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JULY 2020

ISIS 2.0. Rise In Central Asia And Russia


ISIS 2.0. Rise In Central Asia And Russia

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On May 21, a session of security chiefs of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) member states was held in the Tajik capital of Dushanbe.

During the session, Director of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) Alexander Bortnikov addressed the growing terrorist threat and the concentration of militants near the southern border of the CIS.

According to Bortnikov, about 5,000 members of terrorist groups are concentrated near the CIS’ southern border, in northern Afghanistan.

“The deployment of terrorist groups to Afghanistan’s northern provinces bordering with the Commonwealth’s states is especially alarming,” he said. “The ISIS branch Wilayah Khorasan already deployed about 5,000 militants in these areas. They are mostly CIS citizens who fought in Syria.

They are constantly infiltrating the Commonwealth’s states and joining local organized crime groups. Cross-border drug, arms and illegal migration flows are also growing,” Bortnikov added.

Members of international terrorist organizations use refugee and labor migration flows for covert movement from combat zones and countries bordering them to other regions.”

The FSB chief warned that terrorists are developing more sophisticated ways to carry out attacks.

The criminals have materials, technology and infrastructure for the production of chemical weapons and biotoxins,” he said noting that terrorists are capable of using unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver this kind of payloads.

It is widely known that terrorists are using migration flows to infiltrate Central Asian states and the part of Russia located in Asia. However, big cities in the European part of Russia (Moscow, Saint Petersburg and others) and European states also became the target.

For example, a growing radicalization within labor migrants can be observed in Moscow. According to data from Russia obtained by SouthFront, the number of crimes conducted by persons born in Central Asian states is growing in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other big cities. Mostly these crimes are robberies, random violence and other violent crimes.

Bortnikov’s remarks are not the first alarmist statement by Russian special and security services. Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs stated warned of the growing terrorist threat and the expansion of radical elements within Russia.

The terrorists are infiltrating CIS states, incorporating with organized crime, creating clandestine cells and ideologizing and recruiting new supporters, chiefly the socially handicapped youth and migrants, training them to carry out terrorist activities. The terrorists’ resource base is expanding thanks to contributions from business activities carried out by labor migrants from Central Asia in major cities of the Russian Federation both legally and illegally. The revenue from these legal and illegal activities is used to expand the resource base of terrorists and increase their combat capabilities.

The worsening situation in the Central Asia contributes to the spread of radical ideas. Now the main threat of destabilization of the entire Central Asian region comes from Tajikistan. This state is the main target of militants deployed in northern Afghanistan.

Data appearing in 2017-2018 revealed at least tactical support provided by the US to militant groups in northern Afghanistan and aimed at the southern borders of the CIS. There were multiple reports stating that US aircraft were transferring leaders and key fighters of these groups.

In 2015, ISIS was increasing its influence and preparing an attack on Central Asian states in the framework of the global expansion campaign. In the current situation, after the defeat of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, terrorists work to expand its influence in the region because they need a foothold for ISIS’ resurgence. Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region are perfect targets for these efforts.

The destabilization of the Central Asia and the new rise of ISIS will, at the first stage, contribute to the US geopolitical interests. This scenario will deliver a devastating blow to Russia’s influence in the regional, undermine security of the key Russian regional ally, Kazakhstan, and damage interests of China.

The Chinese, Kazakh and Russian political leadership understand these risks. Surprisingly, Russia is the weakest element in measures to counter this. Both China and Kazakhstan are providing a fairly tough policy towards those suspected of extremist activities or cooperation with terrorists. China has rapidly increased control over Uygur radicals. Kazakhstan has rapidly increased control and monitoring over the labor migrants from neighboring states.

Russia is also adopting some measures. However, so far, a notable part of these measures has been calls for strengthening the bordering infrastructure, increasing the level of cooperation on joint operative-investigative operations in migration flows, strengthening the fight against terrorist ideology, in particular on the Internet, as well as carrying out joint work to counter channels of Afghan drug and arms trafficking as countermeasures. These are the same measures, which were suggested during the last 20 years.

According to data from Russia, no additional measures are employed in large cities, like Moscow and Saint Petersburg. News feeds of Russian media serve as another confirmation of this situation. According to rough estimates, there are over 6-8 million legal and illegal labor migrants from Central Asian states in Moscow, Moscow Oblast, Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast (Saint Petersburg region). A notable part of these migrants is illegal migrants. There is no data regarding system measures to detain and deport illegal migrants. Limited police measures to strengthen control of migrants in the central parts of Moscow and Saint Petersburg led only to the fact that their masses shifted to their suburbs and regions (“oblasts”).

In the event of an armed conflict in the Central Asia with the participation of ISIS, the terrorist group’s sleeper cells among the masses of labor migrants in Russia will be activated. It can be said with a high degree of confidence that there is a big number of such sleeper cells within Russia, and their constituent activists number in thousands.

In this case, the Russian law enforcement system will not be able to completely prevent terror activities inside the country. Therefore, Russia will be focused on resolving internal problems. This is the goal pursued by ISIS. An armed conflict in the Central Asia and terrorist attacks in Russia will attract multiple new recruits to terrorist groups. The realization of this scenario is the main security risk in the near future.




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  • You can call me Al

    Bomb the whole area, where terrorists have been seen. Enough now.

    • Harry Smith

      The most consistent fighter with terrorists are ex-terrorists. The main idea is not kill them, but to reformat their minds.

      • Sinbad2

        Reformating does work, but it’s cheaper quicker and better for the environment to kill them.
        The only way to stop these guys without killing them, is to tell them you will hunt down their families and kill them as well. Most are trying to earn enough money to feed their families, and will willingly die to save the family back home.

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        stop watching holyshit movies and mercenaries as this is what terrorists are, you dont reformat their minds, that be impossible as 99% of them are single cells following the money, prime example yemen and syria.

    • Sinbad2

      Bomb the whole USA?

    • Black but still Racisss.

      You make it seem so easy and simple, but then again getting back to this article it’s the same shit coming from these ‘Counter – terrorism experts’ > ” We see the threat growing & expanding all across the Globe but is nothing we can do about”. So much for the efforts. The conflict in Syria was part of ZOGs plan to destabilize the Caucasus , flood the region with as much as Extremists allowing them a free movement in & out of Russia &…. Of course China. It’s not a fundamental expansion rather than a deliberate one.

  • Ed

    I love how reassuring these fucking people always are. ‘Basically, don’t make any plans for the future. Thanks to the EVER GROWING THREAT OF TERRORISM, there won’t be one’.

  • Len Zegelink

    sponserert by the usa .

  • Tommy Jensen

    More funding to fight terrorists. The more $billions the more terrorists, we cannot unterstant it.

  • grumpy_carpenter

    The Yanks are terrified of the BRI.

    This is why they don’t care if they’re losing in Afghanistan as long as the have a military presence there. This is why they are going full blown psycho bitch on her period on Iran.
    They want the Venezuelan oil because they know the tap may be turned off in Saudi Arabia very soon.

    If the Chinese extend the BRI to the Mediterranean they will have access to African and European markets without going through sea lanes that the USA controls and vica versa. They can invest in Central Asian economies which for the first time ever will have effective transportation to China, Africa and Europe through the BRI.

    I think this has the USA in a corner and they are about to quit spouting all that BS about spreading democracy and the “rule of law”, turn up the volume on Ride of the valkyries and drop the gloves. One way they can stop the BRI is by creating a war torn hell hole in it’s path. Go to war against Iran and spread the ISIS contagion to Central Asia.

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      stop giving them ideas whats wrong with u?

    • Joseph Scott

      Exactly. It was calculated a long time ago that Central Asia would eventually be the key to control of Eurasia, and that would in turn be the key to control of the world. The USA has consequently been obsessed with the area ever since. There were hints of the same back the the 19th Century with Britain and the Great Game. China is now outmanoeuvring them. They’ve been trying the trade war approach in increasing degrees since 2013, but it hasn’t been working as hoped. They put Trump in office precisely so that they would have a strawman to blame for whatever crazy things they have to do to try and thwart China.

      • d’Artagnan

        China has been a very passive patsy so far, largely due to Chinese innate inferiority vis a vis the west dating back to the Opium era and Boxer Rebellion. China is much easier to crack than USSR was, as Chinese like the Jews, have only money as God. US and British have a very good measure of Chinese mentality. China has no real friends and never stood by anyone. It back-stabbed Iran regularly and sided with US in imposing sanctions on Iran as well as DPRK. China is also absent in supporting Syria against terrorism.

        • Joseph Scott

          I don’t think money is their god. While they have obviously evolved out of simple Marxist-Leninist doctrine, I think they still hold to the ideals of Communism, which they have evolved quite successful into an experiment-based scientific management system. I also don’t think Xi is doing nothing. I just don’t think they see a more militant response than they have taken as being the optimal solution. Time is on their side. Every year that the US fails to break them, they win a little bit more.

        • Jimmy Jim

          Chinaman only intelest in flied lice and dola stole!

    • d’Artagnan

      US system is built on expansionist warmongering and a quest for “global full spectrum domination”. It is a turbo charged version of the Zionist Yinon plan. The biggest economic threat the US is facing is China and hence the military-industrial complex in its initial phase has declared economic war on China and soon there will be terrorist proxies in Tibet and other Chinese restless areas. The US ambassador has just paid a visit to Tibet and spoken about the rights of Chinese minorities that are being repressed. India is being propped up as a base to take on China too.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Shut down Idlib terrorists first and then pressure our western partners in crime.

  • Smaug

    Yeah, Taliban militias fund themselves primarily through opium smuggling. This gives lots of room for spillover conflict.
    But I find it interesting that South Front prefers a fluid war, where his enemy in one case cannot be a potential ally in another case. Hence referring to all the terrorists by the shorthand ISIS

    • James

      Depends on their ideology. If a group is causing unprovoked damage due to strange beliefs then we refer to them as Terrorists. In this case ISIS, or their backers the USA.

  • Z1

    Plz redraw the map in accordance to India-occupied Kasmir!

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    then kill them already!!! what u waiting for?

    • dinnedup

      Sometimes I just can’t take it anymore when you hear clear announcements like the impending threats by the US and its terrorist proxies coming from Sergei Lavrov, yet you don’t receive info how they will stop that. All the complaining and whining but no action kills me.

      • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

        same bro!!!!!

  • goingbrokes

    Just like the communists infiltrated the Imperial Russia and organised the working masses during a WW against the government.
    And the question of American occupation of Afghanistan finds an answer. It is there to create an islamic insurgency that then miraculously goes to take over Russia.

  • d’Artagnan

    Why should this come as a surprise to anyone? It has been official Anglo and then US/Zionist policy to support and prop-up Wahhabi/Sunni regimes since the destruction of the Ottoman Empire. The al-Saud bandit family and all other artificial Persian Gulf Wahhabi puppet regimes were created by the British and then the US idiots turbo charged their support for the headchoppers during the Soviet era and subsequent CIA war on USSR in Afghanistan. The Salafist terrorists are very useful tools of US and Zionist policy for global destabilization. Afghanistan and Tajikistan are now the major bases for the destabilization of CIS states, Russia and Iran.

  • gustavo

    Russia is making deals with Turkey (NATO member) for not to kill terrorists in Idlib, but giving them a safe havens there. Terrorism supported by USA-Israel-NATO is now knocking China-Russia doors. Situation is getting more complicated for Russia due to RUssia-Turkey relation. Turkey has known how to control Russia on Idlib.

  • JustPassingThrough

    “According to Bortnikov, about 5,000 members of terrorist groups are
    concentrated near the CIS’ southern border, in northern Afghanistan.”

    so you can’t reverse engineer this situation by covert action? i mean you are saying you know where they are, right?

  • Toronto Tonto

    China will own most of that area soon along with Siberia .

  • Xoli Xoli

    Used invincible weapons or Russian missiles to destroy terrorists and harboring USA.

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    SCO has to cut off the CIA/MI6 rat lines into the region.

  • Harsha