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Is Inevitable Vengeance Moving Towards George Soros?

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Is Inevitable Vengeance Moving Towards George Soros?

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On January 23rd, billionaire George Soros said that he would invest $1 billion to start a “Global University” aimed at combating authoritarian regimes and climate change.

According to him, the two are the challenges that threaten the entire civilization.

The Open Society University Network will offer an international platform for teaching and research, the 89-year-old billionaire said in Davos, Switzerland, at the World Economic Forum.

“As a long-term strategy our best hope lies in access to quality education, specifically an education that reinforces the autonomy of the individual by cultivating critical thinking and emphasizing academic freedom,” Soros said.

Soros addressed other issues such as the “overheated” U.S. economy, the dominance of Facebook Inc. and the autocratic rule of Xi Jinping, Narendra Modi, Jair Bolsonaro and Donald Trump, who he called a “con man and the ultimate narcissist.”

“Taking into account the climate emergency and worldwide unrest, it’s not an exaggeration to say that 2020 and the next few years will determine not only the fate of Xi and Trump, but also the fate of the world,” he said.

He criticized Facebook for its complete failure to police social media effectively.

“There’s nothing to stop them, and I think there is a kind of informal mutual assistance operation or agreement developing between Trump and Facebook,” Soros said. “Facebook will work together to re-elect Trump and Trump will work to protect Facebook.”

This isn’t really any different from what Soros has been doing and saying in previous World Economic Forums in Davos. His activity has been the same (or similar) for decades, not taking into account any alleged “shadow” activities.

His movements, as a sort of guarantor that globalists’ interests are realized has led to tens, if not hundreds of thousands of deaths and chaos throughout the world.

A recent and quite vivid example is the situation in Ukraine, where Soros and his partners endorsed the 2014 coup, and then have, despite fighting for liberalism have supported the side of the pro-Nazi Kiev regime.

Prior to that, in 2008, he was involved in supporting the Mikheil Saakashvili government in Georgia, which failed after the attempt at aggression in South Ossetia, despite the MSM-propagated narrative of a Russian invasion.

This newest push, apart from specifically targeting US President Donald Trump’s potential re-election focuses on Russia, Venezuela and Iran.

Russian general elections are expected to take place in 2021, and presidential elections are coming in 2024. Thus, the “forces of democracy” would need some foreign funding to operate, since that is also the principal reason they function.

And this is quite obvious in the way that, for example, in Russia, “hardcore pro-US liberals” have an election support in the ranges of the statistical error.

Venezuela, has the US-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido, another fighter for democracy, who was rejected even by his opposition allies for allegedly simply wanting to become rich by exploiting the situation.

In Iran, reports of social unrest, misrepresented in the face of large-scale protests, but in reality, is a demonstration of approximately 1,000 people, in a country of 80 million. Regardless, the goal of the funding would be to fuel social and economic instability, via way of various sabotage, as well as riots, for which the narrated justification would be the increasing sanction pressure from the US, as well as the growing military tensions in the region, also provided for by the Washington establishment.

The common denominator is that all of these states are rich in energy resources, if their “authoritarian regimes” fall, and these countries descend into chaos, “foreign investors” would have the opportunity to seize these same resources and profit greatly, as it has happened not once before.

In conclusion, one question needs to be asked: Is it possible that vengeance may be coming towards Soros, as one of the most infamous agents of globalism, and if yes, then when?


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Ivan Freely

This guy needs to meet his maker. To answer your question, yes, vengeance is coming for Soros and his followers.


In 9th plane of Dantes inferno


Vengance is Mine sayeth the Lord.

Assad must stay

Yes, the fucker needs to croak!

Jens Holm

Sooner or later Ypour wish will come through. He probatly not even are at tha toilet in the same way as You.

Jens Holm

The author seemes to be digged in a very deep trenchhole hardly seeing a star now and then.

Lazy Gamer

A business man trying to get more power from that yielded by governments. The weakness of governments with power spread out is corruption and media. The weakness of stupid people is to make them think they can be categorized and classified. And then, to make them revel in their label. He should maybe walk the talk and spend some time with “open society”. lol

Jens Holm

Denmark is like that??? We have power spread out and have a good economy as well as again being number 1 in non corruption.

Many country are exact like us and are in the high of BNP, where the high income is for everybody because we all are responsible for each other and are raised as responsabile persons.

Of course things has to be classified. Thats one of the most important tools in the whole world.

Your crap mainly makes no sense. You not even try to descriebe whats goingon but just condem it. As I see it Soros try to make things grow in very stony and dry fields . Sometimes its as imposible as to learn learn camels to fly even they want to. So great fiascos is there.

Media is same thing. Those has to be handled much better, but You seemes to forget how it was. Medie is not IT for the collapse of USSR.

Its the opposit. USSR could not renew itself because any very needed change was stopped by few almost warheroes from WW2.

It seemes You are in a very closed sociaty Your self. supporting dicators and oligarcs as progress Yourself.

Why dont You learn about whats needed, when people just changed Zarisme with Communisme and collapsed in honor of Father Stalinn and uncles like Marx and Engels. Those people has tochange traditions. It takes time. Some has to try to do at least something. Who alse has greta succes in Eastern Europe. They certainly dot see Putin as the next or last Prophet:/

Lazy Gamer

And that is why your country is easily influenced by people and organizations like him. The waxing and waning of power from governments, religion, corporations, and people as well as divisive identification is happening right now. You would have to be blind not to see it.

Jens Holm

Most of us is very happy having Mr Soros more or less among us too. He is one of many mainly good influencers for we have a high living standard.

We have opened up our economy more then most sountries in EU by our own decissions about it.

And actually we nainly feel happy about, whats happening right now, but we also are able to adjust at least some of the bad things away.

We work WITH many being like Mr Soros making the cake to share bigger. Thats the whole point.

You seemes to have the idea, that if You take all the money from the rich and jail them,things will be fine.

They will not. After the money are spend the production and wellfare will go down and down because most people create nothing but just reproduce, whats alresady is there. They and me are “keepers”. I didnt invent a car, but I can get a good job being teached to repair it. Thnats how most people are.

I just wrote for You, that local influence and free speech dont have the result You assume. We use both as positive tools for today as well as for the future.

Thats because we use a lot of tools, which was not there by Tzars and Communists.

Rich Jews never has been a problem here as in Eest. All in the Middle Class, Eatern Europe still hardly has, are paying HIGH INCOME TAX. By that we can move a lot of maney to wherever needed like schools, hospitals, medical care, pension, transportation, IT and like that. ´

The eastern Europe socalled Jew problem TRAUMA was and ARE, that the upperclass and religion kept 99% stupid from birth to grave and the upperclass by that just could take as they wished from that low productive mainpart.

I see the same from ME. Yours always mention the poor and rich ones making them into cartoons, but You never mention the middle class, which are the main part of the population as well as You never mention most of the poor keep themselves poor.

Lazy Gamer

Alright, your cake may be bigger but the one who wields the knife is Soros. At any time he wishes, he can withdraw and then what? Now that situation there is a breach of a country’s sovereignty. Right now, i dont have any solutions to our current pyramid scheme based economy. I am entertaining the notion that there is no ideal solution since it requires a truly impartial and omniscient force.

Gary Sellars

“We have power spread out and have a good economy as well as again being number 1 in non corruption.”

Not corrupt? Then pls explain why the DSB still insists on its absurd “it woz the Russians wot done it” narrative over MH17.

NO-ONE really believes the nonsense that a single BUK trundled out of Russia, crossed the battlefield, fired a single outdated missile (that is no longer in Russian inventories but is held by Ukro battalions) and then trundled back to Russia.

Its a load of FUCKING NONSENSE but the DSB still keeps LYING to the Dutch population and acts to PROTECT the real culprits by blaming the wrong party.

This sort of shit only happens in corrupt nations,

Ceasar Polar

You know you are a puppet when…
“You are too old to read any piece of paper or wear any suit for any conference, but forced to do it, because you got masters that demands more destruction from you before you the Angel of Death comes and take your souls back to Our Maker.”

Jens Holm

Does it matter. I hope he use some of his money. Deat has no peockets.

Here we say people are really old, when they only plant one year flowers :)


Sprinkle the sniveling drivel with some nice words, like engaging into uh…. “quality thinking/education” and hump that offcome with some even nicer consensusses aka Climate change, the previously known as AGW.

I think He is slowly going insane, maybe alzhemier etc, and the aibilty to think is been corruped by yes men for so long that Sore-ass is an classical ex. on an douchebag whom belives His own propaganda, an half senlie of fart, and will sone be gone, and I know the coming offsprings arent nowhere near the corruption/evil of this soul/s and the willingness to use it, and thinks we are more or less just an gray mass of matter that is their pawns in this theater of absuditys.
The divina comedia, where senile leaders are running the asylum.
Critical thinking, its just an skil, learn how to use it, how the manuver by logic, learn thru paradoxes, like Haiku, etc, and it will help you later in other ways to, the ability to see solutions to problems, and then deside what can be done, buy various means, like picking an gear box etc apart and above all, together, CT its just an word where the expirience and how broad your base is matters, and with that I mean education and how much you simply have read, again, I would rather focus on quality, age etc to how old it is have nothing to do with how much better books are to day, some of the ancient are more than sufficient, and to day you have some really good ones, if you are going to learn the fast way, like reading War is an Racket, to the Tales of an Economic Hittman to others like Ellen West Public Banking contra private, this, Arabs and Africans should be the future and thats where humanity have to go, there is an reason for this wars and problems, and the reason is Banks, central banks, they killed Gaddafy and others like S. Hussein.
The last 20, almost nothing have changed for the better, the last 20 years have been just circle jerks, and nothing else, the level of swindling and faking in bassically everything regarding science, is stunning high and nobody talks about that,and then we have the incestious relationship between Gov reg. and the corpoRats, where the second largest MIC, the Medical Ind.Complex is slaughtering civlians in an temp unpresedented in human history, and the polticians whines about terror.

But I know that we are not depending in the MSM anymore,and the best tool humanity have is unity, we have right now an clash of worlds, and the MSM have made them self irrelevant, and the downfall will continue, but the main enemy of our freedom, isnt old f….. like Sore-ass because He is just an front man, an lightening rod, but its the forces behind, the owners of this institutes that runs the show, aka cui bono, to whom this benefits, just look at Davos, the scums of scums, the very topp of the scam chain, everybody, almost, was there, the only place on earth, apart from Basel I want to nuke, and nuke it now.
That quote is taken from the Senate in Ancient Rome, 2000 years ago, the names change, but the game never, and right now, the Tribe witch I call em, is the leaders of this scams.
Like printing mooney right out of thin air.
Yeah, even that was questioned and riddicouled 20 years ago, but now a lot of people knows this to be an fact, incl fractional banking, the scam of scams.
Also talked about all the way back milleniums before Rome came along.

And the only thing I know for certain Sore-ass is this, there will come an time when people have to chouse, and of course, everything we do have consequencess, doing nothing isnt removing the consequencess of an choice, you just place your self outside the path by doing nothing while the time is and will be right, the only way this can change, is the will of the people, unity, is the force they fear, unity is an question of education, seeing the shit for what it is, and fight for the rights of people and our nations, Sore-ass is more an relic of a past that is on its way to the ineviatably defeat, empires over reach, undermines them self, loose the unity, loose their constitution, and loose their recourses and control to the runners of the show, the Tribe.
I am not at all impressed, but I know the truth will be under attacks, undermined, diverted, and corrupted, but its moving, the undercurrent is massive, the sole reason for all the cencure is to take away an world that sees thing from an different perspective, and this is where critical thinking comes in, people need to know that we are ALL in this, and WE have to solve it, stepp by stepp, and to wrap it up, for both of us, me and Sore-ass will be dead and gone when that day comes, I would hope I live in this days but I dont think so but my assumptions of course, is based upon the thing I see is that their gripp is loosing, because of the downfall of the MSM witch is and will be their most important propaganda channel.
Never forget that.
But all in all, they know the cross road is coming in and fast.
The truth is, we dont have an world problem, and not even an economic problem, witch is, like wars, run by some few nations/institutes, and we have an rouge empire that have gone into the stage of denile, decdense, violent, and attacks everybody, and finaly, trusted by nobody, and threates with more never ending wars, that is our problem, everything else is fall outs from this main issue, the Imperial banana republic UssA and the corruption witch makes scums like Sore-ass run amock.


Jens Holm

I agree. He is 89 and in his late.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

now that is somebody who needs to be hacked and posted on wiki


Hacked to death.


Education and critical thinking! From Soros? Puhlees! The man is a moral basket case.
Vengeance? Nah, someone who has done that much evil to virtually the entire world will burn in hell no matter what. He’s made his bed, now he’s gotta lie in it. He probably thinks his money can save him, moron. His uber-wealthy mates are no good either, as soon as he dies he will be beyond anyone’s help and he will cry for mummy.

Damien C

Soros Trump Obama Bush

They are all the same NO difference they are symptoms of the cancer that rules the USA it’s industries, politics and foreign policies.

All of these assholes believe that USA knows best, that the USA has a right to enforce their views on other nations and cultures. That if these smaller nations don’t accept the US view then the USA has the right to sanction and bomb them into oblivion

That cancer is in full control of MSM and it’s virtually impossible for someone not favoured by the controllers of the MSM to get a different message across to the voters.

Tommy Jensen

I love Soros because he is always paying for the services he get.
I also like Goldman Sachs because I think they are smart people who quickly can earn a buck and make people millionaires if you just do what they are telling you.
If people are talking bad about Soros and Goldman Sachs it is because they didn’t got any money out of it as we did.
They envy that we were smart and hate they ended up in a soup kitchen. That’s why they are angry at Soros and this is not our fault.


Just die already you horrible old Marxist filth. Nobody likes you except fellow globalist elites and fake refugees.


Look up cultural Marxism, it’s literally his views/plans to a T. Undermine and destroy the foundations of nations, then install a ‘egalitarian socialist utopia’ essentially.


I find it interesting that Soros, Kissinger, Rockefeller and Rothschild all seem to live forever. Wonder what they do to stay alive?


They destroy lives and families. That’s there sustainance.

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