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ISIS Accepts SDF Offer to Withdraw from Manbij – Unconfirmed

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ISIS Accepts SDF Offer to Withdraw from Manbij - Unconfirmed

Kurdish SDF unit in Manbij

Conflicting reports are circulating that the ISIS terrorist group has accepted the offer of US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to leave the strategic city of Manbij in Syria’s Aleppo province.

Initially reports argued that ISIS units are withrewing from Alsabe bahrat roundabout and Manbij’s National hospita, citing some anonymous local sources. According to the reports. the SDF “allowed” ISIS fighters to withdraw towards the city of Al Bab in Aleppo province.

ISIS’ lack of munition was called an alleged reason of “withdrawal.”

The reports were dissiminated by pro-Kurdish and pro-Western social media accounts and media outlets. However, “local sources” failed to provide video or photo evidence or an ISIS statement on the topic yet. In turn, alleged Manbij locals wrote in social media accs that no ISIS militants were observed outside the city of Manbij.

ISIS Accepts SDF Offer to Withdraw from Manbij - Unconfirmed

Last night ISIS re-gained from the SDF 2 villages north and south of Manbij (map above): Qut Wiran and Hutan. Now, clashes are reported near the Manbij city center.

We remind, last week, the US-led coalition stated that it will continue heavy air strike inside the city despite the civilian casualties (find more about the operation in Manbij and civilian casualties here).

Summarizing the known facts, it’s possible to assume that the recent media reports are a part of the ongoing media campaign to depict the inability to avoid civilian casualties and total destruction of Manbij because of irresistible circumstances, justifyig mass deaths of civilians there.

Meanwhile, the real reason of modern situation in Syria is the US’s long term support of various Jihadi groups in order to owerthrow the Assad government by force. This illegal support contributed to the growth of such groups as Al Nusra (Syrian Al Qaeda affilate), ISIS and others.

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Carol Davidek-Waller

The US preserving their assets. They’ll soon have them up and running again.

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