off from the rest of the Soviet armies. The Germans got bogged down and an attritious exchange took place, whereby the German losses could not be replaced quickly as the Soviets could, subsequently the Germans lost the battle. Let’s see the terrorist playbook, ISIS, Al Queda, Al Nursa…etc, use suicide bombers, concentrate numerical superiority against set defensive points…..and gain initial advantage, until the defenses stiffen up and the air attacks start to systematically decimate their attacking forces. That is what happened in SW Aleppo, those jihadis used destroyed urban infrastructure as cover for their inability to conduct intelligent warfare. The terrain around Palmyra is open and unhindered, ISIS forces are in the open, ready to be wiped out. They attacked when the weather conditions prevented the Russian and Syrian air forces from being deployed to the scene, thereby gaining a temporary advantage. We know how this will end, the same way failed offensives to break the encirclement in SW Aleppo ended.

Michael Drysdale

why would they deploy here knowing that they are in the open? are there commanders or leaders not military minded… i just dont get it and as i have said inprevious posts how did they get their hardware tanks etc to the front lines without being noticed


why did russian accused the US behind Palmyra fall ke ISIS. Any networking between US and ISIS???

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