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JUNE 2023

Is History Being Made In Sochi Between Erdogan And Putin?

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Is History Being Made In Sochi Between Erdogan And Putin?
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The meeting between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin on September 29th may come down in history.

Putin is hosting Erdogan at Russia’s Black Sea resort of Sochi, where the Turkish leader will press for a return to the 2020 ceasefire which Ankara has done little to maintain.

The Turkish-backed factions have “complained” that for over a month, Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) have carried out daily airstrikes on various positions. Most of the targets belonged to Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the de-facto ruler of the region of Greater Idlib.

Russia and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) strike and shell militant positions due to frequent and heavy attacks on both military and civilian targets by HTS and co.

Most recently, there’s been quite a bit of chatter regarding a major ground operation being prepared by the SAA and Russia, but no movements have been undertaken so far.

To attempt and prepare against such a development, Ankara deployed more troops on the M4 highway south of Syria’s militant-held Idlib.

In March last year Turkish land and air forces stemmed a Russian and Syrian army assault which displaced 1 million people, and brought Ankara and Moscow close to direct confrontation. The ceasefire agreement was signed so that a cataclysm was avoided.

Turkey managed to salvage the situation by taking on some commitments to Russia. It has not fulfilled any of its duties under the agreement, but has been an enabler for all sorts of various violations from the militant side, rather than a guarantor of stability.

Currently, Ankara wishes to either renew the agreement or amend it somehow, so that it may carry on in its attempts to spread its influence.

The meeting between Erdogan and Putin is especially significant, since Ankara likely hopes that it has anything to offer, currently in terms of stability – in the entire Middle East, and more.

It is still questionable what sort of credibility any Turkish promises have; however one thing is certain – Turkey has been working hard to expand its influence in the Middle East, Central Asia and any location that has Turkic people living.

All the promises of a united Turkic world, with Ankara at its head and all the activities towards it, such as bringing a victory for Azerbaijan against Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh, playing no small part in what initially appears as a partial solution to Libya’s crisis and more give it quite a bit of leverage.

Finally, Europe is expecting a hard winter with gas prices soaring. The majority of gas imports come from Russia and pass through Turkey, and as such Northern Syria may turn into a bone of contention that needs to be solved quickly by Moscow.

Ankara fully understands the position it is in and how much leverage it has, and as such can afford to throw empty and evidently disloyal promises that it’s “partners” need to abide by.

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L du Plessis

Take Erdogans commitments with a full measure of doubt.


Why Putin Didn’t Help Gaddafi: https://odysee.com/@ZionistReport:6/why-putin-didn-t-help-gaddafi-libya:5 * Zionist Report is anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish.

After the Lockdown, What’s Next for Europe? https://odysee.com/@NordLuxBellator:6/After-the-lockdown–What's-next-for-Europe-and-its-people-:4

Jewish News Anchor Freaks Out at French General for Implying Jews Control the Media: worldtruthvideos.website/embed/kike-news-anchor-spaz-out-on-french-general-over-antisemitism_WyxhShQBnS6tkzP.html

Last edited 1 year ago by Marco

No fool like an old Fool. Erdodog has humiliated himself over and over again being the NATA lapdog who NATO tried to overthrow. There can be no detente with Turkey until they vacate the illegally occupied territory they are using to destabilise Syria.

jens holm

How many years has You been senile:) You probatlyu dont remember.

Nato is not even in Syria…

Icarus Tanović

Of lies!

Rodney Loder.

Yes well really France just announced it’s leaving Mall in disgrace amf defeat. One more green arrow for Islam. This is what happens when jew Freemason maggots come up against the reality they had everyone convinced didnt exist, while i was being tortured to prove it, this is after they murdered my mother and smashed my children on jaggered rocks.

Anyhow the French are abandoning their position in Mali and being replaced by Wagner mercenaries but Allah (swt) is bound to send them to hell on Earth.


Please checkout my response to L du Plessis.

jens holm

We see the islam succesrate all over. 40 million muslims are refugees in the world and has left muslim countries.

And where do they go. Well, they prefare to live among Christians and Infidels, where I live. So We must be better then the crap You prefare in Your ignorence.

Lance Ripplinger

I hope Putin doesn’t cuck out to the Turkish Turd. The SAA will retake the M4 highway, regardless of the stupid Neo Ottoman idiot Erdoturd.

jens holm

Its sp funny. Now they fight about a higway. What about Afrin, Golan and Sukna :)


nothing will happen aslong as the resistance and in this case specially syria doesnt agree so this is useless and what turkey claimed that no stone will be moved in the region without turkeys approval will soon end up as hot air because they will find out who will have to give approval and who doesnt matter as we speak

Last edited 1 year ago by farbat
The Objective

Talking about hot air, Turkey is not Iran, a country of bluster and hot air. Typical Shiite tradition. Mouthiness and no action. I wonder how you guys can ever create an empire with such apparent cowardice. You hate to fight a strong enemy, yet you want to dominate. The only thing you are good at is subjugating civilians.

Last edited 1 year ago by The Objective
Icarus Tanović

You are coward, that doesn’t even have real name in here. You’re one of those dirty pakis who came to European Muslim countries, not to help, but to get some white ezz. Tripping bad that they’re somehow “turkish”. And you are from America, I know you. Know you and your hypocrisy so very well. Fucking worthless wanker! Go to your shity-smelly toilet and wank there, instead of here. You’d eat Hillary Clinton’s raw shit, straight from her ezz, to get some white taste, wouldn’t you, you indian hindu degenerate? I know that you eat shit, that is your tradition, you cunning zionist. Listen to that French general, listen to him, you fool. I hate you so fucking much, oh fuck.

Last edited 1 year ago by Icarus Tanović
jens holm

Hard to build a statue from Your many insinuations.

How many men do you share your wife with:) Are you all married:)


Only a history ignorant Sunni would say such nonsense.

Icarus Tanović

That’s not true. And don’t you dare to divide Ummah.

Last edited 1 year ago by Icarus Tanović
jens holm

Solomon divided the Ummah and some children too. Thats why so many are half brains.

jens holm

Your region has a very limnited language only able to use words such as coward and motherfucker. It show Your level for a lot of things well.

But both Tyrkey by the osmans and Persia now iran has been very big Empires. Those are facts. Greece was an Empire too. The Khalifat was a kind of empire too.

But it also is a WAS WAS WAS.

Other Empires collapsed them. I see no Empire build up in ME unless many agree in starting in the Stone Age and then invent Islam again by selfdestruction after some 1000s years. It might be a good idea.

I would propose next time women should take over. Your men has had their chances. Children might do it too.

jens holm

Syrians has gas:)


History is made every day… by regular ppl… you know, stuff that matters… so of course history will be made… suits will be worn and air breathed!


Turkey has got to go. That is not Turkey’s territories and Turkey’s presence there is illegal.

jens holm

It was a neocolonialistic mistake to include Aleppo and Raqqa provinces into the landscape named syria.

I part´ly agree in your Turkish version. When the bortders was made(or almost made) after WW1 Turkey should not be there at all. It should have been som neutral mountaion territory on both sides of the borders of today. Same thing for Iraq.

Its very visible at the map. We see a Jihadist zone, an Assad zone and an SDF/Kurd zone and all are added some “others”.

jens holm

Michelin might give the cooks some stars and maybee stripes too:(


Give Erdogan a kebab and he will happy to sign any contract


Turkey is the land of the Armenias and Assyrians. Not mongol or kurdish(afgan) have no history or heritage.


https://youtu.be/MeVemzEBWps Sad but true. Pray for America Looks like a revolution is the only way out

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