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IRGC Strikes Kurdish Militants In Northern Iraq With Drones, Artillery And Rockets (Video)


The Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) announced on July 12 that it had launched drone, artillery and rocket attacks on Kurdish militants’ positions in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

In an official statement, the IRGC said that the operation, which began two days ago, was a response to the recent terrorist attack in the country’s northwestern province of West Azerbaijan. Three IRGC servicemen were reportedly killed in the attack.

“As asserted several times, the national security and preserving the Iranian nation’s calm and peace of mind, particularly for the dear and gallant people of the border provinces, is the red line of the country’s Armed Forces, particularly the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Ground Force,” the statement’s reads.

The IRGC noted that its intelligence and special forces acquired detailed information about the militants’ positions in the Kurdistan Region before the beginning of the operation.

A video of the operation shows an Iranian Muhajer-6 unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) carrying out airstrikes on military positions with Qaem electro-optical guided bombs. Heavy artillery and Grad rocket launchers were also used in the operation.

This was not the first time when the IRGC targeted positions in the Kurdistan Region. Last September, the IRGC launched several ballistic missiles at a headquarters of a Kurdish militia, killing and injuring many commanders.

The IRGC has warned the Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) that its forces will respond to any attack from the region. However, the local administration has not taken any serious steps to secure the border with Iran.

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