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Is this Fail of the Peace Process in Syira?

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The initial will to cooperate to solve the Syrian crisis with peacefull means has changed to a tough stance of the West and “opposition groups”.

Is this Fail of the Peace Process in Syira?

Al Nusra Front is a main striking force of the “Syrian opposition”. © REUTERS/ Khalil Ashawi

According to EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini, the European Union rejects any scenario whereby the current government and the president would remain in power.

“Acceptance of the dictator’s role, who wages a civil war against his own people, is not considered,” Mogherini told the France Inter radio station on April 26.

The EU representative believes the question is how to start “the transition of power” and to try to change the management of the country. Meanwhile, Mogherini doesn’t have an answer who have to govern Syria.

It’s clear that the so-called “moderate opposition” is just re-branded jihadists. So, any attempt to support them directly is a political suicide.

Earlier in April, the Saudi backed and controlled High Negotiations Committee (one more example of the “Syrian opposition”) withdrew from the latest round of the Syria peace talks in protest at viloations of the ceasefire violence in Syria for which it blames Damascus. Indeed, the talks were postpondedn amid the attempt of militants to launch a full-scale offensive operation in the province of Latakia. However, the attempt failed.

We remember, the United State,  the European Union and their allies in the Middle East consider Syrian President Bashar Assad to be illegitimate leader and “dictator”. In turn, Russia and Iran insist that it was up to Syrian people to decide the fate of the country’s leadership.

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spell check- a useful tool!


which one are you?

Daniel Rich

ceetahs have to be ‘unchecked’…


very funny.

Boris Kazlov

MOgherini is an imbecile and hypocrite. SHe just parrots the script: ‘Assad dictator’ ‘wages war on his own people’, same was used with Saddam Hussein and Khaddafi, and we all know how this resulted. Assad is a dictator because he does not reocgnize the Israeli occupation of Golan. He is not legitimate because the only legitimate elections are the ones that result in US puppets elected. Dr. Assad is a benevolent, tolerant , secular president loyal to his country , who has enormous support in all strata of the Syrian society, with soaring percentages that no US president ever had, can you imagine people supporting somebody that bombs them on purpose? Syrians know the truth.

Boris Kazlov

The only peace process possible in Syria is the military defeat and destruction of all terrorists. The only language they understand is a crushing military destruction, no peace talks are possible with these monsters.

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