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Is Northeastern Syria Turning Into Death Trap For Russia?

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The northeastern part of Syria remains one of the main hot points of the conflict despite the ceasefire regime formally declared in the region.

Clashes between Turkish-backed armed groups, on the one side, and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Syrian Army on the other side erupt on a regular basis. On November 23, Turkish proxies, supported by the Turkish Army, launched a large-scale attack on northern Raqqa with the aim of capturing Ayn Issa, where a Russian humanitarian and coordination center is located. By November 25, the SDF and the army had repelled this attack regaining all lost positions. Nonetheless, sporadic clashes north of Ayn Issa and southeast of Ras al-Ayn continued.

The Ayn Issa advance followed a November 18 statement by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, in which he said that Turkey will launch a new military operation in northeastern Syria if the area were not cleared of what he called terrorists.

Cavusoglu claimed that the United States and Russia had not done what was required under the agreements that had halted the Turkish offensive against the “terrorists” (i.e. Kurdish armed groups). Under the Turkish-US and Turkish-Russian agreements, Kurdish units had to withdraw from the border area and then a safe zone had to be established.

“If we do not obtain a result, we will do what is necessary, just as we launched the operation after trying with the U.S.,” Cavusoglu said, referring to coordination with the US to remove the YPG from the area before Turkey launched its Operation Peace Spring on October 9.

The statement of the Turkish foreign minister came just several hours after an attack on a joint Russian-Turkish patrol in northeastern Syria by YPG-affiliated radicals. YPG supporters threw petrol bombs at Russian and Turkish vehicles.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov described Cavusoglu’s statement as surprising and said that such comments may lead to further tensions.

Later, Turkey informed Russia’s ambassador in Ankara that Cavusoglu’s remarks were a kind of misunderstanding. However, this doesn’t hold up under scrutiny. The November 18 statement is fully in accordance with the course of Ankara’s foreign policy.

The Turkish leadership has never seen Russia as a long-term partner. Rather, Ankara sees Moscow as a situational ally and aims to exploit the gullibility of this ally to achieve their goals. Turkish foreign policy demonstrates that Ankara is not seeking to make ‘friends’ with other regional and global powers. Turkey’s foreign policy is mobile and variable, and always designed to defend the interests of Turkey as a regional leader and the key state of the Turkic world.

Cavusoglu’s statement hints at a new shift in Turkish foreign policy, which may be aimed at undermining Russian influence in northern Syria.

Turkish and Russian forces conducted over 10 joint patrols in the framework of the ‘safe zone’ agreement. Most of them, except the very first and last ones, were marked by attacks and provocations carried out by YPG-affiliated radicals. Pro-YPG rioters threw stones, blocked patrols, attacked vehicles and even used petrol bombs. It should be noted that the SDF’s security force Asayish publicly apologized for the petrol bomb attack on Russian vehicles when it appeared that Ankara was ready to use this as a pretext to formally resume its Operation Peace Spring. This does not mean that the unconstructive stance of the Kurdish leaders has somehow changed.

By these provocations, they were testing Russia’s red lines which are the main factor limiting Turkish response to such actions. Attacks on Russian vehicles also demonstrate that at least a part of the local Kurdish population sees the Russian military presence as hostile. The main reason is Moscow’s open cooperation with Ankara.

The developments of the last few weeks demonstrate that Turkey launched its Operation Peace Spring in northeastern Syria in de-facto coordination with Iran and Russia. Besides this, the offensive was supported by the Trump administration behind the scenes. After the end of the operation under the US-Turkish and Russian-Turkish deals, the region of northeastern Syria had every chance of moving towards stabilization.

The full implementation of the steps agreed by Ankara and Moscow over the next 1-2 years would bring about  a long-awaited peace to the territory of northeastern Syria . However, this is not what the Turkish leadership is interested in. The Erdogan government needs the “Kurdish threat” and instability in northern Syria to maintain a wide assortment of formal pretexts for further expansion into the neighboring country and for the backing of pro-Turkish groups operating there. Turkey is interested in  maintaining peace on its own territory. At the same time, it prefers to keep a useful ‘zone of instability’ in northern Syria.

If Ankara successfully plays Russia in its northeastern Syria ‘safe zone’ game, it will be able to:

  • discredit Russia and its personnel in the eyes of the Kurdish population;
  • undermine Russia’s political position in this part of Syria;
  • indirectly demonstrate the deficiency of the Russian initiatives in northern Syria.

The growth of tensions in the region and continued attacks on Russian vehicles patrolling the area contribute to this scenario.

Russian forces were deployed to the north as a part of Moscow’s effort to back the Assad government and support a broader political settlement of the conflict. So although  Russia has very few interests there it has already faced notable obstacles (from the intractability of the Kurdish leadership to the shift inTurkish policy). Russian withdrawal from the border area as a result of some major security incident or a series of smaller ones would allow Turkey to continue pursuing its mid-term goals:

  • To keep the “Kurdish threat”, which is being actively exploited by the Erdogan government in its domestic and foreign policies, under control;
  • To seize key logistical routes, including the chunk of the M4 highway east of the Euphrates, in northern Syria. In some cases, Turkish forces may even push to capture some oil fields in the area;
  • To justify an increase of support to pro-Turkish groups in northeastern Syria and in the Idlib de-escalation zone.

In its turn, the Kurdish leadership, by undermining the safe zone agreement and thus the Russian position, hopes to strengthen its negotiating position with Damascus and to gain additional political and financial revenue despite the failure of its pro-US policies. However, a wider look at the situation demonstrates that this approach is leading them towards an even larger catastrophe. If the safe zone deal collapses and Turkish forces resume their offensive, the Kurdish population will fall under the wheels of the Turkish military machine. A large part of the Kurds will be repressed or have to flee to the US-occupied or Damascus-controlled areas. The US will keep control of the oil-rich part of the country. Turkey will get the north. The Kurds will blame the Russians for failing to ‘protect them’.

The US appears fully aware of this scenario and its intelligence services worked to support the YPG radicals that attacked Turkish-Russian patrols because this gives Washington additional levers of pressure on forces of the Assad government and Russia on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

On the other hand, the Syrian Army and its allies may use the escalation in northeastern Syria and the increase of Turkish support to radicals in Greater Idlib as a pretext for the resumption of large-scale counter-terrorism efforts in western Syria. Nonetheless, this kind of informal exchange will be small consolation for Syria, whose sovereignty and territorial integrity continue to founder because of the hostile actions of foreign powers.

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For a Country that is good at Chest ,how can you let Turkey out smart you ,Russia should Patrol Boarder with SAA and send the TURKS Packing

You can call me Al


So have Russia and Syria suffered casualties (many of) over there yet ?.

Ray Douglas

I sometimes have my doubts about Russia trusting Turkey. However, it is difficult to see someone like Lavrov being outsmarted by tomato growers. I hope and trust that Russia have some aces up their sleeve.

You can call me Al

I 100% with you on that. Could there be a nasty ending for Turkey…. I hope so.


thanks ..Chess


In Assad latest interview, he said that this russian agreements was not permanent and the goal of it was limit the area of fighting and restore the government services to NE Syria and spread the army because that was the deal between the government and the SDF, also to stop the NATO plan proposed by germany to create a safezone that turkey wanted in the first place but it would patroled by NATO. I don’t know why this doesn’t get mentioned here.

Jens Holm

A I recall it, that kind of plan only was proposed by some german minister. I dont recall her name. It might be wrong.

Nato dont support Nato troops in Syria even as socalled peacekeeping ones. I dont think they/we ever will.

Our problem – I speak as neutral for Nato and EU – os the lack of making decissions and that includes Trump. If things was just a little different, we anytime could stop Turks giving everything a very different perspective.

For myself I do support that. I am not for our citicens should be killed for someone of Your kind. We have no friends in that very big non devellopment zone.

Partly boycut is fine. A lot of sober information about the many possible changes we can offer for better Governess instead of those prinitive one string or the Turkish lack of human rights for all.


“NATO dont support Nato troops in Syria” NATO = US, the rest are minions. “I am not for our citicens should be killed for someone of Your kind” Bigotry much ? i don’t need no one to die for me, we are known to defend ourselfs. What we want is for imperialist foreigners to leave the region and let the people live in peace.

Jens Holm

As too often, You dont see who support thart small one and the big one according Iraq and the rest of theo world.

Things would be quite different in Syria, if Nato was there, which of course includes Turks were less hostile and understood their own probpes better.

How is it posiible to remain totally illiterate about it. Those very different alliances has been there for Years and ofn course can be found here as well as on internet.

“I am not for our citicens should be killed for someone of Your kind”

I have had that idea since Afghanistan and includes Libya. Fine Leaders and Gadaffy has been killed ny anyone, but the rest is waste of the worst kind.

We only should give ME sober infomation by radio, TV and Internet and then buy oil and dates for Christmas for food.

We have no friends in Your kind of world. Even most women seemes to insist in being even more stupid and unproductive then men.

So I would like You to have Your own more private zoo and we only help by fences West of Istanbul and like that.

We have our own problems too. That includes emmigrants comming here, where at least half of them insist in bad old days of Arabistan. They cant even read the Holy Choran. We teach them to read and write in Danish and then they can, because we – the best we could – have translated it into a modern and a traditional version.

And again and again we hear. Muhammed didnt say that. Our children should not be afraid and have nightmares about Gabriel. Allah is much milder then we are tiold. Faith and honerability is inside our heads and not defined by clothe.

It even make sense the Christian believers in their kind of God take of their hats, when they look up, because then nothing is hidden.

Espesicially girls and females are not meant as free waitresses and unprotected for free sex in homes and strrets, and has the right to have their own life and decide about that too. A vital thing in Islam is, that all go to heaven ONE BY ONE and pay or are given.

Sunni says, parents and grandpaents has to raise their children, so they can have a good life, where they are. So if those parents has moved to something quit different, the children has to be raised into new traditions as much as it goes in Islam.

By that education is needed and control has to be replaced with trust. Thats also say, that most here in Denmark dont work in the ineffective family business and are paid for, how productibve they are in the job, they have.

Very selfmade illusion people inYour region has more or same peace as we have. Maybee You are no Kurd.

We see so many stupid men not listening to vomen teachers because thats pr definition is low. So they never get any education. Many females do, but they wont marry some bums hardly have lowpaid job and be home controlled by keys or mobilphone tracker all the time being as poor as where they or their parants came from.

When a Regime named Syria and even named Arabic having 30% non arabs deny to make tools for handling 50% unimployment for men and much higher for women, I say NO WAY. NEVER ANY OF THE HERE apart for those we really ask for.


I’m couldn’t read all of what you wrote since i got the idea from the first 2 paragraphs. You are just a sad lonely sheep spewing hatefull and ignorant words… Nobody care about what you say, since it doesn’t matter :). Next time be brief and go fuck yourself.

Jens Holm

You really dont get it. Russians as well as Assads has no more forces to send. Many parts of the Assads now are even more second class being war tired and traumatized.

SDFs are tired too, but the main parts of YPG settlements are in that very dirty zone, so they care a lot.

Assads only care for prestige and oil. No prestige is possible. Oil is same thing.

Hide Behind

Macro vision is not always a part of military and Nations foreign policy decision making, plans launched by bureaucats, committees, gathered by Intelligence, buisness, and military, more committees each designated with only a portion to add to overall immediacy demanded by Originators. There will be some thought of actions to come afterwards, but there are always unknown variables, leaving no concrete decisions to be made. Wars are easy to enter but damn hard to control once started, and what begins with some definite object, goal (s) suddenly finding multiples of short term decisions loaded with uncertainties. National militaries are hampered because much of their future moves have to be cleared by decision makers far from war zones, and unlike previous wars between Nations of massed National assets of financial and manpower conventional teqniques, todays war makers, such as in Syria Nationals enemies do not fight in conventional central command top down decision makers, as each group has a great amount of autonomy as to what and when actions they will take. Actions began on certain premises suddenly need revisions, each made trying not to lose gains while having to change tactics not determined by far away command but by on the ground reality. Political decisions, between major allies only add confusion to the war theater, and as has always been political decisions and those who make them are short term and only in the personal interest of each party. Was it Russia’s in Syria Military Command that made decisions to move into the new phase of border controls, and that is one best example of how easy to start but damned hard to control wars chaotic nature.

Raptar Driver

The Putin government is controlled opposition, not gullible


Wishful thinking. Are you a Khazar by any chance?

Jens Holm

No question: You are not even a Khazar. Every beduin will assume You are a horse or a camel.


No question- you are not even Human. Everyone will assume you are an ass

Raptar Driver

No, are you a primitive retard by any chance?

Rhodium 10

I dont agree with the last point….I think that if SAA manage to advance in Idlib and retake main cities there and take control of the Hama-Aleppo highway…it will be an almost game over for terrorist and Turkey godfather in Syria!

David Parker

The oil – Syria’s only marketable resource – is in the north east of Syria. Idlib is in the northwest, farmland and desert.

Rhodium 10

Idlib are full of olives trees…it is to say olive oil..it is to say money for terrorist!…

Jens Holm

You forget the destructions as well as who should grow it as well as its low productive, because its low develloped.

You have an ilusion for, whats possible and whats solved by taking Idlib and the other Regions there back.

Terrorists into slaves ??? :) Arbeit Macht Frei :) And we kill all Your remainingLeaders and Heroes first.

The retired Lavrov being Shindler in Shndlers list for Russians propaganda matters :)

Rhodium 10

look at the others part of Syria…have been retaken and the life and the economy are being improved!..last summer even western tourist have been visiting Aleppo, Homs, West Damascus, Palmyra….

Jens Holm

Thats the worst propaganda illusion today. Not even people living there think so.


You are trying unsuccessfully to create that illusion via projection.

Jens Holm

Baron von Münchhausen probatly are Your helping hand making Potemkins.


Jens is a master his delusional projection of Zionist ‘Illusion’. :)

David Parker

From my experience farming, agricultural commodities are worth very little compared to oil.

Rhodium 10

Oil of olive have good price in EU…labour to pick up olives is cheap in Syria..so they earn money!

Jens Holm

Assads can use the SDF plan for develloping Idlib. Something like that might upgrade Syrian agricyúlture very much.

As too often You only see materials like oil as ressource. I see Syrians as very low educated and handcuffed in ineffectiv primitive family busisness. The country insist in keeping girls and women even more stupid then that.

So Syria has or had 20 million almost unused brains because knowledge for them has been forbidden even very much needed.

And kind of haha – Syria actually has more asfalt then they canuse themselves and sell outside their country. An improvemet for saving fuel and time is better roads.

And ME actually has a big import of food, so Syrians being cheep laubour could export everything they can produce using cooling trucks. Almost neighbors and poor parts of their populations dont care if tomaties and potatoes has same seize, color or not, as long as the product is fresh.

Jens Holm

Its allowed to think. I only see dayli destruction and military control. Assads gave Afrin to Turks.

Before that only YPG were figting hard for taking Al Bab being not supported by Assads. Normal people should ecpect that, but Assads fell for the Turkish illusion about Kurdish intensions and even use it themselves.

The main thing is, that the the primitive Leadership by Assads should be replaced by an advanced one in trust. Baathists systematicly nsist in own grabbing incl. oil with corruption all the way down. They cant even devellop Syria, so there are more money for their own grabbing.

You dot get game over is not game over at all. It could be next step. If there is no war there the SAA population and the rest will focus on Assads and expect something.

Can Assads show anything veryu needed expectations – I dont see that – They will use all money, which is not even there, for control as in the good old days.

And then what???

Rhodium 10

SAA tactics to build small pockets for terrorist..Afrin,Al Bab, some parts in Northeast Syria, some parts in idlib…Assad have won the war as terrorist have no chance to advance, retake and expel Assad from power!

Jens Holm

I dont see this as Assads being in power or not. I see 20 million Syrians. Those are of importance for me.


This has to be a troll-bot.. Nobody is that stupid w/ such horrible syntax. Then again…

Jens Holm

Thats normal english anglo american syntax. You are only familiar with lawyers and doctors very academic correct limitid language.

Thats why most of You comming here thinking and translating Arabic and Turkish sont understand advanced things.

We also see it in jobs. You cant advance even You have good education papers, because You as Leaders dont understand Your employeas as well as the other way around.

My tax is very fine for most of Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and many more places.

I wont blame You, Your limited languages, but I wont go back to, what I once upon a time ago learned in school. You also should not blame me for Danish being as close to dayli written english and american ways writing and spelling things.

So You troll bot is Your own bare but or You have to learn there is a BUT in Your ways of understand only parts of our world.

Jens Holm

Assads dont retake. They destroy everything and kill a lot of people. Today 10 million people are not in their homes and 5 of them not even in the country.

Now Turks seemes allowed to make Your own homemade GAZA and WESTBANK, but that of course is our fault too.

Everything is. If You are that irresponsible You should not have areas pretending they are countries. Tha´t of course goes for Turkey as well.

This isnt about a highway at all.

Rhodium 10

Assad are doing the correct!..Syria under terrorist control is a danger for the population..therefore Assad has to defeat them!..look at “liberate” Libya!

Tudor Miron

South front, you already posted this misleading and extremely short sited report. Do you think that adding a video will help this case? :)

S Melanson

Actually the article is different. It is even more misleading than the prior article.

Jens Holm

This article is much better. Assads are low grade puppet here. Thats how it is.

SDF takes the heat and Assads are not able to send any help. SDFs still are the most important part of anything there.

Jens Holm

t would be nice if You added Your usual crap about it. Grafiiti semmes to be a must for You.

I think its quite sober.


Seeds of Destruction: The Diabolical World of Genetic Manipulation


“ Control the oil, and you control nations. Control the food, and you control the people.”* -Henry Kissenger

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Engdahl’s carefully argued critique goes far beyond the familiar controversies surrounding the practice of genetic modification as a scientific technique. The book is an eye-opener, a must-read for all those committed to the causes of social justice and world peace.

What follows is the Preface to “Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation” by F. William Engdahl (available through Global Research):


“We have about 50% of the world’s wealth but only 6.3% of its population. This disparity is particularly great as between ourselves and the peoples of Asia. In this situation, we cannot fail to be the object of envy and resentment. Our real task in the coming period is to devise a pattern of relationships which will permit us to maintain this position of disparity without positive detriment to our national security. To do so,we will have to dispense with all sentimentality and day-dreaming; and our attention will have to be concentrated everywhere on our immediate national objectives.We need not deceive ourselves that we can afford today the luxury of altruism and world-benefaction.”

-George Kennan, US State Department senior planning official, 1948

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Yet, unlike their predecessors within leading circles of the British Empire, this emerging American elite, who proclaimed proudly at war’s end the dawn of their American Century, were masterful in their use of the rhetoric of altruism and world-benefaction to advance their goals. Their American Century paraded as a softer empire, a “kinder, gentler” one in which, under the banner of colonial liberation, freedom, democracy and economic development, those elite circles built a network of power the likes of which the world had not seen since the time of Alexander the Great some three centuries before Christ—a global empire unified under the military control of a sole superpower, able to decide on a whim, the fate of entire nations.

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The strategic goal to control global food security had its roots decades earlier, well before the outbreak of war in the late 1930’s. It was funded, often with little notice, by select private foundations, which had been created to preserve the wealth and power of a handful of American families.

Originally the families centered their wealth and power in New York and along the East Coast of the United States, from Boston to New York to Philadelphia and Washington D.C. For that reason, popular media accounts often referred to them, sometimes with derision but more often with praise, as the East Coast Establishment.

The center of gravity of American power shifted in the decades following the War. The East Coast Establishment was overshadowed by new centers of power which evolved from Seattle to Southern California on the Pacific Coast, as well as in Houston, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Miami, just as the tentacles of American power spread to Asia and Japan, and south, to the nations of Latin America.

In the several decades before and immediately following World War II, one family came to symbolize the hubris and arrogance of this emerging American Century more than any other. And the vast fortune of that family had been built on the blood of many wars, and on their control of a new “black gold,” oil.

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In the wake of the US and British military occupation of Iraq, Washington proceeded to bring the agriculture of Iraq under the domain of patented genetically-engineered seeds, initially supplied through the generosity of the US State Department and Department of Agriculture.

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Hasbara Hunter

America is a Genocidal Massmurdering Demonic entity…Boycott & Isolate the U.S….saves a lot of problems…

Jens Holm

It seemes so, but You dont operate in facts.

You can se it right here. Even americans partly has retreated, You blame them for the ones trying to fill the vakuum.

Somebody else will take over and often make bad things too. In SDFs You now have Turks, Assads and Russians.

Better ???? Well if You insist thats better, then it better.

Hasbara Hunter

Them Russians are definitely not the same as Psychopathic Trigger-Happy Cowboys…That is a FACT!

Jens Holm

Thats what I write. But can theys olve anything there or just create different kinds of problems for the peope living there as well as for themselves.

I dont see that.

Hasbara Hunter

The Russians decimated ISIS & Al-Qaeda in Syria & Destroyed the Caliphate…Everywhere the Americans pop up Headchoppers flourish…that seems a fine reason to prefer them Russians…After at least 500 Years of the AngloZioNazi Demonic Empire…someone else should get the chance…Because the AngloZioNazi Empire Failed on ALL points

Jens Holm

As You wish. After all Russians are experts in own collapses and bad economy somehow based in the same total mistakes as Syria has.


If you didn’t know it already, you will like these sites quality informations !

Volairenet.org https://www.voltairenet.org/article174837.html?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=c9d1fe9d07437f161f28c43082a408232f8f7677-1574981977-0-AbtmDAAWwojyKQ70Vyi1JyaIUpwyo5it9lQkCM7cCI2iqP2AfopZyceE4r6s1VnPV3F_S44Yjd2eni8nQWjRmxNFx2tdTlltiykXqdNfkIn65pwklSrc1mw89iOve9x2Yk89FKPZGq3FeAarZFSjs5Trzmi1TgFmsycGfYjFfJ-oU6PgOrEUJKdwX2UADIRY4YgGK0FJRdVpVD_qiznHgp3qEfMx9X78qqYJrU31TCa0enU6sLEZ7rOzTSRBr-QlIrY0Azrr2PURanFx5Jd2HizEcf1oP0LhipccA_8-1CrN https://www.globalresearch.ca/trump-netanyahu-tale-two-criminals/5696044


Jens Holm

Fakes only. Nets like that cant even be used catching fish and butterflies.


Troll-bot attempts humour, fails miserably. Whom ever programed this troll-bot should be fired.


Jens ‘lives’ in Denmark and Danes are not renown for their humour:)

Hasbara Hunter

They should start working on the translation & autocorrect….that is for sure…he’s been talking jibberish for years

Hasbara Hunter

Thanks for the links


Good morning, Just read this exhaustive report about French/US/Israel devilish international Colonial Salad interferences in the Middle East, but it’s only in French

« SOUS NOS YEUX » (8/25)

L’agonie de la politique étrangère française

par Thierry Meyssan


Hasbara Hunter

On February 14, 2003, reconnecting with the Gaullist tradition of independence of France, Dominique de Villepin opposes the Security Council to the US will to destroy Iraq.

The “Arab Spring”, seen from Paris

The foreign policy of France, once guided by the strategic vision of Charles De Gaulle, gradually gives way to research by some of the easy money. After having resisted US imperialism, Jacques Chirac retired from the fight and mixed the affairs of the state and his personal belongings. Nicolas Sarkozy serves US interests while negotiating for himself everything that can be. François Hollande goes further by placing the Republic at the service of some private interests that form the new party of colonization. Emmanuel Macron manipulates France to promote the strategies of the big US democrats. Always in search of more money, France puts itself successively at the service of Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, then the transnational employers.

For Jacques Chirac, Hafez al-Assad was the only leader able to unify the Arab world. He compared him to Otto Bismarck.

16- Jacques Chirac, “the Arab”

Jacques Chirac holds Hafez el-Assad in very high esteem. He sees him as an exceptional personality with a vision for his country and region.

(According to Admiral Pierre Lacoste, former director of the DGSE, it was President Mitterrand who had ordered the mega attack in Damascus in retaliation for the assassination of Ambassador Delamare. The operation was claimed by the Muslim Brothers who realized it under the control of François de Grossouvre.)

France had fought it during certain phases of the Lebanese civil war. She publicly criticized him for being responsible for the assassination of his ambassador in Beirut, Louis Delamare (1981), which was immediately followed in reply by the attack ordered by President François Mitterrand against the national office of military conscription in Damascus. which made 175 dead.

After the Syrian defeat of Israel in 1967, Hafez al-Assad took power by relying on both Ba’ath supporters and adventurers, including his own brother Rifaat. The latter became the regular golf companion of François Mitterrand and the friend of Abdallah, the future king of Saudi Arabia. In 1982, while living between France and Syria, he organized an attack in the rue Marbeuf in Paris against the magazine Al-Watan Al-Arabi who had criticized him. His friendship with President Mitterrand diverted the police investigation. His country was accused in its place of the crime and France expelled two Syrian diplomats whose chief of information, Michel Kassoua. In the end, the case did not affect the relations between the two States.

The attack on Rue Marbeuf in Paris was ordered by Rifaat al-Assad. At the urging of his friend, President Mitterrand, he was mistakenly attributed successively to the Syrian diplomat Michel Kassoua (who was expelled), then to the revolutionary Carlos (who was sentenced).

Jacques Chirac is the only foreign head of state to attend the funeral of Hafez al-Assad (2000). While an opposition movement crosses the country, France, which had bet on the vice-president Abdel Halim Khaddam to succeed him, recognizes the appointment of his son Bachar el-Assad by the Baath party as the next leader of the country.

Playing the mentor, Jacques Chirac – nicknamed “the Arab” as his authority is recognized by the heads of state of the region – tries to introduce Bachar on the international scene. But the young man does not intend to let himself dictate his conduct. Chirac negotiates with the new president so that Total can operate several Syrian oil fields. At the time of the official tender, the proposal of Total is outrageously disadvantageous. However, it is backed by senior Syrian officials, including President Nibras el-Fadel’s economic adviser, who is soon to be discovered playing a double game on behalf of Total and Petrofac’s Syrian-British boss. , Ayman Asfari. Learning this corruption, Assad sanctions Total by removing it from the tender, which causes the fury of Chirac.

Jacques Chirac has a similar disappointment in Lebanon. On behalf of France, he negotiated with his personal friend, Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, the right to explore Lebanese territorial waters in search of oil. The operation is covered by two Syrian peacekeeping force leaders, intelligence chief Ghazi Kanaan and vice president Abdel Halim Khaddam. Chirac sends a vessel of the Navy to conduct the survey, but the Lebanese President, Emile Lahoud, is informed, and summons the ambassador of France. He told him that Mr. Hariri’s personal arrangements did not bind his country and that the French warship was requested to leave the premises.

Reacting to these reminders to order, Chirac avoids addressing the Syrian and Lebanese presidents.

Jacques Chirac, who had supported the United States in the face of the attacks of September 11, 2001, worries about being fooled after reading my book L’Effroyable Imposture [1]. He orders the DGSE to check the thesis. After having mobilized several hundred officials and numerous embassies, the services replied that they were not able to approve the book, but that all the elements that could be verified – except a quote – are accurate. Chirac, who knows Saddam Hussein well, finds there a confirmation that France must not support the Anglo-Saxon attack in the Middle East. French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin stands up to Secretary of State Colin Powell. He leaves urgently in New York forgetting on his Paris office the file that the DGSE has prepared for him. What does it matter, his improvised speech of February 14, 2003 raises the unprecedented applause of the members of the Security Council of the United Nations and the anger of Washington. He refrains from criticizing Powell’s enormous lies – from President Hussein’s support for al-Qaida to the WMD program – but points out that nothing justifies this war.

(Disciple of the philosopher Leo Strauss and official historian of the Israeli army, Edward Luttwak inspired the invisible coup d’état of September 11, 2001 with his book, “Manuel coup”.)

President George W. Bush honors his presence at the G8 summit in Evian only a few hours. As a “French Bashing” campaign unfolds in the United States, the Pentagon advisor who inspired the Sept. 11 coup, Edward Luttwak, publicly threatens President Chirac on the French newscast2. He states bluntly: “Chirac has a bill to pay in Washington! He has a long bill to pay in Washington. And in Washington, there is obviously a decision to make him pay the bill. Chirac, he wanted to eat and eat [sic] at the expense of the United States on the diplomatic scene and obviously he will pay.

Panicked, Jacques Chirac turns heads and stands behind all the US initiatives, going so far as to make his ambassador in Tbilisi, Salomé Zourabichvili, available as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia during the “Rose Revolution” (December 2003), or still taking part in the kidnapping of Haiti’s president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, and having him kidnapped in the Central African Republic (March 2004) [2].

Following the same line, Jacques Chirac and his friend billionaire Rafic Hariri draft Resolution 1559 demanding the withdrawal of Lebanon from the Syrian peace force and the disarmament of all Lebanese militias, including Hezbollah and Palestinian groups. Unlike other militias, placed in the service of a feudal leader or subsidized by a foreign state, Hezbollah is a network of resistance to Israeli colonialism, inspired by the Iranian Revolution and then armed by Syria. This resolution is inapplicable, except to offer Lebanon to the Israeli army. In addition, President Chirac decides to boycott his Lebanese counterpart, Émile Lahoud, who is not even invited to the summit of La Francophonie.

(The Saudi-Lebanese billionaire Rafiq Hariri has abundantly financed all the election campaigns of Jacques Chirac, since his election at the Paris City Hall.)

On February 14, Rafic Hariri – who was no longer Prime Minister – was assassinated, allegedly by means of an explosive charge contained in a van [3].

Jacques Chirac rushes to Beirut, not to attend the funeral, or even to meet officials, but to spend a full day with the deceased’s lawyers to sign private commercial documents. Then he returns to Paris while the “Cedar Revolution” is in full swing in Lebanon under the discreet supervision of the men of Gene Sharp, the Serbian agitators in Washington.

Influenceable, Jacques Chirac shares the certainty that Bashar al-Assad and Emile Lahoud together planned the assassination of his friend and private business partner, Rafic Hariri. He therefore supports the United Nations Commission to investigate this crime in place of the Lebanese judiciary. For several years, UN accusations followed, Bashar al-Assad’s ostracism worldwide, and the arrest of the four generals closest to President Emile Lahoud. An international “Tribunal” is created under the auspices of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, but without the approval of the Lebanese Parliament, to try the two “assassin” presidents.

The obsessions of Jacques Chirac do not alter the Franco-Syrian cooperation. From 2003 until the suspension of diplomatic relations in 2012, the Syrian services inform their counterparts about young French people who want to go to Iraq or who are fighting against the US occupier. If by chance, they go to Syria, they are arrested and discreetly repatriated to France by military plane. This cooperation allows France to maintain public order and prevent numerous attacks on its soil. Among the jihadists extradited by Syria are Boubaker Al-Hakim (assassin of Tunisian leader Chokri Belaïd) or Sabri Essid (the half-brother of Mohamed Merah who will become one of Daesh’s executioners). However, not only will France interrupt this relationship during the “Arab Spring”, but it will release these defendants because of its alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood.

As of September 2, 2005, Jacques Chirac ceases to govern. He has a serious stroke and will never be able to perform his duties even if he keeps them in appearance. For two years, his government is divided between the Gaullists around Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin and the Atlantists around the Minister of the Interior Nicolas Sarkozy.

When Israel attacked Lebanon in the summer of 2006, Villepin supported Hezbollah, which Chirac had called for disarmament. Once his term ended, Chirac spread his corruption and moved into a luxury apartment made available by the Hariri family for his retirement. Supported by Madame Chirac, Sarkozy succeeds him.

17- Nicolas Sarkozy, the “American”

(The son of one of the five founders of the CIA, Ambassador Frank G. Wisner raised his son-in-law Nicolas Sarkozy, a teenager in New York. He introduced him to the CIA which favored his election to the French presidency.)

Nicolas Sarkozy was elected President of the French Republic in May 2007, not for his program, but for his will. The French see him as the man capable of reviving a country asleep and blocked. They do not know that Sarkozy was raised as a teenager by his father’s third wife in New York. But Christine de Ganay had remarried to Ambassador Frank Wisner Jr, son of the founder of the secret services of the CIA / NATO, the Stay-behind Gladio network. It is in this way that Sarkozy has since been sponsored by Washington to become President of the French Republic [4].

Unlike Jacques Chirac who had shown himself a brave Gaullist in 2003 before turning into a real estate agent, Nicolas Sarkozy is considered by Washington as an agent. He is immediately associated with American projects.

While still Interior Minister, Nicolas Sarkozy initiates contacts with Abdullah Senussi, the head of the Libyan interior secret services and brother-in-law of Muammar Gaddafi. He was sentenced in absentia in France for his role in the bombing of the 772 UTA flight, which killed 170 people in 1989 during the Chad war. Libya proposes to finance Sarkozy’s election campaign in return for a promise of amnesty or a judicial non-suit. A delegate minister and Sarkozy’s confidant, Brice Hortefeux, negotiates the amount with Colonel Gaddafi. In the end, according to the senior Libyan official who oversaw the transaction, the French-Lebanese businessman Ziad Takieddine transports 57 million euros to Paris.

During the election campaign, Libya observes that the socialist candidate Ségolène Royal could also win. Senussi then contacted the former Socialist Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roland Dumas, who – according to the same source – came to seek 25 million euros in Tripoli, about half of the amount offered to his competitor.

French law prohibits the financing of electoral campaigns by foreign states. Moreover, the cost of the campaigns can not reach these sums. Sarkozy and Royal can not promise to fabricate a judicial non-venue except to despise Justice and its independence. They can, however, pronounce an amnesty, but not bargain for their personal belongings. Roland Dumas knows all the better that he was president of the Constitutional Council (1995-2000) responsible for ensuring the smooth conduct of elections. French Justice will investigate Sarkozy’s mistakes, but not those of Royal [5].

Business between Gaddafi and Sarkozy continues after his arrival at the Elysee. The “first lady” (sic) Cécilia Sarkozy is responsible for finding a way out of the trial of the five Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian doctor held for eight years. In 1999, more than 400 children were infected with AIDS retroviruses at Benghazi Hospital. Islamists accuse Muammar Gaddafi of neglecting the city of Benghazi and plotting to murder their children. The local prosecutor prefers to accuse foreign health care workers to exonerate the Guide. He brutally tortures them to extort confessions.

(When he was a prosecutor, Robert Mueller accused Libya of being responsible for the Lockerbie bombing. Later, the Scottish court established that it was based on false evidence brought to the scene of the disaster by a CIA agent.)

However, Bulgaria, which has just joined the European Union, is asking the Brussels Commission to negotiate with Libya the release of its nationals. Libya finds itself facing the same officials who accused it of the bombing of the PanAm vol 103 that exploded over Lockerbie (Scotland), killing 270 people in 1988. Although Muammar Gaddafi has always denied being involved , Libya agrees to compensate the families of the victims to the tune of 2.7 billion dollars so as to settle the last dispute with the West. Aware that he must deal with the imagination of Islamists, the Guide decides to use this nosocomial infection to recover what he was unfairly forced to pay for Lockerbie. He then asks for the money back in exchange for his withdrawal from some African states and the freedom for the nurses and the doctor. Ultimately, the United States pays the sum to Qatar, which transfers it to Libya under the control of the European Union. The Minister of Justice, the Muslim Brother Moustafa Abdel Jalil, who had covered the torture while he was president of the Tripoli Court of Appeals, meets the emissaries of President Sarkozy. Still according to the same senior Libyan official, Cecilia receives a proportional bonus from Libya ($ 2.7 million). Nicolas Sarkozy, who is divorcing, makes him a gift. She will be able to open a public relations firm in Qatar with her new husband. Bulgaria welcomes the release of its nationals, while frowning on the way in which the agreement was reached.

(After marrying the future TV star Jacques Martin, then the future President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy, Cécilia Ciganer remarried with the lobbyist and director of the Davos Forum, Richard Attias.)

Nowadays, Gaddafi undertakes a European tour, including five days in France. He is scandalous by installing his tent in the gardens of the Hotel Marigny, residence of the hosts of the State. Above all, he tells France24 that Libya is more democratic than France. This provocation is not as foolish as his listeners think, as we will see throughout this story: in reality, France is no longer a democracy to the extent that neither the people nor their representatives are not actually consulted for many decisions, particularly those related to foreign and defense policies. On the other hand, it was a Republic until the end of Jacques Chirac’s term of office because the Power took decisions only according to its perception of the general interest. We will see that this will no longer be true for a long time. Libya, on the other hand, is a direct democracy inspired by the experiences of nineteenth-century French utopians. However this system is also a decoy. Indeed, Libyan society is based on tribal affiliation, so that personal opinions are of little value. It is also this social reality that allows Gaddafi to exercise the function of head of state even though it does not officially exist. The big difference between the two countries is elsewhere: by negotiating with the United States, Libya has stopped all interference with its neighbors, while France violates the Charter of the United Nations, especially in Africa and soon in the Levant. Above all, Gaddafi proclaimed the emancipation of every man and put an end to slavery, while France – which no longer practices on its soil since 1848 – has no problem to ally with slave states like Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

(Having returned to the United States and having complied with all the demands of President Bush, the former revolutionary Muammar Gaddafi has become honorable.)

The first act of President Sarkozy against Syria is to organize, in March 2008, the escape of the main false witness of the Hariri case, Mohamed Zuhair as-Siddik, to which he provides a false Czech passport [6] . Admittedly, the accusation of murder against Emile Lahoud and Bashar al-Assad collapses, but the mystery remains on the organizer of this charade. As if nothing had happened, Sarkozy went on an official trip to Damascus to revive relations between the two countries and ensure that Syria will no longer intervene in Lebanese political life.

In May, the Lebanese Prime Minister – and Jordanian secret service agent – Fouad Siniora, opens a conflict with Hezbollah. It attempts to neutralize the Iran-Resistance airlift and its internal communications so that the United States and Saudi Arabia can take control of the country and attack Syria. But Hezbollah goes on the attack. In a few hours, Siniora’s security system collapses and he has to retreat.

Peace talks begin in Doha. Qatar and France impose a new president in Lebanon who had none since the end of the mandate of Emile Lahoud, six months earlier. Paris chooses the chief of staff, General Michel Sleimane, because it is easily manipulable. The latter had in fact presented false documents for him and his family in order to obtain for all the dual French nationality. His appointment as president of Lebanon leaves a sword of Damocles over his head, the case being pending before the Justice. Worried about what the Syrian reaction might be, Qatar offers President Assad, who did not ask for anything, a plane and official cars.

(Michel Sleimane (top left) pledges to defend the “independence” of Lebanon under the benevolent eye of the Emir of Qatar (top right) who chairs the ceremony and the French Minister of Foreign Affairs who has staging.)

The Qatari emir Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani has enthroned “president” Suleiman instead of his predecessor Emile Lahoud who is not even invited to the ceremony. During this time, at the Lebanese National Assembly, French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner sits not on the benches of the public, but on those of the Lebanese government. He expressed his irritation when the former Speaker of the Assembly observed that Article 49 of the Constitution prohibited a Chief of Staff from becoming President less than two years after leaving the army. We do not take the time to amend the text and the deputies elect Michel Sleimane in violation of the Constitution.

(In 2008, France believed that Bashar al-Assad, the most popular head of state in the Arab world, would be a reliable friend to relay the French presence in the Mediterranean.)

In July 2008, Nicolas Sarkozy launched the Union for the Mediterranean, a vast operation aiming at the same time to compete with its European partners and to reintegrate Israel in the concert of the nations of the region. He invites both Bashar al-Assad and his Israeli counterpart, Shimon Peres, to attend the 14-July parade on the Champs-Elysees. The first carefully avoids the second. But for the occasion, Lebanon and Syria finally settle diplomatic relations (they had never had since their separation by the French in 1943). The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) fails for the same reasons as the Barcelona Process initiated by the European Union in 1995: it is impossible to bring together all the actors in the region until the problem has been solved. Israeli conflict.

Sarkozy makes a second official trip to Syria, in January 2009. Contacted by the Obama administration, the French President abstains from deciding anything. It’s just a journey of recognition.

(To be continued …)

Thierry Meyssan

Tommy Jensen

Counterpunch don’t get it. Manuel think CO2 farts are war crimes. There are too many stupid people out there.


There is so many manipulations, just wait a bit for understanding what is true, what isn’t… ! Follow the money tail….

Peace or the Fight Against CO2: You Have to Choose your Priority

by Thierry Meyssan

Two policies are being pursued at the global level. The first aims to defend the future of humanity by putting an end to the main current cause of wars: access to fossil energy sources. The second aims to defend the planet by limiting CO2 production, mainly due to the use of fossil fuels. These two policies contradict each other. It is important to choose your priority.

https://www.voltairenet.org/article208187.html =======================================

https://www.voltairenet.org/article208229.html Propaganda and Post-Truth

by Thierry Meyssan

For 18 years, we have been debating the strange evolution of the media, which seems to place less and less value on facts. We attribute this phenomenon to their democratization through social networks. It would be because from now on any person can become a journalist, that the quality of information would have collapsed. The right to speak should therefore be reserved for the elites.

What if it’s exactly the opposite? If the censorship we are considering was not the answer to the phenomenon, but its continuity?


Well worth reading, thank you.


A strange disjointed analysis. SF seems to understand the role being played at present by the YPG in the background as they whip-up anti Russian sentiment from their Kurdish adherents. However, they do not appear to understand the Russian/Turkish dynamic, which has developed over these past 3 and a half years. A quick re-cap to date: Erdogan would not be where he is had it not been for the Russian Intelligence tip-off which derailed the July coup in 2016 and since that time he has been shifting his position little by little towards a Russian/Irian/Chinese axis. Until that time the Sultan was a significant tool in the Yanki scheme of things which he underlined with the downing of the Russian Su 24 this time 4 years ago. Now he is buying the S-400 ADS and looks like he is also going to purchase Su-35s along with getting a licence to build sections of the aircraft. So, Erdogan would appear to have little choice other than to stick with those who saved his treacherous arse. The YPG on the other hand are still gophers for their Yanki masters and have yet to learn from being thrown under several buses that they will continue to be thrown under several more until they learn. Then again how many times do you have to make the same mistake before everyone understands you are nothing more than garbage to be dispensed with. Should the Kurds continue trying to get more than their 5.2% share, it is more than probable they will end up suicided sooner rather than later. Erdogan is a snake drained of his venom, however, should he begin to believe his own myth, that he is master of all he views he too could very well end up like the Kurds. The red light is flashing. Time’s running out. Take what you’ve got or get what you deserve……..

Icarus Tanović

We’ve already seen this, and it just can’t happen as you described it. It is like from nightmare or something.

Icarus Tanović

This is misleading, this cannot happen nor it will happen. Soon, everyone will realise how Erdogan’s regime fell into its own hole of stupidity. He is affraid to roll into Syria under any pretext, because this can lead into mass riots all over the Turkey.

Jens Holm

We will see. Anything can happen. I dont think Assads are able to re-establish ruling more territory again.

Anither quagmire made by Assad stubberness. Why do Russians keep him. Some others a sLeaders might make some less dorty agreement with SDFs. The whole Syria shoud be reformed as proposed by PYD/YPG+J/SDF.

Big local influence for local matters shoiuld be a must.

Jens Holm

Russians gets their hands full. I hope they break their knecks and Turks an Assads too.

Those are the Leaders for solving anything in Syria.

I dont see that and they are supported well by al the ones suporting thongs can be solved by more war. Most of You should consider. Should we send more weapons forfree, so all the dighting ones kill each other faster.

Then half of the population can come home. Those 19 millions are the ones being internal and external refugges, which deny killing each other for nothing.

Their President might be some YPJ women rewarding people to be nice to each other. No whip, no gun just a smile and a positive attitude joking:

We know its hard rebuilding Syria rehousing that many, but Our Goverment for the time being only can effort sponsered umbrellas. And people smile and they do have at least something for a small house and a small roof. And muslims smile extra: We can effort to have 2 rooms, but one is for food only.


Oh “South Front” … WTF… Really? Did some first year poli-sci student from Turkey write this? You are giving the Erdogan Turks way too much credit in the realm of intelligence, and dissing the Russian situational awarness. You really think the Russians don’t know WTF is going on. With all due respect, get a clue. Sub Standard report…

Jens Holm

Apperently You dont know what sober journalisme is but only propaganda from Yours or others sides.

Thats the level for You holigans here.

Joe Doe

Turkey play Putin for long time and is very obvious Turkey doesn’t want peace rather conquer Syria. Putin policy is not about Syria, rather pul Turkey from NATO or at last make Turkey and NATO bad fiendship at the expense of SYria


at the end of the day turkey will be a good boy and do what it is told to do. presently there are a few forces which are running free on what previously has been provided, but once that is exhausted, the main parties will conclude the situation in the NE to the satisfaction of putin, assad and rouhani and hezbollah. erdogan will be anxious to fit in, so no worries.

Prince Teutonic

Also they need to recycle “Dissolution of Russia” article… Haven’t seen it for a while…

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