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JUNE 2023

Is Russia Ready To Back Down Or Go All The Way?

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Is Russia Ready To Back Down Or Go All The Way?

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Is Russia Ready To Back Down Or Go All The Way?

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Is Russia Ready To Back Down Or Go All The Way?
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The date of the video conference between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden has been tentatively approved and will be announced after it is agreed with the American side, Yuri Ushakov, an aide to the Russian leader who is responsible for the development of the Kremlin’s foreign policy, told reporters on Friday.

Here is a transcript of Mr. Ushakov’s speech:

“The possibility of a video conference call with Biden is being considered. This contact could take place in the very next few days… But it is better to wait for all the parameters to be finalised with the American side, and then we will be able to announce it officially. The agenda is obvious. Bilateral affairs: Afghanistan, Iran, the internal Ukrainian crisis, Libya, maybe Syria, the course of the dialogue on strategic stability, our proposal on the need for legal arrangements that would exclude any further NATO advance to the east and the deployment of weapons systems threatening us directly on the territory of states bordering the Russian Federation, including Ukraine…

Verbal assurances are no longer worth anything. Now, given the tense situation, the question arises of the urgent need to provide us with guarantees; it cannot go on like this. It is difficult to say what form this document will be, the main thing is that it should be a written agreement.

The main thing is that not only we, but also, I hope, our American colleagues understand how important and necessary this contract is. We are working through the contact with Olympian calm, we are not rushing the Americans, when it is convenient for them, we are ready to conduct it. And now we are close to agreeing on a time convenient for both sides.”

The striking public address by the Russian presidential aide, both in form and content, raised a number of questions. It seems that the Kremlin assesses the events of recent months as NATO’s direct preparation for an offensive war against Russia. At the same time, Russian elites are not ready for such a scenario and are looking for any opportunity to avoid it, but rather to postpone it, up to and including concessions on key issues that were previously designated as “red lines”.

An interesting, critical analysis of the Kremlin’s aspirations was presented by a well-known historian, writer and public figure with Russian roots – Lev Vershinin:

“Mr. Ushakov’s intonation (and even wording), clearly rings with hysterical overtones. After all, the very meaning of what was said is obvious: the Kremlin people are begging for a conversation with the White House.

They do “not hurry”, they are in “Olympian calm”, but “it can’t go on like this”, and they are ready when it’s convenient for Americans”, that is, they adjust to the conditions of “partners” even in such a trifle. They “hope” (no confidence!) that the States realise how uncomfortable it is for them to see NATO missiles moving to the east, “including Ukraine”, and they, forgetting the recent snarl about “red lines”, ask for “urgent guarantees” on paper, although (experienced ones already) they cannot but realise that the States have decided and are installing them in stages, and a signature on a piece of paper in the world of triple standards costs nothing. In all, forgive me if this is against my better judgement – this is a disgraceful statement. Doubly disgraceful coming from an experienced (and Mr. Ushakov is exactly that) diplomat, and triple disgraceful – coming from an assistant to the head of the Russian Federation, who preparing the basic topics for a conversation on all points where the States have some interest, that is, it is possible to bargain. On Afghanistan, Iran, Libya, maybe even on Syria, and at least in the “internal Ukrainian (i.e. Donbas, which is “Ukraine”) crisis”. Do you understand? Even if there is simply such a mood in the Kremlin, and even if so, far only on the sidelines, begging for a conversation, everyone has said exactly that, it’s still impossible to voice this openly. Because it turns out that Moscow people are ready to give up everything – and for what? Not even for the opportunity to live out the rest of my days in peace, but for a ghostly hope of a “written agreement”. And if the United States agree to discuss the possibility of talking about signing, I wouldn’t be particularly surprised by another series of negotiations for the sake of negotiations, and in the end, the Kremlin’s deep concerns about missile bases near Kharkov.”

For our part, we note that this view reflects a rather one-sided interpretation of Mr. Ushakov’s speech and of the Kremlin’s position in general.

Looking at the substance of what has been said, taking into account Russia’s political and military actions, it is likely that the Kremlin is playing out a diplomatic endgame in anticipation of a new reality in international relations, in which the role of diplomats will be reduced to messengers, merely handing over ultimatums and lists of prisoners to be exchanged.


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The end

Mr. Vershinin can always join the first wave and receive first hand war experience. After, Mr. Vershinin can try to reassess his first written response.


Like playing chess, escalation is Ukraine is an expected move by USNATO, something planned and already postponed at least twice. “Bear trap” is the whole point of Maidanazi putsch. Russians of course know that very well. But what can they do? There are only two options are both are bad. If Putin does nothing and allow genocide in Donbass his reputation will forever be ruined. Ukromaniacs will be encouraged to target Crimea next. If he does openly intervene, the Empire will use this as a pretext of unprecedented sanctions against Russia: their actual goal here is to completely isolate Russia diplomatically and economically, especially from EU markets. And of course, they’ll absorb Ukraine to NATO, probably move missiles there, using “russian aggression” as a pretext. I don’t expect USNATO military intervention or WW3, they are evil scum but they are not stupid to go nuclear. But they’ll use every other dirty trick, especially mass media to demonize Russia even more. Deja vu. Ukro-cannon fodder is irrelevant, Washington DC doesn’t give a flying fkk how many of them die (the more the better).

Like in chess, Russians can’t really prevent this move of their opponents, it was already set up back in 2014. Problem is, they still think they can, at least these ‘elites’…

Last edited 1 year ago by Valens

The fact is the US want to draw Russia into a conflict with Ukraine as an excuse to bring in more sanctions and demonize Russia,to be honest the West led by America has already declared war on Russia and Russia should face that,the West went to war against Iraq with the excuse of WMD,now why the hell would Russia be expected to see Nato a hostile military force complete with WMD on its border?if there is a prospect of that Russia would have no choice but to act,the people to suffer will be the idiots in Ukraine,the US Reich should have been stopped a long time ago,they should be attacked in Syria where they have no business,they are a rogue state.

John Wooh

The plan from the Sithloards/Perverted-Fascists is to murder/slaughter innocent civilians with coward weapons like TB2 Drones, then get a Russian reaction, to stop Nord-Stream2 and sanction them hard with their pretext. After that Ukraine will be absorbed and totally drained from the greedy Parasites of the West. Ukrainian Men will become cannon fodder for Nato to fight their brothers of the east for the Pentagon. Ukrainian Women will become whores, housecleaners and other cheap labour for the West. Ukrainian Children will become toys for Nambla/Pedovaticanus and their organs and bodyparts will be harvested by them, because this is part of their culture to spread pain, fear and misery.

Russia should just ignore this liars/thief’s which are nothing, just a group of perverted parasites who use weak and dumb people to serve them. If they want destruction, send them some Sarmats with greetings!!!


Correct,but many Ukrainian people are responsible for allowing themselves to be used like that,what gets me is Countries like Ukraine could have been non aligned,but no they had to go headlong into being a Vassal of the Empire,thats why the dumb bastards are in the state they are in.


Many Ukrainian people are responsible for allowing themselves to be used like that,

Totally wrong!

The majority are against the Zio Nazi government. They were conquered by the Jewish supremacist Zio Nazi coup backed by the USSA and its master Israel. They never voted for it.

Racist supremacist Jews and their Racist supremacist global Jewish slave empire dictatorship are responsible for what is happening in Ukraine


If thats the case they should grow some balls and overthrow the Regime in Kiev,the alternative is to hide inside their homes and hope for the best,it doesn’t work.

David Herzog

You must be watching too much tv and you neither know where you live . How do you feel today , a woman or a man ? A negro , a black or a white ? Ops ! Maybe that was this morning when you where fucking a child under your antifa/ lgbt flag….maybe now you pretend me to recognize you are a dog ?!?! Death to dirty antifascists , slaves of usa , ue and soros . Scum like you are beaten like pulp if you try to go around with your dirty flags of antifa and atheist-pedophilians in any part of Russia . Do you want to conquer Russia ? Try to take it ! I’ll see with pleasure your pieces flying around….!


Atheists are not PEDOPHILES, they’re Atheists.

Pedophiles are Pedophiles and can be of any race or religion or non-religion.

John Wooh

Mr. Herzog is either dumb as shit or he is paid by Washington or Vatican…

John Wooh

Hey retard i cant confirm any of ur comments learn to read im pro RUSSIA u idiot!

Im not watching TV, Im a Caucasian MAN.

ANTIFA LGBT ??? maybe ur parents were members, im surely not!!!

Try to beat me i would love to see that… ur just a confused retarded Troll take ur booster shoot up ur ass and shut ur perverted mouth

Last edited 1 year ago by John Wooh

Part 1 Go and Google

“Yadoga y net news Stalins Jews” Jews confess Jews were the biggest mass murderers of the 20th century. Why don’t they pay holocaust reparations for the hundreds of millions of Goyims they murdered.Where are the movies, mandatory education about the holocaust shoahs they committed against innocent Goyims??

None of it is my words, No one cares what I think or say .I just quote them word for word link for link.

Remember nothing beats the voluntary confession and bragging. Such multiple confessions can undo a life time of brainwashing very quickly.

To all Goyims on this board, and those monitoring in the intelligence services of said conquered slaves if you don’t already, I suggest you study the Jewish Press –

the ones based in Israel – in order to get a full understanding of what they routinely plan in respect to the Stupid Goyim “you”. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. Nothing beats the confessions and bragging.

It is where I get almost all my info. You’ll usually see them admitting things that would never make it into the Zio owned and heavily censored American or Western media, and if you’re not up on the Zionist, Jewish, racist, supremacist, empire, their rantings of hatred and racism against all Goyim and bragging of their murdering millions and millions of Goyim, their plans to murder billions more “you: and their total control of countries like the USA, Britain France, German etc. in their global empire it can be quite enlightening, indeed.


Adolf Hitler was the biggest mass murderer of the 20th century – he killed 50 million white Europeans and destroyed Europe. He killed some Jews as well, but no bankers, no tycoons, media moguls, important scientists, they were all “miraculously” evacuated to America, while America and Britain funded his war machinery. Churchill was n2 Pol Pot n3

Stalin is not even among top 5.


All those bad things already happened for the most part.


Russia needs to tell the USA publicly that any attack on the 1 million Russian living in the Donbass that is it will be considered an all-out attack by the USSA on the Russian Federation which will result in the annellation of the USSA and al JNATO countries from the Russian nuclear response.

The only way the Zio USSA and JNATO could avoid total destruction if they order Ukraine or allow Ukraine to initiate such an attack to kill 500k plus Russian citizens would be to prove to Russia they are not initiating WW3, by siding with Russia, put severe sanctions against Ukraine and allow Russia to do whatever it wanted to with Ukraine.

Jim Allen

Russia already did that. The cabal doesn’t want any of the people living in Ukraine to be there, Russian’s in particular.


I think their letting NATO forces build-up and concentrate on the front-line. Then they don’t need to hit targets with such accuracy hidden so sparsely apart.


It looks like the Zio USSA just blinked removing sanctions against Nord stream 2.

Still Russia needs to make its red lines very clear in the global media.

Russia needs to tell the Zio USSA publicly that any attack on the 1 million Russians living in the Donbass will be considered an all-out attack declaration of global nuclear war by the USSA on the Russian Federation, which will result in the immediate annihilation of the USSA and all JNATO countries from the Russian nuclear response.

The only way the Zio USSA and JNATO could avoid total destruction, if they order Ukraine or allow Ukraine, to initiate such an attack, to kill 1 million plus Russian citizens, would be to prove to Russia they are not initiating WW3, by siding with Russia, put severe sanctions against Ukraine kick the Ukraine out of SWIFT and allow Russia to do whatever it wanted to with Ukraine territory etc..

There is a total Zio, Cheka, Soviet, news blackout on this entire thing in the Zio empire. So the Jewish supremacists fear their slaves knowing what is going on. Therefore the Goyims slaves of the Jews need to know what their Jewish slave masters are walking them into. Most of the stupid slaves on this board don’t even know there are 1 million Russian citizens living in the Donbass.


Yes i saw that on the news about Biden backing off on Nordstream 2,the lunatics in the US are going ape shit saying he was beaten by Putin,if Donbas is attacked it will be the end of Ukraine as we know it,as you say most of those people have Russian passports,i remember when the US smashed the small Island of Grenada becuse they said American lives were threatened,it was all bullshit of course.

Jim Allen

If there’s one thing about Russia through all this is, it’s clarity. Every step of the way. It doesn’t matter how clear Russia is, when US Government has selective hearing loss, and continues to do the same thing’s over, and over. But NATO isn’t backing US on the Ukraine issue, and US can’t beat Russia in war. Yeah US military is big, it’s also spread thin. Because it’s a terrorist bully the world hate’s, it’s got to guard jealously everywhere it occupies, and in strength to hold the territory. At the first hint of weakness, US will feel the bite. The small countries that couldn’t stand against the bully, will be nipping at it’s heel’s to the end. It’s just getting it started. US military technology is dated, hardware is old, much non-upgradeable. US has no onshore war peoduction, it’s killing it’s population, as are around 180(+/-) country’s worldwide. US can go nuke, Russia has more, bigger, faster, better. It’s possible for Russia to mitigate the fallout of nuclear detonations, but nuclear war is the end, and the Globalist’s will take themselves out to prevent any other having the world.


There may be a third option of countermeasures, all very minimal, enough to just deter the Ukrainian government from an offensive.

NATO can probably be pushed out of an active conflict zone by Russian forces eliminating NATO assets while disguised and not identifying themselves. That puts NATO in the awkward position of either not accusing Russia, or declaring WW3 themselves.

Russia could also kill a large number of Americans in Ukraine and then apologise and talk frantically through diplomatic channels about avoiding another “accident” of such magnitude.

Last edited 1 year ago by Clubofinfo

Russia is like the school child with a teacher who dislikes him and punishes him for something he did not do. If you are going to be punished anyway, at some point it makes sense just to do the thing they want to punish you for. The US has used so many sanctions against Russia that the only thing they have left is to cut Russia off from SWIFT. While it would cause a lot of damage to Russian and European business, it would accelerate the development and adoption of the BRICS alternative payment clearing system.

Putin keeps promising “an asymmetric response.” What the Kremlin should be looking for is a way to deeply discredit the United States so that Europe stops following American policy. The USA has two “invincible” power points that cause Europe to fall in step. Those are the US Dollar, and the US Military. Both of them have become paper tigers.

Following Sun Tzu, you never want to allow your enemy to choose to time and place of the engagement. The USA has chosen Donbass as the place, and the time remains to be seen, but within a year. Before the USA can instigate a resumption of war in Ukraine, Russia should strike the US military in some other theater with a non-nuclear weapon that causes immediate loss of confidence in the USA, and cripples the US ability to project power. The most obvious would be to sink multiple US navy capital ships simultaneously, especially aircraft carriers and AEGIS destroyers. A sudden and highly symbolic military defeat would also trigger the US Dollar to crash, as the American economy is already teetering on the brink of hyperinflation anyway.

The primary risk of such an action is that the US would respond with nuclear missile launches. But, it should not be assumed. If the strikes focus on the US navy in international waters, then a nuclear response is not justified. Despite their insane leader, the Americans in the US Airforce and Navy who operate the ICBMs would be likely to do a sanity check before launching.

If Russia, China, and Iran were to collaborate, they could sink most of the US navy in Europe, Indian Ocean, and East Pacific with hypersonic missiles in one hour. While the Biden Administration decided what to do the US stock market would crash. US banking system would fail within five days. And instead of Russia being cut off from SWIFT, large American banks would start failing.

War is always economically destructive. No sane person wants war. If the Kremlin realizes that US policy is not being driven by sane people, then as much as everybody wants to avoid war, a scenario like the one above becomes more and more likely to happen.

Last edited 1 year ago by Rhinoskerous

Is this damage control by SF?

Jim Allen

What does SF need with damage control ? Idiot.

John Wooh

Russia is not invading Ukraine, Russia is liberating Ukraine(its Homeland) from Anglo/Americunts occupation!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by John Wooh
Jim Allen

That’s not who is occupying Ukraine. US Government is simply an agent of the cabal.

John Wooh

I know Jim, but who is sitting in the planes/jets, choppers, tanks, aircraftcarriers and subs, its not the cunning, parasitic Banksters who are pulling the trigger.

Where is the protest in the UK/US when they destroyed Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya or Syria ???

Dont get me wrong, i share ur opinion in mostly every post from u, i think that u are a smart good person. But the people from US/UK have a responsibility for what their prostitutes/politicians are doing, even if they are bought off and controlled by Vanguard/Blackrock.

My advice for the people/soldiers of US/UK is crush ur government, FED, Pentagon, Wall-street, City of London and Buckingham Palace before its too late. After that the Vassal-States EU, Golf States, South Korea, Japan, Columbia and Australia will also fall. If not Armageddon is going to knock on your doors…

Lone Ranger

Next stop Kiev. Hurra.

Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC



The fighters in Donbas should have taken the war to Kiev a long time ago with special operations,a good start would have been blowing the SBU/Gestapo HQ in Kiev to hell,its full of CIA vermin.

Raptar Driver

One would like to believe that it would go all the way. The way it should have done in 2014! All the way to Kiev.

Last edited 1 year ago by Raptar Driver
Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC

All the way!!!!

Marcelo Rodriguez

Una forma de volver a los EE.U.U a la razón, es que Rusia coloque misiles de crucero con cabeza nuclear en las fronteras Americanas, este sería el caso de Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, esto haría que la OTAN piense varías veces antes de iniciar un conflicto con Rusia, pienso que esa es una carta ganadora para Putin y como en el ajedrez los Rusos siempre cuentan con la ventaja

Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC

What a weak hand putin is trying to play, trying to “demand guarantees” from nato, in what world does putin lives in that he thinks US respects guarantees? And what if they say they will not commit to such guarantees and then place more sanctions? I really hope putin has more than this up his sleeve

Lone Ranger

Putin doesn’t care about Biden or guarantees, he knows the U.S. cant be trusted. He is buying time. Habet tempus, habet vitam. Russia is getting more powerful each day, while the U.S. is fading away. The more Russia can wait the better the chances for a swift win.

S Balu


Arch Bungle

After Grozny, Georgia 2008 and Crimea, these idiots still believe Russia won’t “go all the way”?

The leadership of the West are an extremely stupid bunch, aren’t they ?

Lone Ranger

They are puppets, actors. They dont run the show, they are only the window dressing.


Russia will back down. They are too scared to fight for what’s right.

Abolish Petro Dollar

The Petro Dollar is the almighty deity to worship or you will be crushed under our economic might! Can Putin and Company create a new financial global system that excludes the Petro Dollar? Or will China keep floating the U$ debt thus continuing to enable the Yankee bandit global theft? If the only threat is sanctions then I vote Russia show us its military technology, particularly fascinating is automatic targeting of enemy heat signatures. How about rolling some killer robots out against the Ukies?


Yes you are correct. But Russia wont do it.

Lone Ranger

Like in Chechnya, Georgia, Crimea, Syria? Oh wait..


What great power did they fight in Chechnya and Georgia? Boy I tell you Saakashvili was a fearsome tie eater. Just like the U.S it’s easy to beat up on little people.

And they didn’t fight anyone at all for Crimea.

Jim Allen

Russia is not scared. Russia doesn’t want war. Big difference. Pity you can’t differentiate between the two.


They don’t want war because they are happy being the kicking dog.

When they actually do something to stop NATO then we can talk.

Peppe il Sicario

The problem for your American friends and allies is that THEY are too cowardly to fight the Russians directly and need proxy armies like Al Qaeda, ISIS, Turks etc. to fight their wars for them. The Russians have a spirit of sacrifice and combat that pussified, emasculated Western men lost ages ago.



Peppe il Sicario

IMHO? What does that stand for “I’M a HOmo?” Tell you what, take that phallus out of your mouth and try saying something half-way intelligent.

Last edited 1 year ago by Peppe il Sicario

Like I said: “Look in the mirror faggot.”

Russians are always bowing to their western “partners” to the joy of Israel.

I would think your backs hurt from bending over so much.


He can’t take it out. It grew there.

Arch Bungle

What are you talking about? They have always fought for what’s right, when it was right to fight.


Yet again Elites are the root cause of society being able to function healthily. They scramble for concessions in times that require a staunch resistance, they crave like a junky when their access to luxury goods is restricted, and their paranoid about somebody wanting to be them and taking their money and power away to the point that they undermine freedom and independence of others.

They are a disease that needs to be cut out.

Peppe il Sicario

Biden: “Mr. Putin, we will not accept any aggression on our Ukranian allies. Let it be clear!”

Putin: “Joe, did you forget to change your Depenz again? I can smell your sh*t from across the monitor.”

Dick Von Dast'Ard

All ways the same with the psychopaths within Washington DC, give them an inch and they will take a mile.


Russia’s problem is that the USA is a gang leader with several weaker EU states as the members of his gang. This gang keeps creating provocations against Russia and wants to ethnically cleanse the ethnic Russians from Ukraine, and turn Ukraine into a missile base. This gang leader has openly stated that he wants to partition Russia into smaller countries that he can control.

In this particular case, the gang leader keeps pressuring younger members to pick a fight with Russia so that when Russia knocks them out, the gang can condemn Russia and justify taking their property, freezing their assets, cutting them off from banking. The gang leader chose Donbass as the location, and the time will be in the next 12 months. Russia cannot win such a provocation, because if they win, they are demonized, if they lose they are demonized and lose their military hardware customers.

The way to break up such a gang is to humiliate the LEADER in such a way that he no longer seems powerful to the followers. The only asymmetric response that can win the situation is this. Instead of fighting the junior EU gang member, choose the time and place of the fight with the gang LEADER. That is to say, surprise the gang leader with a KO in a location he was not expecting. When the other gang members see their leader knocked out, the gang will disperse.

The question is whether this can be done without triggering a nuclear exchange. The only target where that might be possible is US Navy capital ships in international waters. Ultimately, Russia must choose between Scylla and Charbydis. It is going to hurt either way. The question is which choice has the highest chance for survival.


It should be understood that such video-conferences cannot work, since they are supervised by the deep state. I.e. certain government agencies and tech companies. The US government (as represented by the president and his staff) have no sovreignty. Only personal direct talks could amend that. Of course… in a “pandemic” this is more difficult. Surprise, surprise

andre zulu

Já sním o vánocích bílých Vánočním stromku zářícím Světla svíček, jmelí a sníh Tak byl krásný den o vánocích


Going down all the way in the back is too gay for Russia. Why not have the Americans import the Russian homosexuals and end the war on shitty dicks?

Last edited 1 year ago by yuri
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