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IRGC Top Commander Warns Saudi Arabia, UAE From Crossing “Red Lines”


IRGC Top Commander Warns Saudi Arabia, UAE From Crossing "Red Lines"

IRGC deputy commander Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami

Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) deputy commander Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami has warned Saudi Arabia and the UAE from crossig Iran’s “red lines.”

“If you cross our red lines, we will surely cross yours. You know the storm the Iranian nation can create,” the IRGC commander said in a speech during Friday prayers, according to Reuters. “Stop creating plots and tensions. You are not invincible. You are sitting in a glass house and cannot tolerate the revenge of the Iranian nation…We have shown self-restraint.”

Salami further stated that the US has to “stop supporting the terrorists” and warned that Washington will “pay the price” if it ingores this warning.

Earlier, Iranian top officials claimed that foreign states, including the US, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, had supported terrorists, which carried out a terrorist attack in the Iranian city of Ahvaz.



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  • Tommy Jensen

    The red lines have already been crossed many times.

    • Aurelian

      I do not see Russia getting involved in the Israeli/Iran conflict.

      I think it is more directed at NATO members who think they can kill Russian serviceman at will, take a look at this article see what you think.


      • Tommy Jensen

        The article is about Iran´s red lines. These lines have been crossed too many times: Endless sanctions, Saudi/UAE provocations, murders of Iranian scientists, terror actions inside Iran lately 29 Iranians servicemen killed, etc.

        Russia SHOULD get very much involved, because Iran is a strategic partner and the only nation who can secure Russia´s independency.

        • #’~A*QXm(>NRmm]w?dU4v!=^

          “…. the only nation who can secure Russia´s independency.”

          What planet do you live on?

          • 1691

            Don’t worry. Tommy gave that troll the perfect answer.

          • ZP

            Tommy is the troll here, but now we know whom he is working with, hey Tommy?

      • 1691

        What do you think? Does it provide space for shifting the blame from Hell Aviv and blaming the French instead?

  • You can call me Al

    Sometimes Iran, less is more.

  • Smaug

    Who cares, if they do any big we’ll only need 3 months to accept Tehran’s unconditional surrender.

    • BlueInGreen

      More like over 3 years you ignorant prick.

      • Smaug

        You’re not being very convincing with the insults, especially I know that the average level of practical understanding on South Front’s forums in near zero. I still find it interesting that you sycophants are still willing to admit it be a US lead victory, but I won’t waste time writing a whole essay on why it would be a piece of cake.

        • ZP

          So South Front readers are below your IQ yet you spend every minute of the day trolling here?

          • BlueInGreen

            He’s a feckless cunt who tugs the “West is the best” line when it comes to military prowess.

            He’s a bullshitter that’ll try and tell you that Iran can be defeated in 3 fucking months.

            What a dickless windbag lmao.

          • Smaug

            That’s not what I said at all…

        • BlueInGreen

          No go ahead and tell me how much of a piece of cake it would be so I can shoot down your essay explaining how easy it would be lmao.

          I want you to debate you Smaug, I want you tell me how uber powerful and easy going to war with Iran would be and steam rolling them to a short 3 month!!victory.

          Fucking motherless cunt. Go ahead I’m waiting give me the essay,I will counter you on most your points becuase I know EXACTLY what you’re gonna say.

    • 1691

      A lot can happen/ change in 3 minutes and/or 3 months.

    • Sadde

      LOL, and who are you?

      • Smaug

        I’m you.

    • Harvey Swinestein

      WTF are you and who are you pretending to represent? . . .Israel?

      • Smaug

        I’m willing to bet that when I say we it includes you.

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    iran is most powerful nation in middle east