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MAY 2021

Is Lukashenko Losing Battle For Belarus?

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Is Lukashenko Losing Battle For Belarus?

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Belarus has been passing through a deep political crisis strengthened by the complicated economic situation and Western-backed regime-change attempts.

On August 18, pro-Western forces continued their pressure campaign on the Lukashenko-led government seeking to force  Alexander Lukashenko to resign. Western mainstream media and opposition propaganda structures (funded and controlled from the EU, first of all Poland) argue that the demonstrations showed signs of expanding, with more factory workers joining the protests and hundreds of people gathering outside factories and a jail where the husband of the country’s main opposition figure, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, is being held.

The pro-Western opposition is currently focusing on the following directions:

  • The further expansion of protests across the country;
  • The promotion of the nation-wide strike with the goal of stopping all main industrial facilities of Belarus, including the direct blockade of key administrative and industrial objects;
  • The psychological pressure on citizens, government workers, diplomats and security forces personnel in order to force them to break the ties with the Lukashenko government and declare the public support to the opposition (even if this goes contrary to their real views);
  • The creation of an alternative system of governance, including the government in exile led by Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya that is now in Lithuania.

The number of protesters participating in daily events and especially plants involved in the ‘nation-wide’ strike is intentionally overestimated by Western-funded propaganda structures. (MORE ABOUT THEM HERE AND HERE) At the same time, it should be noted that the real coordinators of the ‘grassroots’ protest use the created opposition ‘strike force’ very effective. The video below shows what’s happening near the entrance to the Minsk Automobile Plant (also known as MTZ) and what a plant worker sees when he leaves the plant.

All these people that gathered near the plant and were waving opposition flags and screaming were not plant workers. This is an organized gathering designed to threaten and psychologically pressure the plant’s workers, as well as the rest of the population (depending on the location of event), and force them to accept the ‘new reality’ – i.e. the self-declared victory of the opposition. The actions of these protest groups that deploy near key industrial and administrative objects under the command of their coordinators are aimed at forcing people, regardless their real position, to declare the public support to the regime change efforts. In other cases, this crowd signals, people will face negative consequences (including threats to life) as ‘supporters of the regime’.

Earlier, this approach was already employed during the coup in Ukraine in 2014. Nonetheless, the Belarusian case is slightly different because Belarus has kept its industrial potential and the industrial sector and its workers play an important role in the country’s economic and social life. Therefore, they become a target of a coordinated attack. At the same time, the establishment of control over Belarusian plants and their further looting in the field of interests of the leaders of the Belarusian ‘democratic opposition’ and its sponsors.

The dominance of the opposition in the media sphere and on the street have become almost unconditional. At least, this situation will remain in this filed as long as there are no looting and violent actions that could justify the usage of force by authorities. However, even in this case, the reaction of the Lukashenko government will likely be painted as the suppression of ‘peaceful protesters’.

The international community is very concerned by the situation in Belarus:

In own turn, after the first days of riots, when the government successfully and extensively used force to suppress them, President Lukashenko demonstrated that currently he has no understanding on what to do with the ‘nonviolent resistance’ campaign and does not control the situation. If nothing changes, the collapse of the current Belarusian governance system and the fall of Lukashenko is the matter of the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, the entire policy of Lukashenko and a majority of his recent actions were apparently aimed at causing the maximum damage to Belarus’ main military ally and de-facto economic sponsor, Russia. For a long time, Lukashenko had made regular and hostile statements towards Moscow and had contributed extensive efforts to undermine the relations with Russia.

Just ahead of the elections, Lukashenko provoked a new public conflict with Russia regarding the gas supplies and economic questions (demanding more unconditional support by blackmailing Moscow in various fields).

Then, Lukashenko employed a harsh anti-Russian rhetoric ahead and during the presidential election. The Lukashenko government staged and participated in the provocation with detention of ‘Russian mercenaries’ that allegedly came to destabilize Belarus (spoiler – no).

After this, the Lukashenko government allowed the main public figure of the opposition, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, to flee to Lithuania, where he, under the patronage of Lithuanian, Polish and US special services, immediately started creating the government in exile.

When the situation went out of control and Lukashenko felt that his political regime is crumbling, he found out that he’s an ally of Russia and Belarusians are the ‘Russian people’. So, he started fiercely speculating that Moscow will support his political regime at any cost, including the military intervention. In fact, no such statements were made by the Kremlin and the only declaration of the military support was related to the protection of Belarus from a foreign intervention as a member state of the Collective Security Treaty Organization. Despite this, the behavior of Lukashenko created conditions for the anti-Russian hysteria among the pro-Western opposition in Belarus as well as in Western mainstream media.

The refusal of Lukashenko to make political reforms and his determination to remain in power at any cost prolong the ongoing crisis and play into the hand of the Western-controlled opposition. Every day, the political and public campaign run by pro-Western forces gains momentum. The ‘alternative’ governance system controlled from the abroad and consisting of clearly anti-Russian and pro-Western figures is being formed under the brand of Tsikhanouskaya.

As to Russia, over the past weeks, Moscow has demonstrated that it has no active policy towards the crisis in Belarus. The Russian leadership may have decided that it has no tactical opportunities that will allow it to secure its interests. Therefore, Moscow may have opted a more prolonged strategy that includes into the consideration the possible victory of the pro-Western opposition and its expected negative consequences (looting of the industrial complex and the collapse of the economy). In this case, Russia will have an opportunity to restore its influence in Belarus using the dissatisfaction of the population with the deterioration of the social and economic situation under the Western rule in 2-3 years. In the event of a larger crisis and the start of a nationalist-initiated bloodbath in Belarus, Russia may opt to employ a peace-keeping force to put an end to the violence. In this scenario and in the case of success of the peace-restoring operation, the political and economic integration of Belarus with Russia as a part of the Union Sate will be relaunched and Belarus and Russia will become the Union State not only on paper (since 1996), but de-facto.


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  1. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

    He needs to start planning his political funeral.

    1. Jens Holm says:

      Miltaries are under command of the civilians and should never run anything.

      1. Fog of War says:

        ” Miltaries are under command of the civilians ”

        This has proven so effective in the Western world hasnt it ? The war in Syria would be long over if the Russian military ran things.

      2. cechas vodobenikov says:

        tell this to amerikans that live in a military dictatorship–inverted totalitarianism—u puppet

  2. Ashur-ban-them-all says:

    Ha russia letting Belarus fall so they can move in with peace keeping force, resulting in full integration.

    Well now that’s long term planning.

    But for Ukraine that means Russian troops on even more that its borders.

    1. Fog of War says:

      They cant enter an independent nation without an Invitation . And even then most young, brainwashed Belarusians would protest or resist, possibly some of the military also. Will Russia forces fire on those two groups and under what right ?

      1. Ashur-ban-them-all says:

        under the right of quelling the chaos on their own borders. But more under the guise and invitation of the loosing accepting the help that Russia. Desperation can out way annexation.

        If mexico or Canada broke out into civil war would the US not intervene and then try to annex the area.

        1. Fog of War says:

          Would it make it legal or morally correct ?

          1. Ashur-ban-them-all says:

            what makes the US actions morally correct?

    2. occupybacon says:

      That would mean a new full pack of sanctions and the revival of NATO

      1. Ashur-ban-them-all says:

        when has sanctions ever been effective against a country as Russia.

        1. occupybacon says:

          Without sanctions, Russia would have invaded most of Ukraine by now. They are pretty effective.

          1. Ashur-ban-them-all says:


          2. occupybacon says:

            Crimea is a small part of Ukraine. Russia was preparing to advance north of Crimea, they named this land they wanted to capture ‘Novorossia’ which stretchef from Odessa to Harkov.

          3. Lone Ranger says:

            Crimea was, is and will be Russia.
            60 years of temporary Ukrop occupation ended in 2014.
            People are happy.

          4. occupybacon says:

            People of China are happy too, Russians will joun soon.

          5. Lone Ranger says:

            They already joined.
            Shanghai Cooperation Organisation…

          6. occupybacon says:

            Good, Putin’s Eurasia changed its capital city.

          7. Lone Ranger says:

            Its still Moscow :)

          8. occupybacon says:

            For a short period, Shanghai is emerging. Signs already appear in Siberia.

          9. Lone Ranger says:

            What signs?
            3000 Chinese workers in a bordertown?
            Dont make me laugh.
            Moscow is the biggest city in Europe a financial and tech hub and powerhouse.
            While Shanghai is impressive they are behind.
            China still heavily relies on Russian know how.

          10. occupybacon says:

            Moscow, Petersburg and few other big cities are rich but the remote towns look like after war. You can’t make difference between a random town Donbas town and a Siberia town. Gust google images ‘Siberia bridge’ or ‘Siberia town’.

          11. Lone Ranger says:

            There are poor places in every country.
            There are beautiful places outside of megacities.
            In fact I think Russia is better off than the U.S.

          12. occupybacon says:

            You are entitled to your opinion. I prefer Greece over both.

          13. occupybacon says:

            And your point is?

          14. Lone Ranger says:

            Smaller cities and towns look nice too.

          15. Ashur-ban-them-all says:

            and yet they supported the donbass people with 4,000-6,000 troops and increased the equipment of the separatists by a third.

            The sanctions did not work. What did work was NATO threatening to expend article 5 to Ukraine if anymore land was taken. This is why Russia has not outright invaded the eastern part of Ukraine.

            You are beaten Stop trying, every question you asked i gave answer too, ever stated you made i countered, and now you taking a step back stated that is was “just small part of Ukraine, but their bigger ones where stopped”

            and don’t think of going back to earlier comment in thread as i will still respond to you and picture i picture of the complete thread.

          16. occupybacon says:

            You said that sanctions didn’t work and I said they stopped Russia from advancing in Ukraine. Also Russia would have taken over Belarus if Putin was not afraid of sanctions. That’s my opinion and you are entitled to yours.

          17. Ashur-ban-them-all says:

            no i said “Russia letting Belarus fall so they can move in with peace keeping force, resulting in full integration.”

            you said “That would mean a new full pack of sanctions”

            I said when has “sanctions ever been effective against a country as Russia”

            you said “Without sanctions, Russia would have invaded most of Ukraine by now. They are pretty effective.”

            i said “crimea” cause that’s proof that Russia took what it wanted.

            you said “Crimea is a small part of Ukraine. Russia was preparing to advance north of Crimea,

            i said “The sanctions did not work. What did work was NATO threatening to expend article 5 to Ukraine if anymore land was taken. This is why Russia has not outright invaded the eastern part of Ukraine.”

            Don’t you get it NATO was willing to fully back Ukraine military that is what stopped Russia Not sanctions. Besides the Ukraine is falling apart at the seems and west is just pumping more and more resource into Ukraine to keep it afloat.

            if this happen the Belarus it will be another deficit country that must be supported and that will give nothing back to the west. More resources wasted for no gain.

            Stop trying because your opinion has merit.

          18. occupybacon says:

            Yeah you say ‘integration’ I say ‘invasion’. The rest is the same. And sorry but I have a life, I don’t read more than 2-3 phrases from a comment, especially if salty.

          19. Ashur-ban-them-all says:

            i have and life and two jobs as well and yet i can spare the time to read comments in full detail, so how about you block so, we don’t have any more long chains like this. Otherwise the head aches are on you.

      2. cechas vodobenikov says:

        more irrelevancy from the fake amerikan, devoid of an economy except for plywood windows and BLM vandalism/looting

        1. occupybacon says:

          Is the Ruble a Cent yet?

  3. Raptar Driver says:

    The Russians want him gone to so his future is nil.You
    You can say what you want about him but he was one of the last independent leaders in the world.
    How can the White Russians be so stupid? They’re gonna trade a Independent leader for one who is firmly part of the world government like Putin.

  4. SnowCatzor says:

    Make Belarus Russian Again. Might as well since Belarus has never really worked as a state since independence and historically never really existed prior to 1990. Much like the majority of Ukraine, it was mostly an artificial creation.

    It’s people mostly speak Russian and are ethnically identical.

    1. Jens Holm says:

      Thats nonsense. 80% also are etnic Bellarussians and not assimilated Mongols.

      1. Rhodium 10 says:

        What is Etnic Belarussians stupid?…all of them are orient slavs

        1. Jens Holm says:

          Etnic Bellarussians are defined.

          White refers to they were the clean ones never mixted up with mongols.

          And one more thing: THEY DECIDE

          1. occupybacon says:

            True, all Russian leaders except tsars and Stalin had that partial mongolic aspect. Bielorussians and Ukrainians are more Russians than the Muscovites.

          2. cechas vodobenikov says:

            durak—ni pomiul…few Ukrainians r blond—mixed between Galicians, russyns, Hungarians, Poles, Turks, Tatars, etc….more porky stupidity

          3. occupybacon says:

            Putin, Medvedev, Alexey Miller, Yeltsin, Sergey Soygu, Brejnev, Lenin – these are people with evident mongolic features.

            Stalin, Khruscev, Gorbachev – these are people without them.

          4. cechas vodobenikov says:

            u know zero jenny—more danish cartoons

          5. Rhodium 10 says:

            yo say Etnic anglosaxon Americans…Etnic anglosaxon australians…Etnic anglosaxon British?….Ukraine , Belarus and Rusia are the same etnics..diferent entity politic

        2. Fog of War says:

          ” orient slavs ”

          What is an Orient Slav ? Is that like an African Frenchman ? An Italian Egyptian ? A Candian Pakistani ?

          1. Jens Holm says:

            I think he referes to Poles, Tjeks and Sorbes are northern slaves as well as the rest of them were emmigrated or was forced Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Monte Negro.

            Im no good speller. I once was blamed for writing Youghurt slaves.

          2. Rhodium 10 says:

            You say Etnic anglosaxon USA…etnic anglosaxon Canadian…etnic anglosaxon Australian?….are diferent etnic?….

      2. SnowCatzor says:

        “Mongols” lol what? Russians and Belorussians are both Slavs you idiot.

    2. Fog of War says:

      You are incorrect. It seems Belarus, Russia, adn Ukraine all orginate from the same source the Kievan Rus, ironically guess where is that located ? So who are the true Russians ? Not to mention that many Russians also have Viking genetics . Are they pure Russian or should the Slavic Russians be cosidered pure ? Noithing is a simple as it looks at first.

      ” In the 9th century the territory of modern Belarus became part of Kievan Rus’, a vast East Slavic state ruled by the Rurikid dynasty. Upon the death of Kievan Rus’ ruler Yaroslav I the Wise, the state split into independent principalities.[52] Many early Rus’ principalities were virtually razed or severely affected by a major Mongol invasion in the 13th century, but the lands of modern Belarus avoided the brunt of the invasion and eventually joined the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.[53] There are no sources of military seizure, but the annals affirm the alliance and united foreign policy of Polotsk and Lithuania for decades.[54]

      A map of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 15th century. Belarus was fully within its borders.
      Incorporation into the Grand Duchy of Lithuania resulted in an economic, political and ethno-cultural unification of Belarusian lands.[55] Of the principalities held by the Duchy, nine of them were settled by a population that would eventually become Belarusian people.[56] During this time, the Duchy was involved in several military campaigns, including fighting on the side of Poland against the Teutonic Knights at the Battle of Grunwald in 1410; the joint victory allowed the Duchy to control the northwestern borderlands of Eastern Europe.[57]

      The Muscovites, led by Ivan III of Moscow, began military campaigns in 1486 in an attempt to incorporate the lands of Kievan Rus’, specifically the territories of modern Belarus, Russia and Ukraine “

      1. occupybacon says:

        Finally someone who knows some hystory on this site.

        1. cechas vodobenikov says:

          “amerikans r not educated the thing sociologically or historically….the functional illiteracy and ignorance of amerikans has made us an international joke”. Morris Berman
          u always elicit a laugh from me…

          1. occupybacon says:

            Keep it up!

      2. Jens Holm says:

        Very good copy paste. It makes a movie instead of some dirty pictures.

      3. cechas vodobenikov says:

        all sociologists, including Hochschild observe that culture determines perceptions and expectations…to comprehend the vast differences between amerikans (“amerikans bewilder Europeans”) read Geoffrey Gorer, ‘The amerikan People’ and his ethnography, The Great Russian people’

      4. SnowCatzor says:

        The idea of Belarus wasn’t around until the early 20th century, but even then it wasn’t really an independent entity until 1990. The two are both part of a close Union, and many in both countries (including Putin and Lukashenko) have talked about one day merging.

  5. AM Hants says:

    When Russia have told Merkel and Maccron, if they try anything out of order in Belarus they will be also taking on Russia? Who would be that stupid, besides Poland, to keep pushing?

    1. Jens Holm says:

      None here says so and have wisheds like that. Ypu must be propagandadized.

      They and me say the People licing there in ther own country has to choose themself, which Lukashenko has denied them for many years. 80% of the votes is far out and even an unclever lie.

      Lukashenko would have better chances telling fx he was declining from the 83% fake to 65 or 60, where there still was a margin to 49%.

      1. shylockracy says:

        The “unclever lie” is that Ziocorporate terrorist kingdoms and entities like UK, EU or Denmark call themselves “democracies”. You sound more stupid every time, go sleep off your glue-sniffing high and comment when you’re sober.

        1. occupybacon says:

          That’s what Lukasenko said before being arrested

        2. Jens Holm says:

          I feel fine being named as such by someone like You. I see we are doing relative fine compared to others as well as we work hard and are rewarded for it as well as for ou responsability.

          We even live longer then most.

          according wiki: Democracy is a system of government in which laws, policies, leadership, and major undertakings of a state or other polity are directly or indirectly decided by the “people,” a group historically constituted by only a minority of the population (e.g., all free adult males in ancient Athens or all sufficiently propertied adult males in 19th-century Britain) but generally understood since the mid-20th century to include all (or nearly all) adult citizens.

          Ots fullfilled here in Denmark. Criminals vote too only some few menthal handicapped has no vote – well You has to be adult and here adult is 18 and up.

          1. cechas vodobenikov says:

            your stupidity is farcical—there are numerous “democratic forms”—all systems “work”, but for whom? you’re rich…obviously you r too uneducated to comprehend Robert Michel’s concept “iron rule of oligarchy”. u r an idiot —u believe wikipedia: 180 employees funded by 3$ donations from the CIA

      2. cechas vodobenikov says:

        cry to mommy
        pro govt demo Minsk—120,000
        anti L demo—10,000
        they don’t teach arithmetic in your village—

        1. Jens Holm says:

          We have live TV from there and even with danish TV.

          I wonder why the 120.000 Lukashenko supporters has so many posters, which says he should resign.

          We also has live TV from outside the Jail, where the Housbound of the opposition Leader are getting birthday songs from many many.




          new: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vGI7Ywdw0w

          1. Kishan Chali says:

            You’re daydreaming. Better mind the Muslim threat in your own country rather than poking into other countries.

          2. Jens Holm says:

            The links is proof against this:

            cry to mommy
            pro govt demo Minsk—120,000
            anti L demo—10,000

            Which is total lie or daydreaming. Maybee You slept and didnt read his socalled comment.

            I see no muslim threat in my country. Parts are fine people but others dot fit inat all and some few of those do almost half of the seats in out jails even they could have a good lige like most of the rest of us.

            And yes, I dont like Lukashanko and Co poking the people he is responsible for. And I do poke Russia telling Nato and EU has bad intensions about fx Belarus just because they lost their colonies all the way west of Berlin with taks and missiles there.

            Here I use facts like those links above and oppinions. An important one is, that people has to decide themself but if they are forbidden, I will help them in a piecefull way. Nato was meant as anshield aganst Stalinisme and Commusme of the worst kind.

      3. AM Hants says:

        Guess they should follow the US system. Just 2 candidates, few international witnesses and a 4 year hissy fit, after the dead have been exhumed to cast a vote. Didn’t Obama get 116% of the vote, back in Philly 2012?

        1. Jens Holm says:

          Yes. Old and also corrupt amd too strange systems has to be changed for something bettter and at least be repaired.

          Its also very strange for us people has to registrate as voters even all over 18 already are. Some non black sates even test blacks and also by income.

          We voters here all get a votercard to where we live. I says what the voting is about and where to vote and when. We go there and normally they only check us by asking for ourr bitheday.

          But is something wrong from printing to cheeting, they as for ID and You might wait a while for that.

          Then You get the list or lists with the political parties, where You can vore on political party and even person if You wish.

          Maybee their problems are they in their freedom can be more unknown for the Govement. We has to have a bankaccount and banks cant deny any that. By that money comes in from normal jobs as well as wellfare. If You owe money to the Goverment, thay can take it right away from there(I think the most common is childsupprt).

          And by Our ID number, which all has and use for anything important, it should be possible to vote as well instead of using mailboxes. To Our ID number are connected secret random numbers, so none can use Our ID and cheat. In the other hand its very difficult to cheet Ourselves.

          It seemes to work fine even we do have some few ID thefts here too.

          And Hillary got more votes then Trump too.

        2. Nana-Chan says:

          lol that’s the dumbest thing that I’ve read today. And, I’ve read Trump’s Twitter feed. lol

      4. rider650 says:

        Do you know how elections work, how many people are involved? Until this one (where they refused to come, how convenient) every election in Belarus was supervised by the UN from 2001 on, and they found nothing wrong with them. You can tip the results a little, like the Democrats do in the US, but you cannot get, say, 40% and then just say ‘I got 80%’. This is not how this works.

        1. Jens Holm says:

          https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elections_in_Belarus and several other sources dont say, what You declareas Yióu see Jesus in flames in the cross haning upside down.

          And Yes in Denmark we know how to elect. Where people vote, there are representatives for each party. Where the votes are counted there are representives. The machine countings for the final results are allowed to control again and again.

          And everything is recounted if there are even small dounbts or maybee accidents. We also has compensation extra elected, so thinmgs do fit very well. Here we very soon can see who those supplment persons are by name.

    2. shylockracy says:

      Very rosy outlook. There’s the issue of the global Ziocorporate terrorist mafia’s great deal of influence on different Russian socioeconomic power structures, which Putin fanboys tend to dismiss as less important than it really is because that’s covenient for fanboyism purposes.

      Hopefully the global Ziocorporate terrorists push their luck to the point where Russia will need to use its military against them, that would be great progress.

      1. AM Hants says:

        Putin fanboys? Is that the soundbite for this week’s Shadow Gate bonus?

    3. occupybacon says:

      All Russia can do is to invade Belarus. Anything else?

      1. cechas vodobenikov says:

        poor little porky….u nazis lost Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Nogorno Karabahk, Pridestrovia, Donbass, Crimea…so stupefied and incompetent, insecure u lose all wars…backwards and ignorant that u r not proficient in your own conservative puritanical language…LOL

        1. occupybacon says:

          The countries that need liberated are: Siberia, Tatarstan, Chechnya, Kaliningrad, Curiles.

          1. Kishan Chali says:

            All of them are Russia’s territory. You claim to be a liberal democrat but what you only promote here is destabilization and the breakup of sovereign countries.

          2. occupybacon says:

            I never claimed to be a liberal or democrat, you mixed me with someone wlse.

      2. AM Hants says:

        You do not invade when invited as a guest. Do believe you are muddling Russia up with NATO.

        1. occupybacon says:

          ‘be my guest and invade my country’ the outcome is the same.

      1. BMWA1 says:

        News of the Mogilev rally! :)

      2. AM Hants says:

        No EU or $oro$ style flags? Bet the MSM stay mute. Again thanks for the link to the site.

        1. Cromwell says:

          Funny you should mention that,i have been looking for EU,US,and other foreign flags among those demos,i haven’t seen any.

          1. Jens Holm says:

            The opposition has asked all outsiders to stay away because Belarus is their own in this and should be solved by themselves.

            The reasons are very visble here. The friends of Russia and Syria try to tell its a USA, Nato, EU take over.

            Even Lukashenko dont say that. He has for years been in a both and no choise.

            That part makes sense for me. Belarus should not take Our bad parts and parts which dont fit in. In the other hand they do need reforms for change. Thats why so many people are in the streets.

            Lukashenko use to much fokus for remaining as President and in the top. His security system is not needed if there are no threats.

            Thats how I see it.

    4. HiaNd says:

      Poland and Baltic neo-NAZI, US stooges.
      Same old anti Russia haters making a “poking of the bear” activity, as their life long mission.

  6. Fog of War says:

    Yes, and so is Russia. Probably intentionally because of Putin.


    1. occupybacon says:

      True that. Chabad is the real deal.

  7. Rhodium 10 says:

    Dear SF you forgot that Russia have military assets in Belarus…March and rallys dont expel any governments above all if they have support of Russia and China among others as we have seen in Venezuela!..the reason is very easy to understand…if some part of the army and security forces support pro western oposition…another part would be supported by Russia and China..then we will see a civil war..and a war inside Russia area of influence and no NATO country only can have a winner..it is Russia!…of course when explosions and shot stars..we will not see anymore people in the streets with ballons and flowers!

    1. shylockracy says:

      The situation in Venezuela is quite different. President Chavez, a colonel of the army himself, founded, trained and armed millions of people under the banner of the Bolivarian militias, that why the Caracas govt. hasn’t failed. No such thing in Belarus, where they’re right next to EU bourgeois Ziocorporate influence trying to play bridge between Russia and its Ziocorporate terrorist Western “partners” and business.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        But they are neighbors to the quite succesfull USSR collapse and has been since 1991. So they know all about them.

        I Bellarussia was a sofa and I was one of them, I would move my behind more to the west or spread it out.

        If Lituania, Poland and Ukraine are bourgeoises USSR made them.

        1. occupybacon says:

          If I had a sofa big enough I’d definetely invite a Lituanian, Ukrainian, Polish and Russian women to Netflix & chill.

          1. Jens Holm says:

            You probatly will keep them warn in the wintertime as well:)

          2. occupybacon says:

            Yes, I’m a gentleman

    2. Jens Holm says:

      Far out to use “Pro western opposition”. Its about they and for that matter Lukashenko has rights to connect with anyone they wish as they wish.

      You try to put some artificial concrite or barbed wire wall in the best Russian style. Its not there. Support is same thing. Lukashenko for many years has taken any support from anybody there having any own oppinion. We se it in Turkey. Putin does it and remove any sober opposition all the way to Vladivostok and have reduced the internet as well.

      So if that little support to Bellarus can change that much, the support for Lukashenko os devastating low and in normal sober countries has been removed, replaced or have has a supplement many years ago by reforms.

      But dont come and say we are greedy grabbers and attackers by Nato and USA as well. We have our own problems too in EU and Nato and in the rest.

      To me as a private person we should never have taken in those many ruins of the russian empire that fast but instead have affiliated them more and more. We have big problems with Poland as well as Hungary even they they are not as the ones with Erdogan.

      1. cechas vodobenikov says:

        more churlish lies—telegram is encrypted…u fascists censor everything…u have problems with everyone–u r racists, uneducated, backwards—a pale colony of the USA

    3. occupybacon says:

      China has no business in Belarus

      1. cechas vodobenikov says:

        “business is the very soul of an amerikan”. Francis Grund
        as Lakoff observes only amerikans use a business term to refer to your lovers—-are u a junior or a silent “partner”?
        “ameriikans are not at all happy; they feel themselves lacking in something. It as if all the sensitiveness has dried up in amerikans. the crystallization of love is impossible in USA. Admire their kind of happiness but I do not envy it: it is the happiness of a different and INFERIOR species”. Stendahl

        1. Jens Holm says:

          And in Russian socialisme You share everything equal. Therefore theft dont exist.

          1. cechas vodobenikov says:

            less income/wealth disparities in Russia than your indebted US colony—never heard of the “gini-coeffecient”? return to your psychiatrist and obtain more Seroquel, bupropion

        2. occupybacon says:

          So inferior you spit your liver when you think of them.

      2. Rhodium 10 says:

        China has close ties with Belarussian military complex..also Belarus produce a China brand car …China have a Hub in Belarus linked to Railways cargo ( EU-China through Transiberian)..

        1. occupybacon says:

          Good, then Putin should ask Chinese to invade Belarus.

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            No need to invade.
            It should join the Federation.

          2. occupybacon says:

            The Chinese-Russian Federation?

  8. johnny rotten says:

    Lukashenko has his reasons for integrating with Russia, he wants to avoid the same treatment from Russian oligarchs as he would from Westerners, he has managed to build an autonomous Soviet-style state where no one suffers hunger and unemployment or does not receive treatment medical, integrating with Russia tout court puts at risk everything that the Belarusian people have earned, this has made them an enemy both in Russia and in the West, it is clear that we are talking about a true patriot who has ended up between a rock and a hard place. Let’s not forget how painful it was for the Russian people to switch from socialism to Yeltsin’s liberalism, which caused almost as many deaths as WWII.

    1. HiaNd says:

      It was not “Yeltsin’s liberalism”but “New York Jews style of liberalism” in simple words robbing the Russia blind from anything they could take away from Russia (Yeltsin was drunk while all that was happening) While US was calling of that “economic reforms” and “shock therapy” the true objective of all that was destruction of Russia!

      That robbery was complemented also with robbery of other criminals like UK Bill Browder (biggest Putin hater) and pack of local Jew dogs called “Oligarchs”.
      Why do you compare that, with situation (“transition”) in Belarus ?!
      And calling Belaruse people “enemy to Russia” WOW what negative exaggeration!
      Suddenly you sound like typical anti-Russian propagandist.

      Such comment is not only bad example but can be considered as ill intended propaganda.

      1. johnny rotten says:

        In any case, if Belarus integrates into Russia, its socio-political system will be dismantled because it is not compatible with the Russian one, the ownership of companies will change and for Belarusians it will not be a walk in the park, it has never been for anyone to pass by socialism to capitalism, Russia is certainly a thousand times better than the € U, but for the Belarusians it will still be a loss.

        1. HiaNd says:

          Why would “socio-political system be dismantled”?!?
          And how is not “compatible” with Russian since both countries are capitalist?!!
          The only reason why “social” system of endless privileges in Belarus is shaking is because Russia is not ready any longer to make subventions, subsidies to support such system for free.

          Like they did before ever since USSR with different kinds of help including

          cheap gas and oil.

          Belarus is capitalist country (at least on the paper) so no need that anything changes if they start to integrate in Euro Asian Union.
          The concept of Euro-Asian Union is absolutely identical to the concept of EU.
          The “integration” would be limited and gradual (EU is confederation of the states and the same goes for Euro Asian Union).
          So no need for any radical changes, but influence of Moscow would only grow and Lukhashenko position would weakened. That’s why he is against all that…

          WHAT “loss” for Belarus?!!!
          Russia doesn’t want to give weapons systems and gas for FREE ! Is that “loss” you are talking about?!??
          What kind of fucking “independence” can country 100% dependent on Russia of 9 million people population can expect ?!!
          Tell me the name of any “independent” 9 million country?

          No such thing exists anywhere in the world!
          Only Russia, China and US are “independent” !

          Pleas lets stop with that demagogy!

          1. johnny rotten says:

            You are completely wrong, the companies in Belarus are all state-owned and there is no unemployment, try to talk about things you know, if you don’t know things shut up.

          2. HiaNd says:

            Listen Jhonny (I like most of your comments but now you are becoming true pain in the neck) spare me of your socialist crap please!
            Belarus is CAPITALIST system even with the most rigid state owned and dictated capitalism they are still capitalist system!
            There is nothing to “adapt” or “adjust” except endless socialist privileges that were paid by Russia in the first place!
            Russia is offering CHEAP gas only in exchange if Belarus enters in monetary union with Russia !
            So Russian favors are now linked with asking favors back (with strings attached only!)
            No more free gas in exchange for Belarus betrayal (like it was before)

            Russia was paying for you SOCIALIST illusion “paradise” bollocks and Russia doesn’t want to pay any more for that crap!
            Do you get that comrade?

            Communism is over! Dead and NON EXISTENT on whole planet so stop talking nonsense.

          3. johnny rotten says:

            It’s not the most famous mainstream media lies that do the most damage. It’s the little ones they tell many time every day via spin, omission, half-truth and distortion which cause everyone to accept the idea that this bat shit crazy status quo is normal and inescapable.

          4. HiaNd says:

            I will not even down vote that nonsense (deserves it not because of what you have said but of the part that is missing…. about crappy “revolution” and similar bollocks )
            You are “last Mohican” of the lost cause….
            And even though I don’t agree at all with you…At least I respect you for sticking with something and having honest opinion about something in these cynical times…. which is much more than 80% of retards on this forum that just follows like sheep “opinion” of few others.

          5. johnny rotten says:

            Am I the last one who thinks that land, air and water must belong to the people? I don’t give a shit, I’m still able to tell true from false and numbers don’t bother me.

          6. HiaNd says:

            I have lived under the communism and don’t need explanations from people who didn’t…

            that is extremely simplistic and inaccurate presentation of communism…
            but whatever you say

          7. johnny rotten says:

            What the fuck does communism or capitalism have to do with people’s freedom? are you the victim now? I’m talking about people’s freedom, it’s a whole other story, but those who take care of their people and don’t let anyone die in poverty will always have my applause, unlike those who exploit them to death, that’s all, I’m done with you.

          8. Captain Freedom says:

            The only reason why Belarus survived the wild 90s is because all the soviet factories were still standing and running. This is what Luka did right, he didn’t accept privatization, his country always remained like a little USSR, also concerning the society. If you like Crapitalism so much why don’t you support that bitch who “fled” to Lithuania…. she wants to privatize (selling the People’s Industry for almost nothing to western oligarchs), like it happened in Ukraine. BTW most people in each and every ex-Eastern bloc state say that it was easier during socialism. Crapitalism/Privatization is nothing but spreading your legs wide open for oligarchs!

          9. HiaNd says:

            “If you like Crapitalism so much why don’t you support that bitch who “fled” to Lithuania.”
            Because that is not capitalism. Because she is “special ops” puppet of neo-liberal Western imperialists and she is anti-Russian by definition. Neo liberal financial capitalism today has nothing to do with capitalism and free market . That is plutocracy and not democracy.
            I don’t want to talk about her much – She (and people behind her) want to destroy Belarus to get their hands on Russia and destroy Russia.
            I am extremely pro Russian and would never support anything that wold harm Russia.
            And I don’t have nothing against state interventionism and state owned capital per se.
            China is the best and most positive model of state interventionism in their model of hybrid capitalism.
            That is as model by far definitely lesser evil comparing to savage capitalism and robbing Russia blind by Jews of Yeltsin era.
            You are socialist and you talk what suites you…There was nothing wrong with capitalism of cold war era. It was the better system than any “socialism” specially Scandinavian model.

          10. Captain Freedom says:

            I know what kind of capitalism youre talking about… the one where the combined greed of the market participants makes the economy work at maximum efficiency and with as little government interference as possible. I think this is even more utopian than communism, maybe it worked back in the wild west but this is impossible today. If there is no limit on how much money you can make and theres no one to give you regulations, some individuals will get ultra rich unhindered.
            So if you have “small government” it creates a power vacuum that will be filled rapidly with private entities that basically lead the country unelected.
            This will lead inevitably to corporatism (fascism). Thats why I say its crap and the root of most problems we have today.
            I cannot imagine the love of money and the pursuit of greed and material wealth being something good for the people, it just makes no sense. Its very easy to see how this leads to plutocracy.
            Funny how americans don’t like “big government” but when banksters/oligarchs impose a dictatorship its ok, just because its private and “free market”. fuckin retards.
            I agree with you about China, its much more effective because the politicians say to the businessmen what they have to do, not the other way round. Also the CCP has about 90 mil members, so it seems that the people have a say there too.
            I want Russia to do something similar, something like a modernized USSR. Back in those times we made the biggest achivements of all time, the greatest battles in human history couldn’t have been won without socialist production.
            Russia should at least nationalize the financial sector as well as raw materials, heavy industries.

          11. HiaNd says:

            I have made 1/3 of your leftist ideological nonsense …I can’t read that rubbish sorry.

            I was talking about Swedish capitalist model from 1970’s with extremely strong and solid social protection net. Where NOBODY was ever left out in cold when losing job.
            Everybody had social security at all times, and enough for decent living when out of work, social housing included. There was literally nobody on the street as homeless person.
            The standard of living was still MUCH HIGHER (similar to average capitalist advanced economy) than in any “socialist” country that has ever existed.

            Good bye !

          12. Captain Freedom says:

            Just admit that you don’t understand shit about economics.
            You know where NOBODY got left out in the cold as well?? The USSR, Yugoslavia etc…
            If the living standard was “much higher” than this is because they get financed by western bankers, meanwhile EVERY socialist project gets bombarded with sanctions, regime change attempts, and… bombs. How many enemies had Sweden, and how many enemies had the USSR? Was Sweden destroyed in WW2? Did they get nearly wiped out by a genocide?
            Can you even compare those two???
            btw don’t you wonder why in every ex-eastern Bloc country the people want to go back?

            Your “logic” is very incosistent becuase you sound like a lefty yourself (defending a welfare state), but I don’t want to take part in the bullshit left-right paradigm, which is just a divide-and-conquer tactic.

          13. HiaNd says:

            And Yugoslavia was not “financed by Western bankers” and even USSR ?!!
            Are you sure!?
            Why would you be so sure and confirm to be so ignorant?!!?

            Ha ha ha ha you have just made the most stupid comment I have seen this year!! :)

            Yugoslavia was financed from 1950 onward mr. “expert” !!
            What “sanctions” my dear communist?
            Yugoslavia was able to import anything they wanted, including the weapons !
            Which they have chosen not to (not to make angry USSR and to make some savings by making unlicensed knock off’s first of WW2 German weapons, than of USSR weapons)

            Yugoslavia was “sanctioned” but only by STALIN and USSR while US and

            “western bankers” were happy to jump in and replace USSR as “sugar daddy”in 1950!

            Yes I can compare “destruction” and how !!!
            Yugoslavia was untouched in Western part (Slovenia and Croatia-German colaborators) where there were Nazi annexed territory and Nazi collaborators created “NDH” Ustashe state. The only parts that were systematically bombed by “Allays” was Serbia, Belgrade the most (“allay” raids called in by Tito’s communists against Serbia)
            Same thing happened during “liberation” .

            Read Army was redirected to Hungary after heavy fighting in liberating Belgrade (on Croat Tito’s insistence) So Western parts didn’t see almost any “destruction at all ” Simply because Germans and Croat,Muslim, Sloven quislings have left Zagreb and Ljubljana (capitals of Croatia, Slovenia) without any resistance to communist Tito’s partisans .

            There was systematic genocide and civil war only against Serb population but that is another story. Other nations didn’t suffer big losses only Serbs.

            So “EVERYTHING YOU SAY” you just keep showing IGNORANCE !

            You are more than ignorant !

            I defend DECENT LIVING FOR EVERY HUMAN BEING 100% but I am totaly against communism and communists like yourself !
            There is nothing “leftist” in my approach. I am CHRISTIAN (remember the religion your Jew Marx have copied to create his pile of bollocks called “communism”?)
            Christians didn’t copy communism ! It was OPPOSITE !
            Marx have copied Christians !

          14. Captain Freedom says:

            I know about Yugoslavia and their connection to the west. Well, so what? They wanted to dismantle Yugo as soon as the soviets ceased to exist, and so they did in the 90s. It was obviuosly in the crosshairs of the muricans for a long time.

            I said compare SWEDEN with USSR, instead you ramble something about Serbia. WTF??? It just shows that you can’t read properly or you try to distract from your faulty arguments.

            Also remember that the muricans supported the PRC against the USSR for some time and now the chinese are the bad guys again. The muricans are opportunists, sometimes they support commies against other commies but then they’ll stab them in the back. GOT IT?

            So my point is still valid, EVERY socialist project will eventually face hostilities from the west. And why? Because they don’t like nations that can sustain themselves. This is the point of nationalization. THIS is why they don’t like socialism!

            I just want workers treated with the respect they deserve and have democratic control of the means of production, instead of those fucking bankers.
            Just let us control our own resources.

            I am a christian too, just like many other people who lived in USSR and wants the system back.

            I doubt that you would be against socialism, if you actually knew what words like communism/socialism mean. Everything is black and white for you, just like the jews want it to be. What a shame.

  9. J Roderet says:

    Belarusian media have published a leaked document from the coup-plotters, titled the “Emergency Package of Reforms for Belarus”. The CIA’s minions declare their intent to abolish the Union State and withdraw Belarus from the Eurasian Economic Union and from the CSTO. The puppets also want to close Russian military bases and withdraw from the joint air-defense agreement. Clearly, these US puppets want Belarus to fall underneath NATO/EU/US domination.

    The puppets also revealed their Banderite tendencies, by wanting to ban Russian media and “pro-Russia organizations.” They also want to mandate the broadcast of Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish and Ukrainian propaganda TV channels. They want to “decommunize” (i.e. destroy numerous Soviet era monuments and rename cities/streets). They want to abolish the current flag and replace it with the white/red/white traitor flag. They also propose a typical extreme neo-liberal economic program. They call for the destruction of Belarus and its enslavement to the West.

    Today patriotic forces also organized a pro-government rally in the important eastern city of Mogilev.

      1. occupybacon says:

        Cheap commie lies

        1. Jens Holm says:

          THats right. I cant read it. I amsure sure its highly biased.

        2. cechas vodobenikov says:

          cheap is an amurikan specialty—consumer trash so u can keep up with the jones’ and increase your shallowness….”amerikans r afflicted with a shallow national character”. David Riesman
          “fewer than 3% of the amerikan adult public is literate enough to comprehend irony”. Morris Berman

          1. occupybacon says:

            I’m a funny guy haha I’m ironic, look I type LOL at the end of each of my comment.

      2. Jens Holm says:

        Its common knowledge in my part of the world and You can llok it up on many internetpages if You searh for it.

        I cannot read Russian, but of course CIA is there too. You forget EU has agreemenets with with Lukashenko as well and USA too with embassys.

        Its fine You entlight more people about it. SEveral here dont understand we since the USSR collapse has asked for improvements fir people living in Ballarus as well…

        It would be strange, if we wasnt. We try in a peacefull way(EU)to work for improved human rights and as minimum that countries stay the same.

        1. cechas vodobenikov says:

          common knowledge for uneducated idiots (which agreements?)—unemployment DK=7%
          Russia 5%, mainly in villages amongst non Russians…Bashkirs, Tuvans, etc…Kazan lower, Moscow 1.5%…not common knowledge amongst the French where my sister teaches in university…your part of the world is a cave in arhaus where there r vast numbers of junkies and homeless—no homeless in Russia, except the nomadic Romani….LOL
          u r farcical jenny

          1. Jens Holm says:

            Both figures says nothing.

            For Denmark we have world record in people actually working. And it was 5,6 may 2020 and not 7%.

            Russia has so many househods, where only one works.
            2019 it was 4,58 for the whole Russia.

            And I dont believe those Russians numbers at all. They have been fixed since I can rememeber just as so many other things. Russia didnt have Corona as well didnt they.

          2. cechas vodobenikov says:

            only 12,000 fatalities in Russia…far lower than most nations—where nothing closed except in moscow—u fascists closed everything…of course in Russia we can live well on 1 income—in your tiny oligarchy u require 2 incomes to survive–all of your masculines females r teachers—feminizing you as much as murikans….believing data from a fake dane or your amerikan masters is expected from u

          3. Jens Holm says:

            I easy found 64000 at internet and didnt count them myself.

          4. cechas vodobenikov says:

            of course –u r an idiot. u claim that u don’t believe data from Russia where we don’t lie but u do…u will believe any internet lie but u r inaccessible to the truth…don’t quote me “informal estimates” u ignorant racist…all u can do is find lies from anglophone fake news

          5. Jens Holm says:

            Acccording to the Duma in 2010 Russia had 64.000 homeless. Thats about 4 pr 10.000.

            Demark is higher and has 11 pr 10.000 in 2017



            And yes, unfortinatly we do have junkies in Denmark too.

          6. cechas vodobenikov says:

            according to fake news “independent” LOL….while there r some junkies in Russia, they r not homeless

        2. cechas vodobenikov says:

          human rights is more fascism—amnesity international/HRW=anglophone fascism….UN commission on human rights denies Uighers r oppressed in China…but u fascists believe all lies
          “the Mindoro and pygmies do not want human rights; they wish to be left alone”. Paul Feyerabend
          go and cry to your mommy, u fool

          1. Jens Holm says:

            It doesnt matter what You think it is. The facts are hey are Our proposals for relations and unles that, they are reduced. We trade with anyone we want.

    1. Jens Holm says:

      Its a very biased and hostile version but it is true, that we want that part of Europe well as well as well connected to the rest of us. Thats no secret.

      By that its also clear we want Russia to step back into their own country and remain there and solve their own problems instead of making them for the rest of Europe.

      We have the same here for people not behaving well. They can go home and stay there or be in prison until they learn better manners by themself or by some teachers.

      Those milions of people now liberated from Neocolonialisme has never felt Russia was their Father or Mother. As we see some of them even prefare Nazisme:(

      1. cechas vodobenikov says:

        u can hardly read danish; u believe any amerikan lies u r told—your preference for naziism was demonstrated in WWII—while Russia has reduced the incarcerated population by half and closed 40 prisons in the past 20 years u confine your poor to homeless and drug addictions…..been to compenhagen or arhaus? ignorant zchlebiha

  10. Ma_Laoshi says:

    “In this case, Russia will have an opportunity to restore its influence in Belarus using the dissatisfaction of the population” — you mean just like in Ukraine/Banderistan, right? And let’s not forget Georgia. No kids, the Empire plays for keeps; just maybe, always calling them “stupid” doesn’t really inform people about what they’re up against. As the article also states, all the evidence is that this is what Lukashenko wanted: by playing footsie with the West and opening a giant US embassy instead of properly protecting his country, he clearly flirted with the Gadhafi treatment–no accounting for tastes apparently.

    If the good people of Belarus want all the freedoms and prosperity which the Ukies now take for granted, then let them. I hope they’ve thought it over carefully.

    1. cechas vodobenikov says:

      ukraine has zero “freedom”, no economy—–65% as large as it was in 1990….5 million have relocated to Russia since 2014

      1. Ma_Laoshi says:

        That’s what I was saying. The point being, this had led to zero potential for change, zero openings for Russia, as long as the Dark Throne controls the media that matter. “Time is on Russia’s side” is just putting a brave face on retreat after retreat.

        Same in Bolivia: Morales played it nice, but the moment he lost power, the new pro-US junta immediately put all opposition in a dungeon without a peep from Western capitals. Protect your country, or face the consequences.

        1. cechas vodobenikov says:

          I was agreeing–I lived in Bolivia for 6 months—even in the politically conservative Quechua south people expressed support for Morales….I have only been to Minsk once, but I know Ukraine quite well…few in Ukraine respect any of their politicians

        2. HiaNd says:

          100% agree.

  11. Sauron says:

    Its only matter of time before he is out, important is what comes next

  12. 1azdeb2 says:

    Russia has military bases in that country. This is U.N. tactics like Bolivia. Some woman wins 10 percent of the vote. Demonstrations. I think Russia will have to roll in their tanks. Russia learned from Ukraine. EU is sticking their nose in. Same M.O. as in other countries. Poland’s hate for Russia over the last 300 to 400 years. Putin and his government will not walk away from money or security. The paid agitators have shown up. These are Slavs. Not going to be a slam dunk.

  13. Lazy Gamer says:

    Ok. So a vulnerability occurs right after elections. The loser will say the winner cheated, then queue demonstrations, then regime change. This is no longer about majority rule but loudest rule. lol For that end, military, mob, media, and sanctions are the tools that are used.

    Isnt there a body that officially counts/confirms the vote that should assert itself?

    1. HiaNd says:

      Even if there is body that officially confirms regularity of the elections the Soros mob will use usual tactics with dismissing their claims and integrity and label them as extended hand of the Lukhashenko’s regime.
      So it is always same tactics; put well trained subversive organization on the ground some local, other well organized foreign NGO’s, spies,inject plenty of money to stimulate local “useful idiots” Free transport, free drinks and sandwiches, free t-shirts, flags and what not…
      Organize the rallies (bring neo-NAZI’s, anarchists, “antifa” or whatever idiots to create as much chaos as possible if you can’t find locally those morons bring them from outside of country) and bring flock of Western propagandists called “journalists”, make pro videos and similar bollocks to spread propaganda on Jew-tube and augment Western propaganda campaign to the max !

      1. Lazy Gamer says:

        Everybody including western democracies are using either the courts or a commission or another office. What is good for the goose should also be good for the gander

  14. In Exile says:

    Why can’t Goldberg and his pals incite a color revolution in the Lucky Country, it would be great as payback is a bitch.

  15. N/A says:

    See? This is why America is reaping what it sows when it comes to the protests in its own land. They’ll support protestors elsewhere, but cry foul when it’s on their own territory.

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