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Is Trump’s Vice President Warmonger & Supported of Syria Invasion?

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Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence calls Putin a “small and bullying” leader and states that the US “should be prepared to use military force.”

Is Trump's Vice President Warmonger & Supported of Syria Invasion?

Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence (Photo: AP)

While new US President Donald Trump opposes the war in Iraq, has no objection to a collapse of the North Atlantic Alliance and expresses his respect for Russian President Vladimir Putin, the main candidate for vice president of the new US administration, Mike Pence, attacks Putin as a “small and bullying” leader and states that the US “should be prepared to use military force.”

“The small and bullying leader of Russia is not dictating terms to the United States,” Pence said during the debate on October 4. “We have got to be able to lean into this with strong, broad-shouldered American leadership.”

“The provocations by Russia need to be met with American strength,” he added. “The United States of America should be prepared to use military force to strike military targets of the Assad regime.”

“We are going to rebuild our military. This whole Putin thing, look, America is stronger than Russia. Our economy is 16 times larger than the Russian economy. Our political system is superior to the crony corrupt capitalis system in Russia it every way,” Pence said, answering the question about a reason of Republicans’ confidence in the fact that Putin will respect a Trump-Pence administration, while he has no respect for Hillary Clinton and no respect for Obama. “When Donald Trump and I observed, as I said, in Syria and Iran and Ukraine that the small and bullying leader of Russia has been stronger on the world stage than this administration, that is stating painful facts,” he added.

So, it looks like the future US vice president, Pence has an opinion ‘a bit opposite’ to Trump statements. How will the new US administration solve this issue and how will campaign rhetoric of Trump match his actions – this is a big question.

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He’s Neo-con scum

john mason

Pence is an idiot, period. Tough talk in the safety of distance and closed doors. Trump really doesn’t need some one like Pence in his administration.


He may be an idiot to you but if anything happens to Trump who is next in line? Pence.

Jean-Luc Picard

In other words the Trojan Horse.

Marek Pejović

i’m worried about him. he’s trouble. BIG trouble. i wonder if it isn’t their plan to give Trump a ride through Dallas and then we have again a warmongering neocon monkey sitting there. that’s what i’m worried about.


If Trump agrees with his VP, then all Trump said on the campaign trail were beautiful lies to get people’s votes.


IOW, another Obombo…. Jeez, hope not.

Real Anti-Racist Action

He is a Neo-Communist scum! We don’t like him. We Love Trump, Dr. David Duke and Ron Paul! http://dukeforsenate.com/

Lord Lemur

Pence was there to reassure the evangelicals. He will be a problem IF he became President.


I agree. He was there to form a bridge to hardline neocon politicians and create a feeling of a rational uncle vs. the hot tempered one (Trump) to the public. It was purely strategy by Trump’s advisers, but I don’t care for Pence either when he talks this crazy anti-Russian talk. Makes no sense. The good thing, so far, is Trump is his own man. I really believe this. He’s a wild tiger that “they” cannot control and that is his beauty, but also can be his enemy. Business people think differently than lawyers with snake tongues. They speak their minds, though irrational at times, but at least you see what you get at the moment. The lawyer, that’s a demon spawned from various levels of hell, but found hardly any to be decent from personal experience.

Lord Lemur

Pence will also be a valuable tool when it comes to navigating the corridors of power in Washington. And who knows? After a while working with Trump, Pence may come to internalize some of Trump’s views.

Rodney Loder

The sum total of the Republican Party is the overt expression of the individual, that has now got to confront the reality of sensual perception, for the first time ever, before it was, – we think what we like and it just happens. Trump is a visionary and saw the Holy Ghost decamping and many being cashiered from the military that the Holy Ghost sustained, give him support in this quest for peace until war eventuates on a grand scale.


Sounds like Pence is the first in line to be fired , if not I fear the deep government will fire Trump , Dallas style . Pence sounds like Hillary’s brother, send him down he road .

Pave Way IV

The U.S. president cannot fire the vice president – Pence would have to be impeached by congress to be ‘fired’. Pence was elected to the vice president position – or will be officially after the electoral college vote by the states on Dec. 19th and the official counting of those votes on Jan. 9th by the U.S. Congress.

Oddly enough, the electoral college vote for president and vice-president are on separate ballots. It is constitutionally possible for them to elect Clinton’s vice-presidential running mate of Tim Kaine instead of Pence even if Trump is elected president. It actually happened once before. Since the electors (supposedly) pledge to represent the will of the people in their states, it would be rather extraordinary for them to decide on their own to change the votes they pledged, and votes that their constituents have already designated for them in the popular vote. in some states, it’s illegal. In other states, they are subject to a small fine for changing, but their ‘changed’ vote would just be thrown out by the state before it was counted. It has happened a few times in the past, but in such small numbers that it has never affected the outcome of any election.

Tomko Kubianca

If he starts circumventing Trump…he’ll be quite very quickly. Shutuppa you mouth or I Slappa you face. At least that’s what I’d do.


That was alarming, and shows Pence is a moron. But Trump already said he didn’t agree with Pence’s statements during the debate, excusing them by saying they hadn’t spoken about those issues. Who knows or cares what Joe Biden or any vice president thinks?

Alec White

The “real” US economy is around 4-5 times as large as Russia’s. The rest is just a useless (at best) fat. When you sell a single pill for $10K, and one day of hospital stay costs $5k, it’s easy to have a nominally “large” economy. But this phony POS won’t help a bit in war with Russia.


Don’t hope for much truthfulness from Trump. Expect bullying and ruthlessness. See the documentary chronicling the difficulties of regular people living there had with Trump. Shameful that any RE developer would treat people that way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KthrjjRKoE

Lord Humongous

Trump is the boss, not Pence. And Pence is no idiot.

Frank Andersson

Who the heck is thinking that Putin and his inner circle is naive? Not me. They know that Trump is another puppet of war party and nothing has really changed. War party in Washington believes only when facing real catastrophy like collapse in Vietnam but much more serious.


Hope Trump loses him fast enough– !!

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