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JUNE 2021

Is This Trump’s “Samson Moment”?

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Written by Mike Whitney; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

“After a while, Samson said to the boy who was leading him: “Take me up to the front of the temple, so that I may stand by one of the pillars, and lean against it.”

And while Samson stood between the two pillars, he prayed. Then he placed one arm around the pillar on one side, and the other arm around the pillar on the other side; and he said: “Let me die with the Philistines.” And he bowed forward with all his might, and pulled the pillars over with him, bringing down the roof and all upon it upon those that were under it. Samson himself was among the dead; but in his death he killed more of the Philistines than he had killed during his life.

There were deep faults in Samson, but at the end he sought God’s help, and found it, and God used Samson to set his people free.”

“The Story of Samson, the Strong Man”, Bible Hub

It is Donald Trump’s duty to defend the office of the President and the right of the American people to choose their own leaders through democratic elections. Both of those institutions are currently under attack, and there is a real danger that the republican system of government, which we have enjoyed for over 200 years, is about to be lost. So let’s cut to the chase: The results of the 2016 election have never been accepted by a small group of oligarchs, politicos, intelligence honchos and career bureaucrats. The presidential election did not produce the outcome they wanted, so they agreed to use their power to try to change the result.

With that end in mind, this group of fifth columnists settled on a plan for disposing of Trump by creating an Office of the Grand Inquisitor, an undemocratic, supra-legal agency that operates independent of Congress, the White House or the American people. The Mueller Inquisition is an entity unto itself, a fourth branch of government created by deep-state coup-member and perennial Trump antagonist, Rod Rosenstein, the duplicitous insider whose maneuverings have helped pave the way for an indictment of the president and, eventually, regime change. Like Comey, Brennan, Clapper and the rest, Rosenstein is neither committed to the president nor to the political system that guarantees representative government. His loyalties lie with the largely invisible group of establishment powerbrokers who manipulate policy through their agents that are spread across the bureaucracy. As we have seen in the last year, this group has infiltrated the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and the DOJ. They control nearly all the media and use it to shape a narrative that best suits their broader political objectives. These are the omniscient puppetmasters who despise Trump and are determined to remove him from office.

The attacks on Trump began even before he took office. Spurious allegations of “collusion” with Russian agents were eventually replaced with more credible claims of corruption, obstruction of justice and, finally, violations of campaign finance. Lost in the anti-Trump hysteria is the fact that the president has never come under fire for his flagrantly right-wing policies on immigration, taxes, the environment, education, law and order, or regulations, but only for his laudable efforts to normalize relations with nuclear-armed, Russia. That has always been the basis for criticizing Trump, his eagerness for rapprochement with potential friend and ally, Moscow, which is reviled by the warmongering US foreign policy establishment who see Russia as clear threat to their psycho plan to rule the world. The “Borg” wants to replace Trump with a compliant toady, like Mike Pence, who will do whatever he’s told and march in lockstep with his NWO paymasters.

After a year and a half of fruitless investigation, Mueller stumbled across information about alleged payments Trump made to his personal attorney Michael Cohen that were reimbursement for secret payouts to porno-film star, Stormy Daniels. The $130,000 payment was an attempt to prevent Daniels from going public about an alleged affair she had with the president. And while no one is the least bit surprised that Trump may have had such extra-marital encounters in the past, there is the thorny question of whether campaign finance laws may have been broken in the course of paying Daniels. Clearly, this is the hook Mueller has been looking for all along, the chance to run Trump through the mud by making him look like a philandering scoundrel whose shady dealings make him unfit to serve as president of the United States. Stormy Daniels is merely the stick with which Mueller plans to beat Trump to a pulp. This is from Friday’s New York Times:

“The explosive revelation, which Mr. Giuliani said was intended to prove that Mr. Trump and Mr. Cohen violated no campaign finance laws, prompted frustration and disbelief among the president’s other legal and political advisers, some of whom said they feared the gambit could backfire.

Legally, the failure to disclose the payments could be a violation of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, which requires that federal officials, including Mr. Trump, report any liabilities of more than $10,000 during the preceding year. Mr. Trump’s last disclosure report, which he signed and filed in June, mentions no debt to Mr. Cohen.”…

Mr. Giuliani recognized the situation was problematic …because Mr. Trump had previously said on Air Force One that he was unaware of the hush payments to Stephanie Clifford, the actress who performs as Stormy Daniels. However, Mr. Trump and his aides see lying to or misleading the news media as far less troublesome than lying to investigators….

(New York Times)

The Mueller Gestapo raided Cohen’s law offices and seized his private information that is protected under sacrosanct attorney-client privilege. Again, this illustrates the extraordinary extra-legal powers that were bestowed on Mueller by Rosenstein, the double-dealing bureaucrat who created the Office of Inquisition. As far as Rosenstein is concerned it doesn’t matter whether Trump is taken down by fabricated connections to Moscow or by illegal payouts to a porn star. It’s all the same to him. He’s merely acting on orders from the heavyweights who operate behind-the-scenes and who want Trump removed by hook or crook.

The genius of the Mueller Inquisition is the deceptive way it presents itself as an “independent investigation overseen by a man of unshakable integrity.” In truth, it is a public relations sham, an unconstitutional shadow government that was concocted by meddling elites who believe that they have the right to rule the country that they physically own. Mueller wasn’t chosen for his integrity or commitment to duty, but for his steadfast reliability. The Former FBI chief is a known commodity who can be trusted to perform his task as political assassin without question and without veering even slightly off-course. Mueller knows what his job is and for whom he is working, the invisible cabal that operate behind the smokescreen of institutional legitimacy and who use the appearance of “legality” to cloak their political subterfuge. These people are cold-blooded killers, and now they’ve set their sites on Trump.

By now, Trump must know that there’s nothing he can do to appease his enemies. They want him removed and they’re not going to settle for anything less than regime change. They’ve made that quite clear. Which leaves Trump with just one option, engage the enemy, flush them out into the open, enlist the support of the people and, most of all, make the co-conspirators pay for what they’ve done.

No one appointed this scheming-contemptible cabal to run the country, that is the job of the president and the Congress who earned the right through a vote of the people. And Trump doesn’t need to prove his legitimacy either, he won the election fair and square. What he needs to do is draw his enemies out into the daylight, expose the people who want to repeal the election, and rally his base to defend the franchise. He needs to summon the courage to honor his promise to defend the country “against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

But are there “domestic enemies” who want to topple the president and reverse the 2016 election? Is there a group of collaborators who are engaged in a coup d’etat? Is the Constitution really under threat?

Yes, it is. And it’s time we did something about it.

(Comment– Why would a leftist like myself support Trump?

I don’t. I voted for a candidate whose politics are somewhere to the left of Fidel Castro. But that doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned my principles. However bad Trump may be–and I think he might be the most right-wing president in history– I still believe in the legitimacy of the system that put him in office. That is where I differ from my liberal friends who say, “He’s not my president.”

I believe in the system that allows ordinary guys like me to have a voice in government through the ballot box. I believe in the system that allows us to pick our own leaders even when the results are not what we wanted. I actually think it’s a pretty damn good system. Which is why I hope that Trump figures out what the heck is going on and gives these deep-state creeps a good whooping. Mike W)

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“He needs to summon the courage to honor his promise to defend the country “against all enemies foreign and domestic.”
This is the best case scenario.


“As we have seen in the last year, this group has infiltrated the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and the DOJ. They control nearly all the media and use it to shape a narrative that best suits their broader political objectives. These are the omniscient puppetmasters who despise Trump and are determined to remove him from office.”


Click on the image to see an expanded view.

CNN, NBC, NYT. All Jews.:
comment image


comment image


A president in such a position could attract the support of people by either providing the promises or at least telling them the truth about why he can’t do that.

Trump is doing a fantastic job in alienating his own base, let alone the people who were not sure about him or the ones who hated him. Since entering the office, he didn’t keep one promise that have a positive effect on his own people. He had to brag about moving the US embassy as some kind of victory because there’s nothing else to brag about.
Let’s not forget that he shares the most trivial points and his personal attacks whenever his ego is hurt via Twitter, directly. So there’s no excuse of twisting his word by the bad press.

I am not American, but I proffered him over the Killary, thinking “if he is truly good to the Americans, he can’t be bad for the world”. Alas he created more chaos and danger than his predecessors and he hasn’t started a war, yet.

You can call me Al

What he has delivered on, is when he was talking out of both sides of his mouth, for and against the Jews. He didn’t deliver on what he talked about against the Jews, like cutting their funding, and a peace process deal. And he did deliver on what he said that he’d do for them, like moving the embassy, and possibly cancelling the Iran deal.

And to make matters worse. He’s done a lot of what he campaigned against, like continuing and expanding the wars, damaging relations with the Russians, and bringing us to the brink of WW3 on completely fabricated criminal insanity.

Igor Dano

kennedy got his brain flying out of his skull.
either Dotard J, Swamp understood the message, or his wife will collect his brain on the walk way.
bastard is worse, than Clinton would be.


comment image
They came to Trump’s office with a suitcase filled with Money and a Picture….
comment image
They showed him the picture…
And gave him a very Simple Choice take the Money or End up like your Predecessor…


Keel Haul them NeoCon-ZioNazi-Mutineers!


A well written article, there were a couple of legal defeats/setbacks against the Mueller legal team, where judges questioned the special councils legal authority against Metafort, and the Russian company accused of information war against the American people.

I think Trump will eventually fire Mueller, and get rid of Rosenstein and have Sessions take the helm and bury this pile jewish drama.


I will believe it when I see it Jesus.


Trump fired Comey the FBI Director, when he had a justifiable reason to do so, regardless of the swamp’s dismay, I think Mueller and his team are arrogant enough to shortcut legal due process, lie and misrepresent facts blatantly……having enough rope to inadvertently hang themselves.
The House of Representatives concluded their Russia gate investigation and they found nothing. The Senate will most likely conclude the same thing.
As legal proceedings develop and more documents become available, improprieties, deception, or abuses of power, would give Trump justifiable reason to fire Mueller and remain capable of dealing with the political blowback.

Richard M

The Deep Swamp won’t relinquish their hold on power by Constitutional means. As the author noted, Pence is a “Company Man” ready and willing to play ball with the Deep Swamp, exactly like LBJ did, rescinding JFK’s orders that threatened the Federal Reserve and Military Industrial Complex. If Mueller’s quasi-legal “Paper Coup” fails, expect the Deep Swamp to use “other means”.


Trump can have cordial relations with the MIC, so far he threw them some large bones to chew on, the rest of the deep state can be purged by force, as enemies of the state.
The Federal Reserve will either come to sane policies, or will commit financial suicide.
Wall Street and the financial industry will have miserable prospects.

Richard M

The Lernaean Hydra is a many headed Hydra. So while appeasing the “MIC head” the “Police State” head may still strike Trump a lethal blow. The article’s author chooses Samson for his metaphor. Implying that either faction’s demise will bring down the whole “temple”. I find a more mundane analogy to be fitting. The Knight of the Long Knives. It was certainly catastrophic for Ernst Rohm and the SA leadership, but for Himmler and the SS it was the stepping stone to total power.

One thing is obvious. This is “Thunderdome” Two men enter, one man leaves. A cage match to the death.


Rod Rosenstein you bloody Assmuncher…. You can see on his Face he Loves Little Boys comment image comment image
Same Fuckface as John Podesta….I want to see your Grimace just before you get Hanged Bitch… you Dirty Squirming Little Pig!


kind of naive and silly beliefs. The system that let’s a regular guy have his say has been corrupted for years now, Bush, clinton obama trump all pre selected by elites. Only in this case perhaps. one branch of elites won out.


From the article:
“The results of the 2016 election have never been accepted by a small group of oligarchs, politicos, intelligence honchos and career bureaucrats… fifth columnists…deep-state coup-member…duplicitous insider…largely invisible group of establishment powerbrokers who manipulate policy through their agents that are spread across the bureaucracy”

It’s like pulling teeth with these people. He writes an entire paragraph worth of terms just to avoid saying “Jews”.


“I believe in the system that allows ordinary guys
like me to have a voice in government through the ballot box. I believe
in the system that allows us to pick our own leaders even when the
results are not what we wanted.” That ‘system’ died long ago, before most who are alive now were born. Trump is the same person he always was and has not changed at all. His association with the various mobs, be they Russian, Jewish or Cosa Nostra, are well known and he has always known what was expected of him. He is not a leader, he is a follower and a charlatan performing his role as expected. He was always supposed to be a firebrand, to create the chaotic circumstances that will allow whatever devious plans they want to hatch. Anyone who has followed his antics for the last 30+ years knows what he is. To actually believe that he would be in control of anything, would be no different than believing that a person could run a corporation the way he ran his TV show. To expect any sort of real, positive change from this person is the height of fantasy. He is and always has been for sale to the highest bidder. So far, Bibi (Adelson) is the highest bidder…much to the chagrin of their ‘competitors’. This admin is the same as the rest…run by oligarchs and corporations. The main difference is that this bunch freely show their devotion to the Zionist state without reservation…his declaration about Jerusalem clearly shows that.

Steve Bell

It’s a battle between two mafia gangs, both run by Khazar dons.


Endless reality show, a grotesque farce, insane and ridiculous beyond belief…


What has Trump done to the deep state to deserve their enmity? He bumbles about doing what they tell him at the end of the day. I’ll answer my own question – he’s their ‘fall guy’ – a great distraction to avert unwanted public attention from themselves as they screw everything up in a big way.

Richard M

I agree with the author’s points but I have a few questions. Why is Trump doing the Deep Swamp’s bidding in Syria? Is he gullible enough to believe the transparently bogus false flag gas attacks? Is he in full support of creating a “Greater Israel” at the expense of neighboring countries? Is he just being lied to and misled by Deep Swamp “infiltraitors” in his administration? Obviously Sessions and Rosenstein are Globalist moles as was the unlamented and departed Rex Tillerson. While his cadre of Generals seem to be devoted to corporate profits uber alles.


It has become clear that the USA political system is failing. It has also become glaringly obvious that the media and deep state ( for lack of any other description) is out to change a democratically elected president. The military should be preparing to step in when an undemocratic impeachment is begun.

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