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Is U.S. News-Media’s ‘Russia Could Seize Kyiv In Days’ Just The Latest Version Of America’s ‘Saddam’s WMD’ Lying?

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Is U.S. News-Media’s ‘Russia Could Seize Kyiv In Days’ Just The Latest Version Of America's ‘Saddam’s WMD’ Lying?

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Written by Eric Zuesse

On Saturday, February 5th, the Washington Post headlined “Russia could seize Kyiv in days and cause 50,000 civilian casualties in Ukraine, U.S. assessments find”, and opened:

Russia is close to completing preparations for what appears to be a large-scale invasion of Ukraine that could leave up to 50,000 civilians killed or wounded, decapitate the government in Kyiv within two days, and launch a humanitarian crisis with up to 5 million refugees fleeing the resulting chaos, according to updated U.S. military and intelligence assessments briefed to lawmakers and European partners over the past several days. …

The size of the buildup makes it clear it’s more than a bluff, but some European officials are still not sure, a Western security official said.

By the time of Sunday morning, there were 4,600 reader-comments, and the most-liked or “Best” one (reflecting the views of the largest percentage of readers up till that point) was:

The Templar

Germany has been the cause of immense disappointment in Europe as a whole. It’s voice is important and it basically sits there like a nervous dithering mess trying to play everyone off while it racks itself with indecision. The Russians have spent years undermining the German position and the left and right wings have for years leant towards a romantic notion that somehow Germany and Russia are best friends if only nobody misbehaves. Preventing allies from flying arms to Ukraine over German territory was frankly pointless and a disgraceful way to treat those allies who will act while Germany sits there quivering with worry. Perhaps half the problem is that the German military – for years ignored and underfunded because the country lacks any will power to make a decision, is run down, in poor condition and verging on ineffective. Germany may make and export some excellent weapons but it doesn’t buy them for its own use. Germany get a grip and get with the program! You’re not helping anyone acting like this!

That was a response actually to the original version of that article, which had been titled “U.S. warns China risks embarrassment if it backs Russia on Ukraine,” and it had included extensive propaganda against Germany’s Government, starting with: “As the United States deploys some 3,000 U.S. troops to Europe as a sign of reassurance for NATO allies, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is walking a tightrope between standing unified with Washington and navigating Berlin’s close economic ties with Moscow. …”

The newspaper’s subscribers were actually responding there more to that anti-German propaganda than to anything else in the original version of the article.

A popular Democrats-only news-commentary site, which was founded by a ‘former’ CIA agent who was part of El Salvador’s aristocracy but now lives in America, the “Daily Kos,” headlined “Putin Setting the Scene for a Complete Invasion of Ukraine: Both the Washington Post and the New York Times have grim reports of Biden administration briefings to Congress on Putin’s buildup on the borders of Ukraine.”

The reader-comments there were likewise drenched in Democratic Party lies.

Neoconservatism is bipartisan in the U.S. Congress, and also in the U.S. White House, and ‘news’-media; it’s not ONLY what produced the lies that made the U.S. and UK Governments rape Iraq in 2003. The only significant difference between the situation in 2002 and now is that, whereas, then, the U.S./UK regime were targeting only countries that had friendly relations with Russia and with China, nowadays the global-imperialist regime is going for blood against what has been, ever since 1945, its two main targets to conquer. The U.S. and UK Governments are (or else are pretending to be) ready now to go for World War 3, in order to attain their dream (since 1877 in UK) of world-conquest.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.


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Bezos’ brainWashington Post is worse than toilet papers. They are the dirtiest propaganda in the world.

btw it’s Kiev not Kyiv. No one called it “Kyiv” in English until Maidanterrorist coup, then immediately all western media overnight switched to this name preferred by NATO terrorist regime in KIEV, because it’s more ‘ukrainian’. No reason for you to follow their narrative.

Last edited 11 months ago by Z
Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC

Dude i know, its so annoying the kyiv name, i cant wait for russia to take it and rename it

the end

You mean take it from US occupation, aint gonna happen – you can deal with this financial mega black hole by your self… hahahhaha… the whole world is laughing.

Jens holm

Thats the official local name and most likely has been used since it grew up. Russian is a language groups with accents just as Im in the german language group.

Ivan Freely

WaPo the dirtiest? Hmmm…I’d say it’s the BBC.

Jens holm

The namechanging unfortunatly is in many parts of the world driven by hard insisting nationalisme.

As I recall it the Capitol of Kasakstan has been named as their russian despotic president. We have to learn names or use the old ones.

So far I will use Kiev.

Those names are not prefared by Nato terrorists at all. Many names in west has been the colonial names. Many are renamed.

Jens holm

Kijev [ki·æf] eller Kiev (ukrainsk: Київ, tr. Kyjiv (Speaker Icon.svg hør); russisk: Киев, tr. Kijev; polsk: Kijów; litauisk: Kijevas)

Мстительная Матрешка

I do not know of this Kyiv. It has always been Kiev and always will be.

jens holm

I somtimes laugh. It was the Russian landgrabbers by Stalin, which moved Ukraine West:)

Ivan Freely

Short answer: Yes.

Jens holm

There we go again. 1) The Washinton post anytime is allowed to make a miliatry or political oppinion. 2) Here we has reæative free medias and this dont represent the Goverment or it parlament.

Mr Eric Zuesse just take random medias, which fit to his oppinion and tell they represent the whole USA.

Where is NBC, ABC, FOX, New York Times – they are not there. What Russia does is not there at all. Maybee they are in Budapest, where Russia signed Krimera and the 2 oblst was signed as Ukraine.

the end


jens holm

You should comment AFTER some servicedog has explained the article for You.


If Russia does invade Biden gets major credit for his prediction. The MSM and the DNC will say “I told you so!” Alternatively if Russia doesn’t invade Biden will claim that his threats of sanctions deterred Putin.

More interesting is Miley’s prediction. It’s almost an invitation. Like Biden’s prediction was. And one must wonder if there is a sucker punch to be thrown.

It is possible that the invasion will prove disastrous to the Russian side. Then what?

Putin will get more for less by cutting a deal recognizing Crimea as an oblast and Donetsk and Luhansk as well. This would be a total victory for Putin and a defeat for NATO and US, as well as for Ukraine. But as a compromise in exchange for a durable peace, it would be worth it for both sides.

Jens holm

I agree, but there are many more scenaries which also can be predicted.

Maybee the real work should be some de-escalation. Russia did sign in Budapest even it migt ave felt it was forced to.

I also was a part of a trade. So if Ukraine should give up those parts, they should be compensated.

Jens holm

IT also was a part of a trade in chaos. It make sense to do some sober corrections.

the end


Мстительная Матрешка

De-escalation and the goal of peace is a great idea in theory… but USA/UK/CAN/UA/EU/NATO do not de-escalate, let alone acknowledge the security demands Russia has asked for, and that is by definition an impasse.

I would ask Russia to meet with US/EU/UA/NATO one last time, remind the world of their unity when defeating the Nazis in WWII (because the West have forgotten their history), call for peace, make it known that all three superpowers can coexist, and then give a warning.

“If you do not abide by Minsk agreements, and do not take our security concerns seriously, this is what will happen. This will be the last meeting on the subject, and if things do not change we will be forced to take action.”

jens holm

You forget the security for those many little ones. Infact You ignore them. They have to decide themself and have sober choises as they did and find their own destiny.

And do repeat Your version of WW2 even things are something like that too.

After WW2 the peace was made and it was decided to de-escalate. It also wasnt fair to Germany being amputated and plundered as well. It also should be a reminder, that Russia by the Tzars collpased itself well assisted by the communists.

Thats how it was by the winners of WW1.

So I see WW2 as a much better try BUT Stalin took all the way to west of Berlin. Was that fair to any. Did they do well? Not at all. They forgot KEEP.

The USSR was not even able to reform their homemade terrible version of Communisme. People like Jeltzin and Gorbatjof should have been Leaders 20 years before they did. In stead there onl y was people looking back ignoring Germany now raised their citicens better and it was divided in states not even having one big bank but many.

jens holm

Before Minsk 1 and 2 there actualy was a signing in Budapest. Now Russia seemes to have forgotten, where Budapest is(was).

As dane along the Baltics I want ur neigbors from the old days as they were. Those are Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lituania, Poland and again good relations to the Kiev Russ and its logistic crossing to Asia.

You seemes to ignore they were important for Skandinavia. You also seemes to forget, that the last Tzaring was danish. Vitus Being was Danish too.

You even assume Im against Minsk 1 + 2. Actually we try to keep it no matter what Yours and Kiev says.

Мстительная Матрешка

Biden has been silent, it is only his warmongering friends talking out their ass about false flags and invasions.

Three scenarios will happen soon™ 1) US/UK false flag (faux-Novichok/Sarin) and blame Russia. 2) CIA film of crisis actor propaganda will leak and be picked up by warmonger propagandists. 3) Russia will launch targeted strikes against all military infrastructure after giving a warning to evacuate.

Мстительная Матрешка

*Specifically silent after having one of his dementia-ridden episodes about fighting with NATO because of a “minor incursion”.


To be sure Biden is a brick short of a load. The deep state handlers have their plans and are loath to walk away from all their groundwork. That’s why it has to be Putin and Zelenskyy directly. The west could not veto the deal and it would frustrate the deep state schemers. Ukraine loses permanently that which is already gone. Russia surrenders its obsession with controlling Kiev. No more Minsk deal. Permanently settle along the lines of actual control but let Ukraine go. All the former Soviet republics are better off integrating with Western Europe economically and politically and culturally. So let Ukraine do the same after taking your present pieces permanently. And by the way, stacking revenge dolls together forever, one bitter doll inside every bitter doll leads to ulcers.


Isn’t the better scenario recognizing Russia’s rightful security concerns; agreeing to not hold a loaded gun to Russia’s head (first strike weapons on the border); and recognizing Russia’s historic presence in the eastern breakaway republics and the Crimea, formally. In exchange Russia must give up on Minsk. It can’t continue to participate in Ukraine’s political future, it must let the remainder of Ukraine go. Russia probably wants to link Donetsk to the Crimea by one further land grab, but that’s a bridge too far. Ukraine should let the water flow, but the peace should be declared along the lines of actual control. No more territory lost to Ukraine. Transnistria lines of actual control can remain as well.

Мстительная Матрешка

I do not doubt that it COULD happen (ie: completely dismantle Nazi Ukraine), but there are MANY factors that prove that US/UK/NATO are the aggressor, and the fact that Russia does not want/need Ukraine.

Why would Russia harm themselves by absorbing a country that is ripe with corruption, Nazis, and destitute financially? It is not logical whatsoever, they would gain a populace that wants Russians dead.

So why the aggression by the West? I do not know exactly, but my assumption is that the US tried to go to war with China, and China neutralized that submarine which immediately put the breaks on trying to conquer China.

Now it is back to attacking Russia and unfortunately, Russia cannot do anything without being seen as the bad guy regardless of ANY action or non-action they do. The non-talks proved to be fruitless, and we are no better off than we were in 2020.

The ONLY thing that can (and will) happen now, is targeted strikes on all military infrastructure in Ukraine and make the West bleed money.

Ma Laoshi

Well, yeah, we’re clearly in Downing Street Memo territory now: the Dark Throne has decided that it needs to see action in Donbass, and “facts and intelligence will be fixed around the policy”. Problem for now is that Ze won’t play ball, apparently having been explained by Moscow how that’d end for him personally. But that just makes, say, Novichoking him an attracative casus belli for Washington.

Same it’s always been, but still amusing to see how Washington isn’t so hot on German sovereignty when they don’t get with the program.

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