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ISIL oil revenues drop significantly

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Recent Russian attacks to the terrorist group infrastructure are most likely to be the reason for the decrease of incomes.

ISIL oil revenues drop significantly

Oil field under ISIS control in Syria

It’s a widely known fact that ISIS’ budget proceeds in its majority from oil production, refinement, selling and smuggling as well; but since Russia took part over Syrian conflict by request of President Bashar Al Assad, the incomes of the terrorist group have decreased.

It’s believed that ISIL budget ascends to nearly $2 billion; and that number is constantly fed by oil trade with nearby countries in the region due to the low prices the group has set, but also by the illegal smuggling to Turkey mainly.

Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are perhaps the biggest contributors to ISIL oil trade. That statement becomes hard to believe since all those countries are part of the coalition fighting the jihadist group. According to Nicolas Dhuicq, member of the French legislative defense commission, Qatar and Arabia might be trying to regain their share of influence in the region of Syria and Iraq against Iran, that’s why ISIL keeps receiving money from these countries but from private donors.

It’s been reported that Russia has already carried out about 1400 sorties over ISIS targets; many strategic positions have been pounded, fuel and armory depots included.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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