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Is the Violent Dismemberment of Russia Official US Policy?

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Written by Erik D’Amato; Originally appeared on ronpaulinstitute.org

If there’s one thing everyone in today’s Washington can agree on, it’s that whenever an official or someone being paid by the government says something truly outrageous or dangerous, there should be consequences, if only a fleeting moment of media fury. With one notable exception: Arguing that the US should be quietly working to promote the violent disintegration and carving up of the largest country on Earth.

Is the Violent Dismemberment of Russia Official US Policy?

Because so much of the discussion around US-Russian affairs is marked by hysteria and hyperbole, you are forgiven for assuming this is an exaggeration. Unfortunately it isn’t. Published in the Hill under the dispassionate title “Managing Russia’s dissolution,” author Janusz Bugajski makes the case that the West should not only seek to contain “Moscow’s imperial ambitions” but to actively seek the dismemberment of Russia as a whole.

Engagement, criticism and limited sanctions have simply reinforced Kremlin perceptions that the West is weak and predictable. To curtail Moscow’s neo-imperialism a new strategy is needed, one that nourishes Russia’s decline and manages the international consequences of its dissolution.

Like many contemporary cold warriors, Bugajski toggles back and forth between overhyping Russia’s might and its weaknesses, notably a lack of economic dynamism and a rise in ethnic and regional fragmentation. But his primary argument is unambiguous: That the West should actively stoke longstanding regional and ethnic tensions with the ultimate aim of a dissolution of the Russian Federation, which Bugajski dismisses as an “imperial construct.”

The rationale for dissolution should be logically framed: In order to survive, Russia needs a federal democracy and a robust economy; with no democratization on the horizon and economic conditions deteriorating, the federal structure will become increasingly ungovernable… To manage the process of dissolution and lessen the likelihood of conflict that spills over state borders, the West needs to establish links with Russia’s diverse regions and promote their peaceful transition toward statehood.

Even more alarming is Bugajski’s argument that the goal should not be self-determination for breakaway Russian territories, but the annexing of these lands to other countries. “Some regions could join countries such as Finland, Ukraine, China and Japan, from whom Moscow has forcefully appropriated territories in the past.”

It is, needless to say, impossible to imagine anything like this happening without sparking a series of conflicts that could mirror the Yugoslav Wars. Except in this version the US would directly culpable in the ignition of the hostilities, and in range of 6,800 Serbian nuclear warheads.

So who is Janusz Bugajski, and who is he speaking for?

The author bio on the Hill’s piece identifies him as a senior fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis, a Washington, D.C. think-tank. But CEPA is no ordinary talk shop: Instead of the usual foundations and well-heeled individuals, its financial backers seem to be mostly arms of the US government, including the Department of State, the Department of Defense, the US Mission to NATO, the US-government-sponsored National Endowment for Democracy, as well as as veritable who’s who of defense contractors, including Raytheon, Bell Helicopter, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin and Textron. Meanwhile, Bugajski chairs the South-Central Europe area studies program at the Foreign Service Institute of the US Department of State.

To put it in perspective, it is akin to a Russian with deep ties to the Kremlin and arms-makers arguing that the Kremlin needed to find ways to break up the United States and, if possible, have these breakaway regions absorbed by Mexico and Canada. (A scenario which alas is not as far-fetched as it might have been a few years ago; many thousands in California now openly talk of a “Calexit,” and many more in Mexico of a reconquista.)

Meanwhile, it’s hard to imagine a quasi-official voice like Bugajski’s coming out in favor of a similar policy vis-a-vis China, which has its own restive regions, and which in geopolitical terms is no more or less of a threat to the US than Russia. One reason may be that China would consider an American call for secession by the Tibetans or Uyghurs to be a serious intrusion into their internal affairs, unlike Russia, which doesn’t appear to have noticed or been ruffled by Bugajski’s immodest proposal.

Indeed, just as the real scandal in Washington is what’s legal rather than illegal, the real outrage in this case is that few or none in DC finds Bugajski’s virtual declaration of war notable.

But it is. It is the sort of provocation that international incidents are made of, and if you are a US taxpayer, it is being made in your name, and it should be among your outrages of the month.

Erik D’Amato is a New York-based corporate intelligence analyst and journalist. His book, The Little Book of Left-Right Equivalence: 350 Mutual Blind Spots, Dueling Hypocrisies, Double Flip-Flops and Other Uncanny Parallels Between the Two Tribes of Today’s America, is being published on February 1st.

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US will do anything to turn Russia into the colony weather in peaces or in present borders.
Submission of Russia and robbing all her resources was always U.S. policy
Now asking weather the “DISMEMBERMENT” is official or semi official policy is totally unimportant and pure technicality.
It is like asking killer whether he is going to use poison or knife or something else and if the body will be cut into the peaces later on… when essential in that story is that person is planned to be killed either way.


Dismemberment of Russia or at least neutering of it’s potentials IS official US policy since at least late 1800s – i.e. since Russia made clear it wanted to become strong, industrialized nation and first tier world power. Teddy Roosevelt together with his UK buddies orchestrated Russo-Japanese war precisely to “clip the wings of Russian eagle”. Only to present himself as fair mediator and a peacnik – earning Nobel peace prize for his “selfless” pursuit of world peace – LOL. 1920s intervention in Russian civil war, cordial relations with Stalin in 1930s once he expressed his desire to isolate Russia and officially gave up on “world revolution”. Flirting with Nazis hoping they’ll strike only to the East. The Cold War and organizing numerous Islamic insurgencies in and around Russia. Dissolution of USSR and pillaging of it’s resources in 1990s. Jeltzin…Russia was always target for the Empire, but now we have Chinese dragon flexing it’s muscle and for the time in alliance with Russia. New set of players in and old game…

Zionism = EVIL

Very good summation, only more dangerous today factor is the Zionist control over dumbass “western” governments and braindead sheeple. The Jew parasites are using the dumbass Americunts to create endless wars and slowly destroy Russia. Unless, the Zionist cancer is destroyed the world faces oblivion.

Tony B.

You are the dumbass here for constantly insulting normal Americans who would love to be freed from the Rothschild cabal and all its prostitutes and who would be on the same side as Russia at the slightest chance. All the likes of you do is help the neocons keep normal Americans under their custody by showing they have no help from anywhere, always hated because of what the cabal does and not much chance to be free of it in the U.S. police state.


I tend to agree with you, however the phenomenon of awake Americans is very recent. And even now they are still not awake enough to realize that Trump is another Zionist whore. You also have to understand the other side’s perspective, the US government has been committing the most unspeakable crimes on behalf of the Rothschild crowd for at least a century now. There was resistance from the American people along the way but not enough to really force any significant change. As recently as the Neo-con war on Iraq you had a significant portion of Americans (Especially Republicans) full heartedly supporting that crime and going as far as calling those who dissented as “traitors”. Until recently those of us calling out the 9/11 crime as an inside job were regularly made fun of or dismissed as conspiracy theorists.

This level of brainwashing and dumbing down is far less prevalent in Europe. You look at France now for example and you see major protests going on for 3 months now. Germany had its biggest revolution and resistance with the coming to power of Hitler. Similar situation with Italy under Mussolini, and Spain under Franco. Greece currently has a national socialist party in the parliament. Hungary has a nationalist government already in power. and I can go on and on.

The problem is many people around the world just haven’t seen anything other than criminal Zionist puppets ruling American as long as they have lived and since they don’t follow internal American sentiments closely and don’t see any major resistance many assume this is a reflection of the people’s desire or compliance.

Tony B.

Yes, I do realize these things which is part of the reason for my comment. Therefore I often call on commenters, who seem too often to be driven by an agenda, often appearing to be that of the site owner, to keep everyone separated and fighting one another – the old divide and conquer crap – so the people do not join to fight the cabal which is the creator and financier of the world’s evil today.
I disagree with you on one item: If you can find some real history on Franco’s Spain I think you will see that his salvation of the nation was much appreciated by the people. It is the protestant hate of Catholicism in English language nations in general which lies about such things.


Based on my experience most people commenting on this site are not American and since this is a Russian geopolitical analysis website you will naturally see a lot of anti-American sentiments. Don’t take it personally, I can assure you 90% of the people who express anti-American feelings would whole heartedly support you or any other American who went against the Rothschild cabal. Most people outside of America only see Trump and his actions, they don’t really know what’s going on within American society or how the people think. In my opinion the biggest problem with American society is the large population of Evangelical Christians. This dangerous and subversive sect of Christianity has been created and controlled by Zionists. Many if not most Evangelical Christians get their information and beliefs from Mossad agents pretending to be pastors. They act, vote, and believe according to Zionist interests. Recently, due to a growth of Evangelical Christianity in South America (Places like Brazil) you now suddenly see Zionist puppets like Bolsonaro coming to power there as well. In my opinion the best solution is to create a grassroots movement organized by one central authority with cells all over America. It has to be ideological, with dedicated people willing to sacrifice their life for the cause.

Tony B.

You’re preaching to the choir. I’ve been in this war for over half a century. I’ve watched every last grassroots movement be infiltrated as soon as it made any imprint on anything and turned into just another impotent nothing with some talmudic scum running the show and controlling the financing. The ADL and its sub spys such as the “Southern Poverty Law Center” bunch of perverts are well organized and in every last community in the country watching to cut off any real opposition, now with a lot of local cops as their gestapo. Moreover, too many good people’s thoughts are captured and misdirected by fake opposition such as Alex Jones. True, as you write, the Scofieldite “Christian Zionism” insanity is a creation of the cabala for satanic interests.
In the ’50s we could get hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people together but the schools & colleges mis-educate each succeeding generation farther down into the Alice in Wonderland fantasy world. Most of the younger only kick when they are hurt in some way, usually financially, and it takes a lot of fast education to get them to see the light. Yes, more are getting hurt so more are seeing the light again but it takes organization such as the old communist cells to keep the infiltrators out and most Americans are too geared to trust others to so commit.


What do you think of the dailystormer? They have been organizing nationalist cells all over America who work on command and have so far done some good street activism. I’m still not sure if they’re 100% legit or not though. Their leader Anglin is a bit on the low IQ side and regularly falls for Jewish traps but he doesn’t come across to me as a shill. I don’t know about the rest of the people working with him though.

Tony B.

When the original leader of the parent organization died the outfit became a hot bed of opportunists. I was never close but a good friend was. He told me what was going on, who were traitors, etc. But that was some time ago and I never kept up on them. It has been my observation that even though the cabal wants to genocide the whole white race it never seems to work to base an organization on race. (You do know, I assume, that despite the common belief, Judaism is not racial. There are Jews of all races.)
The older I get the more I realize that religion is the most cohesive way to organize, but true religion. That’s why the Catholic Church has lasted 2000 years even though it is now a captive at the top of the masonic/talmudic/satanic evil of evils in this world. No people have ever been more willing to die for their beliefs that the early Christians and that held for most centuries until the 1960s.
Most of the 60 to 80 million Russians murdered by the cabal were Orthodox believers, which, in spite of the differences today, came from the same beginnings as the Catholics and are very little different in their major beliefs.


Maybe you mistook what I said with another group but the dailystormer is a recently created online website targetting the American youth. It was the main website organizing last year’s Charlottesville march and has done many other similar street activism since then. Their entire website domain has been shut down at least 15 different times by now forcing them to recreate the website on a new domain. Their current domain is: http://www.dailystormer.name

Tony B.

As I said, I never kept up but the name “stormer” is not new and makes it sound like an offshoot. I know about the Charottesville false flag setup. Some reliable people said the guy who set it up was himself an infiltrator from the other side. I really didn’t care who got it set up when I learned that the cops were made to stand down. Just like all the false flags, the criminals are allowed to do any violence and those who defend themselves are arrested. The “mother” of the obese woman who died is a “crisis actor” who has appeared in most all the false flags including Sandy Hook and i think the one in Florida recently.


If the US was unable to achieve this during the Yeltin years post 1990 breakup there is next to no chance now with a revived stronger Russia under Putin.

Tudor Miron

Yet here in Russia many are thinking – what happens after 5 years from now (this is Putins last term)? 80% of ruzionic “elites” created under US watch in 90s dream about being able to sell their people to their (tjose “elites”) US masters. At this time they prefer to quietly sabotaging Russia but they hope for times when they can come back to full power.

Promitheas Apollonious

You think they manage do that?

Tudor Miron

I hope that they can not. I know that their current position is to “wait him out”. Putin showed that he’s playing a long term game and is able to plan ahead. I hope that there is a plan in this case as well :)


There is maybe.
Putin will become 1st president of CIS -Commonwealth of Independent States with Russia and Belarus getting common currency and other elements of deeper economic integration soon
Hopefully with Ukraine (or parts of ) coming into the CIS as well.
I’m sure when Putin leaves presidential power direction of Russia will be guided in desired direction for period of time

Promitheas Apollonious

I hope so too, because some actions at the moment, make absolutely no sense to me.

Tommy Jensen

Well, the history is that Putin struggled the first many years to get his decretes followed in the old administration.

At a time only 20% of Putin´s government approved plans were followed. This has improved considerably in the last 3-4 years, but have been a long run.

Today Putin´s government is much more robust and flowing in the right direction. But the real and soft spot will always remain betray, bribe and snitches within Russia as we have seen during its history.

Its not the foreign enemies, but their inside bribed collaborators.


In todays politically correct parlance, Russia must ‘neutralise’ all those within Russia who seek to sell out Russia to the USA. :)


I assume the nationalist Russian elite have things under control but I worry about the toleration of the pro-Western Atlanticist crowd, remnants of the Jewish Oligarchs from the Yeltsin era, as well as the Jewish lobby in Russia. The head Chabad Lubovich rabbi of Russia recently said to Netanyahu that Jews must work together and not rely on any government for protection, making it clear that his first loyalty was towards Jews and Israel and not Russia. Yet he’s still treated as some kind of respected Russian figure by Putin.

Zionism = EVIL

Seriously, if sheeple don’t even know the history of Jew scum, the British devious arseholes and now the dumb warmongering Americunts over 100 year “secret” war to destroy Russia and control its immense resources than they have their collective heads up their arse so deep that they can’t eve think. The Brits supported the reactionary “white” Russian traitors from 1917-1930, just like the west is supporting the Salafist heachoppers today. Same tactics just a different era, the only difference is the Zionist parasites now control western dumbass governments by brainwashing the morons walking the streets with “smart” phones and no brains, and also the Jew oligarchs have corrupted Russia and sold a large chuck to Bilderberg corporations. The Zionist agenda is the total dismemberment of Russia like the defunct USSR. The Americunts and NATO arselickers have co-opted most of eastern Europe and ex-Warsaw pact into their orbit and Serbia, the only holdout is next. Unless, Russia gets strong nationalistic leadership and builds military alliances with the very few independent countries left, Russia is the next Yugoslavia. Ukraine is already in Zionist pockets and the noose around Russia is tightening. Putin’s “partners” are about to fuck Russia for good.

Promitheas Apollonious

for the moment what I see is west getting apart at the sims and not the other way around. They had their chances and blew it exactly because UK and their colonies destroy all their natural resources and based their economies on hot air and bubbles with the main focus on how to steal and destroy other nations, rather than make allies and friends working together they have make deadly enemies and nations willing to fight them to the death rather than follow their lead.


Bubbles are a British institution.


The South Sea Bubble of 1720.
(Sir) Robert Walpole became chancellor and cleared up the mess, yet he was a fraudster as well. He is still the longest serving Prime Minister and became fabulously wealthy from bribes and insider knowledge etc.

Before that debacle ,Holland had ‘Tulip Mania’ that also affected Britain. The Tulip Bubble burst in 1637.


” In 1633, a single bulb of Semper Augustus was already worth an astonishing 5,500 guilders. By the first month of 1637, this had almost doubled, to 10,000 guilders. Dash puts this sum in context: “It was enough to feed, clothe and house a whole Dutch family for half a lifetime, or sufficient to purchase one of the grandest homes on the most fashionable canal in Amsterdam for cash, “

Brother Thomas

I wager both Russia and China will outlast the United States in the form that it exists today.

Tony B.

In the form that it exists today the U.S. is already not the U.S. of 50 years ago. It is a total prison run by the Rothschild cabal using Israel first talmudic Jews as the enforcers.
The anti Russian agenda has never been U.S. policy; it has always been talmudic/cabala Jew policy.
Posters here get carried away with their personal prejudices.



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