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Is Macron the EU’s Last Best Hope?

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Is Macron the EU’s Last Best Hope?

Emmanuel Macron (Reuters: Stephane Mahe)

Written by Patrick Buchanan; Originally appeared at Buchanan.org

For the French establishment, Sunday’s presidential election came close to a near-death experience. As the Duke of Wellington said of Waterloo, it was a “damn near-run thing.”

Neither candidate of the two major parties that have ruled France since Charles De Gaulle even made it into the runoff, an astonishing repudiation of France’s national elite.

Marine Le Pen of the National Front ran second with 21.5 percent of the vote. Emmanuel Macron of the new party En Marche! won 23.8 percent.

Macron is a heavy favorite on May 7. The Republicans’ Francois Fillon, who got 20 percent, and the Socialists’ Benoit Hamon, who got less than 7 percent, both have urged their supporters to save France by backing Macron.

Ominously for U.S. ties, 61 percent of French voters chose Le Pen, Fillon or radical Socialist Jean-Luc Melenchon. All favor looser ties to America and repairing relations with Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Le Pen has a mountain to climb to win, but she is clearly the favorite of the president of Russia, and perhaps of the president of the United States. Last week, Donald Trump volunteered:

“She’s the strongest on borders, and she’s the strongest on what’s been going on in France. … Whoever is the toughest on radical Islamic terrorism, and whoever is the toughest at the borders, will do well in the election.”

As an indicator of historic trends in France, Le Pen seems likely to win twice the 18 percent her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, won in 2002, when he lost in the runoff to Jacques Chirac.

The campaign between now and May 7, however, could make the Trump-Clinton race look like an altarpiece of democratic decorum.

Not only are the differences between the candidates stark, Le Pen has every incentive to attack to solidify her base and lay down a predicate for the future failure of a Macron government.

And Macron is vulnerable. He won because he is fresh, young, 39, and appealed to French youth as the anti-Le Pen. A personification of Robert Redford in “The Candidate.”

But he has no established party behind him to take over the government, and he is an ex-Rothschild banker in a populist environment where bankers are as welcome as hedge-fund managers at a Bernie Sanders rally.

He is a pro-EU, open-borders transnationalist who welcomes new immigrants and suggests that acts of Islamist terrorism may be the price France must pay for a multiethnic and multicultural society.

Macron was for a year economic minister to President Francois Hollande who has presided over a 10 percent unemployment rate and a growth rate that is among the most anemic in the entire European Union.

He is offering corporate tax cuts and a reduction in the size of a government that consumes 56 percent of GDP, and presents himself as the “president of patriots to face the threat of nationalists.”

His campaign is as much “us vs. them” as Le Pen’s.

And elite enthusiasm for Macron seems less rooted in any anticipation of future greatness than in the desperate hope he can save the French establishment from the dreaded prospect of Marine.

But if Macron is the present, who owns the future?

Across Europe, as in France, center-left and center-right parties that have been on the scene since World War II appear to be emptying out like dying churches. The enthusiasm and energy seem to be in the new parties of left and right, of secessionism and nationalism.

The problem for those who believe the populist movements of Europe have passed their apogee, with losses in Holland, Austria and, soon, France, that the fever has broken, is that the causes of the discontent that spawned these parties are growing stronger.

What are those causes?

A growing desire by peoples everywhere to reclaim their national sovereignty and identity, and remain who they are. And the threats to ethnic and national identity are not receding, but growing.

The tide of refugees from the Middle East and Africa has not abated. Weekly, we read of hundreds drowning in sunken boats that tried to reach Europe. Thousands make it. But the assimilation of Third World peoples in Europe is not proceeding. It seems to have halted.

Second-generation Muslims who have lived all their lives in Europe are turning up among the suicide bombers and terrorists.

Fifteen years ago, al-Qaida seemed confined to Afghanistan. Now it is all over the Middle East, as is ISIS, and calls for Islamists in Europe to murder Europeans inundate social media.

As the numbers of native-born Europeans begin to fall, with their anemic fertility rates, will the aging Europeans become more magnanimous toward destitute newcomers who do not speak the national language or assimilate into the national culture, but consume its benefits?

If a referendum were held across Europe today, asking whether the mass migrations from the former colonies of Africa and the Middle East have on balance made Europe a happier and better place to live in in recent decades, what would that secret ballot reveal?

Does Macron really represent the future of France, or is he perhaps one of the last men of yesterday?

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France be damned if they vote for this French cocksucker!

Real Anti-Racist Action

Macron worked as an Inspector of Finances in the Inspectorate General of Finances (IGF) and then became an investment banker at Rothschild & Cie Banque. He is the problem, and he is a full 100% Zionist. He is for the genocide of the indigenous ethnic native tribal peoples, and is for the globalist banking institution expansion. See his Wikipedia page for the proof.

Peter Moy

If this little worm Macron wins on May 7, France is finished and the globalist, money sucking, imperialist, evil rats will have won. It will be business as usual with this marionette.

Solomon Krupacek

dont cry. behind hiom there is no party. he will have an enemy parlament.


The legitimacy of that parlement died the day it voted to accept the European constitution.

Solomon Krupacek



The assembly knew perfectly (by opinion polls) well that the French population was ready to refuse this constitution if being asked by referendum. Sarkozy stopped at that moment to talk about a referendum. He and the chief of the socialist party, Hollande, convened the two chambers of the parliament in a special session to vote for it instead. A legislative corps voting against the expressed will of the people they are supposed to represent ceased at that instant to look legitimate from my standpoint. That’s history and a very sad day. BTW, the legislative power died with that vote too. From that day on, their votes are never considered in news. They have no influence on the French politics. It looks much more like a well paid job without a lot of work. People in there have often two or three mandates.


Macron is hardcore French establishment, an ex-Socialist party economics minister and Goldman Sachs banker. His previous political employer, the centre left, will easily work with Macron, as will most of the centre right, to maintain the status quo and the EU project. Macron is a full-blown, defensive, political response project put up by the French establishment, to counter the strong mood for change in very frustrated electorate, and French electorate are falling for it.


Macron is a phenomene that is very familiar in the dutch political scene, that is centrist liberal with a green and social flavor. In the Netherlands known as D66 party.

As someone very familiar with the french countryside, it is really amazing to see small villages votintg 60% Le Pen while at the same time only being able to survive because of european subsidies.

A french going it alone will cut of all European subsidies to french farmers and to the french countryside where lots of smaller projects in the small cities are 80% funded by Europe.

The root of french economic problems lies in the stranglehold of unions on all changes in subsidies, workstructures, too early retirement (often as early as of 56) and the unwillingness to put the budget in order.

The Netherlands did, at a cost, yes. Now our unemployment is some 5%, half of Frances, we have a budget surplus, our FN (PVV) stands at 13% of the vote instead of Frances 22%, there is a future for the dutch young, even in the countryside.

If one takes out unemployment among the unemployable “immigrants”, unemployment is likely to be below 4%..

All in all, there is a reward for adapting to world economics. There is a price for not doing so also. France is paying that price right now.


A French version of Tony Blair. The French will right royally screw themselves if he is elected. The EU is doomed anyway even if he is elected.


Are you blind, huh, or offended, because the ugly truth is simple, we lost, period.
I dont even care, not at all, about the so called election in France, because of the MSM.

Anyone this days whom is either an NWO whore, like this MadCON, and this Pen thing, all tho how much its true whatever she states, but again, we have been fooled so many times that this time, we know their game.

I simply dont trust anyone of them, not for an split second.

Look at the Greeks, huh, 7 years of misery and plain plunder, what happen.
Look at Italy, they are on the slide down to the bottom of the pit.
Look at the rest of them.

The wars, is what I know is coming, I dont see anything else, an straight path to never ending wars and more “terror”, and nobody talks about WHY.
The uISISa is gone, and have only war left in the purse of tools, nothing else, Trump was/is the scam of the millennium and we have barley not even started on it, and we have people whom makes the rats we left to shame, Trump is Obamalama the Childslayer on steroids, and somehow we have to think this is “unintended”, because they still believe Trump is the man.

I see nowhere anything that makes me believe this wars can be avoided.
In the Alt, net sites, yeah, where basically all of them are run by Jooos (fake jooos, to be precise, like the Norse aka khazarian inbreeds) or by Wankees, witch is the same.
Even Reddit admits it allows ISIS to make it to an site, yeah, PC-ism in full daylight colluding with the Happy head chopping “moderate” terrorists, whom Trump protects with His air-force.
The uISISa minions dont even hide it anymore, this ISIS is western mercs and thats now an fact, even admitted by Joooos and even the Norse MSM drools something about supporting “rebels”.

In the so called alt, sites Wankers, the dumbest and most brainwashed sheep’s of them all, and all of the wants war with NK.
Because, Kim is an fat slob, yeah, thats why, kill em all, right, wankees.
They have even as we speak kicked me out of everyone of this sites, hehe, and why is I not surprised.

But here is it, I know something is coming, to be specific is difficult since the false flag will point on someone, but right now I ges its either Iran or NK, whom will be blamed, and the same theater is set, where they write about “dirty nukes” in the uISISa/Mexico, that one is the signal, they will make it look like an “dirty nuke”.
And the escalations is in every directions, after all this years, even when it was darkest I never thought that we would in fact end up like this, not in the Cold war days.

But here is the deal, the west will never stopped their hate propaganda against Russia, I have seen people whom I respected as writers and journalists, but this days, incl the freak show called Ukraina have exposed them all, there is non left, and right now this few are dying out in an sea of bullshit and propaganda to make wars, again.

Back to France, of course Le Pen is correct, but so was Jabba the Trump, so was them all, and like Syriza, they flip floped as soon their rotten souls landed inside the Gov. buildings, and look at them now, hideous creeps and lying sacks of shit.
Do you really believe this scums would change anything.
If you do, well, then I know we are f…..
Nobody is more blind than those that refuses to see.
Good night France, I was in Paris, probably the last time it ever was somehow an genuine frenc city, now, its an 3 world dungeon, run by criminals and scammers, all controlled by Bankers, like this Madcow thing, an Goldman Sachs whore.
I wish I could believe again, but that one have died, and now, its to late, the west will never reverse anything, since its controlled by the uISISa and Bankers.
All wars are bankers wars.
Never forget that.

I think its some of my last comments, this time because its getting late, and I have stopped to be nice, and some cant handle it, but then again, I am beyond caring, they will get what they sow.



I thought i was the only one lol, anyway most people are too scared to believe they rather embrace lies to feel safe.


Sorry that you are beyond caring.
You cloud your mind with MSM media and BS talk.
Look at the facts on the ground in Syria and elsewhere.


‘Mainstream’/establishment parties know they cannot win, Hollande is extremely unpopular, so they decided to make some fake-ass ‘new movement’, portraying this clown as some new, young patriotic leader – while he is nothing but their puppet. A manchurian candidate owned by the establishment.


I heard nobody even heard of this guy before and now he’s in the lead??? Wtf is going on??


I suggest you read a newspapaer or read a newssite and not a BS fake news providers.


What is the truth then?


I was referring to you never heard of him before. He is, was and has been in the news for years.

So, I have no truth other then the advice to read more widely.

As for the rise of Macron, he profited from the moral defeat of the socialists and profited from the fall out of favor of Fillon, disgraced by his underhand pilfering of the state coffers.

The only other real contenders were of the far right and far left. That left him as the only possible candidate that was not extreme and the political center does not like extremes.

That is, at least, my take on his winning the first round.

Jean de Peyrelongue

Emmanuel Macron is the French equivalent of Hillary Clinton. Both pretend to be the target of Russia, both are the puppet of the elite managing the New Word Order and Israel. The difference I see is Hillary is a killer and Macron is a paper tiger. Hillary was willing to lead the US, the center of the Empire of chaos and Macron wants to be the Gauleiter of France on behalf of the Empire of chaos. Macron is a minus even worse than Holland.
Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Melanchon are the new leaders of the left in France.
Melanchon, as a Free-mason, represents the left that feels that they know what is good for the people. The do not recognize the people as being adults: they have to be told what to do, what to think. For them people are all the same, wherever, they come from; they are just “talking animals”.
Marine Le Pen is much closer to the people but she makes a difference whether they are Frenchs or not. She is working with the people and for the people and not for the international finance and the exceptional minority which wants to rule the World. With her, the minorities will not prevail over the majority and I hope she will stop financing the lobbies and will throw away the NGO finance by the Empire of Chaos.
Macron’s Victory would mean the Triumph of the corrupt Media and the dirty money over what makes the Humanity, a specie above the animals

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