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Saudi Arabia Suffers From Houthi Attacks. Is There A New Job For Turkey’s Mercenaries?

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Yemen’s Ansar Allah give the impression that it has an endless supply of drones.

The Houthis (as Ansar Allah is also known) appear to be adept at using them, if their own claims are to be entirely trusted.

On April 11th, two Qasef-2K drones were used to separately target the Jizan Airport and the King Khalid Airbase.

The Jizan Airport is a new target that has recently come up in reports of Houthi attacks.

The location includes hangars containing Saudi warplanes.

The King Khalid Airbase in ‘Asir suffers from the Houthi drone attacks more frequently, and has been subject of attacks at least 4 times in separate incidents since April 1st.

On April 9th, the Jizan Airport was targeted for the first time, and so was the Abha International Airport.

The Houthis are using their drones to disturb the aerial operations of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.

Riyadh generally either denies these reports of attacks or says they were ineffective, while Ansar Allah claims they successfully fulfilled their mission.

Clashes on the ground continue in Yemen, with the Saudi-led coalition and the Houthis fighting in the Madghal district, and in the southern Kadhah district.

Saudi Arabia attempts to dig out every reason why its war in Yemen is failing, and on April 10th announced the execution of three of its soldiers for “high treason”.

They were allegedly collabarating with an enemy against Riyadh’s military interests.

They could have been in contact with the Houthis or with Iran.

This is practically the same, as Tehran supports Ansar Allah.

This means that Riyadh can’t fully trust its own armed forces, and it could require some help, in the form of mercenaries.

The militants in Syria that Turkey deploys and uses in small-scale conflicts such as Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh could be potential candidates for this.

Turkey, under Egyptian pressure, is expected to withdraw the mercenaries from Libya.

According to reports, it will do so within the next 5 months.

Separately, a video showing Turkish-backed Syrian mercenaries complaining for not getting paid after fighting for Azerbaijan went viral.

Immediately after it gained popularity, these same militants released a video saying that the news was fabricated, and that they never fought in Nagorno-Karabakh to begin with.

According to unnamed Yemeni intelligence sources, terrorists from Syria were expected to join the Saudi-led coalition in early April.

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula was reportedly waiting for new militants to arrive in Yemen’s southern province of Abyan to latter send them to Marib.

Today, many Turkish-backed mercenaries are sitting idly, unemployed.

This could mean either bad news for Syria, which will have to deal with them, or Ankara might decide to send them to Riyadh, if it “asks” for assistance.

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Supreme Blyat

Fun fact: Saudis anounced reduction of oil output.

Kenny Jones ™

Don’t see the fun of that

Supreme Blyat

Then I didn’t say it all, they said they are taking this measure after negotiations with Opec+ and because of a weak dollar. The first who saluted the decision was Russia.


Mercenary armies are unstable and unreliable, their presence becomes counterproductive if they do not get paid.


If Pan Gitler had had Patriot Missile System cyanide would not have been needed.

76 mm Super Rapid

Stupid article as usual.. Sf’s obsession with Turkish mercenaries is ghoulish but understandable there are tonnes of Turkish haters in this forum.

Turkey will raise its concerns regarding an unofficial Saudi Arabia boycott against the Turkish goods at the World Trade Organisation (WTO),Turkish exports to Saudi Arabia dropped by 92% in February, according to the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), also in January, a 90 percent drop.

Saudis even celebrated Greece’s 200th anniversary in their high circulation newspaper Arab News and on top of that published old,fake documents accusing Turks(Ottoman era)looting Madinah.Both countries experiencing worst relations through-out their history.Needless to add Ksa-Greece drills conducting in Cyprus.ı hope Houthis revenge will be the ultimate humiliation of this century. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b5f3db10726556aabe1dba0d0443a1988225af30e93c6cec799b5a3548f66901.jpg


What is the difference between saying this, and that Ukraine suffers from Russian attacks, should the Israelis utilize Chechen Terrorists to install a regime compliant with the Synagogue of Satan

Jihadi Colin

This article is a bit late. The Barbarians have been using Sudanese mercs in Yemen for years.

I think Syrian headchoppers might be sent to Ukranazistan instead.

Icarus Tanović

It won’t be working. It can be both, but mind this they are mercenaries, not real warriors, they fight for mkney, such are Yemenis. And one most important thing is that there isn’t endless suply of Wahhabi headchoppers, no matter from where they’ve come from. Al Qaeda is already present there. No avail. Isil is too, but no avail. These ones will serve as cannon foder. No good use of them. Don’t forget those drug lords and theirs mercenaries from Colombia that run away when they realized that there’s no fear in Yemenis hearts. I said it long ago, and I will say that again: Yemen will/is slowely tutning into Saudi/Mossad/American/Nato Vietnam.


The Houthis are blessed by the Almighty as are Hezbollah. They fight the powers of Evil and will not lose to anyone.

Liberal guy

These coward’s are running saving their asses as their scums pay masters hv already lost the war against the yemanis


Yemen’s Ansar Allah give the impression that it has an endless supply of drones…are you getting the message Israhell?….


What is the difference between saying this, and that Russia suffers from Ukrainian attacks, should the Israelis utilize Chechen Terrorists to install a regime compliant with the Synagogue of Satan


I have a better idea, how about Saudi ends the worlds greatest humanitarian disaster and genocide in yemen.

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