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JULY 2022

Iron Corridor to Europe: Croatia Moving Migrants towards North

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Migrants flooding into Croatia are being moved to North (the Hungary border). How will the Croatia’s neighboring states answer? By moving migratnts through Spitzbergen?

Iron Corridor to Europe: Croatia Moving Migrants towards North

Refugees and migrants are flowing from Croatia towards the Hungarian border crossing of Beremend, where police and army units are trying to prevent them from moving further into the EU. Up to 20 buses carried migrants to the border on Friday.

EU regulations dictate refugees must register and claim asylum in the first member state they reach. But the Croatian PM said Croatia won’t register people.

Slovenia has already accused Croatia of breaking EU rules.

SouthFront want to remember the “history” of this migration route:

The refugees move in Serbia from the southern and eastern neighboring states (Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania). They accumulate in Serbia and come to life after the “breakthrough” of the next barrier on the way to Europe. Then one part goes to the Hungarian border, the rest goes to Croatia.

Recently, the path through Hungary was almost blocked. Serbian authorities reacted promptly, dozens of buses began to transfer migrants from the Hungarian border to Croatian checkpoints.

In fact, nothing else remains impoverished Serbia. It has already accepted more then 100 000 from the beginning of the year.

In turn, the Croatian government ensured a non-stop transit of this flow north. The question is what will make Slovenia tomorrow ? And how are Hungarian law enforcement agencies planing to protect the long border with Croatia?

The Austrian police has increase the number of servicemen. It’s hardly to find a street polcie patrol in Vienna now. Apparently, the situation will change soon.

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