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IRGC Simulates Attack On US Aircraft Carrier In Large-Scale Drills In Persian Gulf (Videos, Photos)

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The Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) simulated the attack on a US aircraft carrier during the final phase of large-scale aerial and naval drills, codenamed Payambar-e A’zam (The Great Prophet) 14, in the Persian Gulf.

IRGC Simulates Attack On US Aircraft Carrier In Large-Scale Drills In Persian Gulf (Videos, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

IRGC Simulates Attack On US Aircraft Carrier In Large-Scale Drills In Persian Gulf (Videos, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

IRGC Simulates Attack On US Aircraft Carrier In Large-Scale Drills In Persian Gulf (Videos, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

IRGC Simulates Attack On US Aircraft Carrier In Large-Scale Drills In Persian Gulf (Videos, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

IRGC Simulates Attack On US Aircraft Carrier In Large-Scale Drills In Persian Gulf (Videos, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

IRGC Simulates Attack On US Aircraft Carrier In Large-Scale Drills In Persian Gulf (Videos, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

IRGC Simulates Attack On US Aircraft Carrier In Large-Scale Drills In Persian Gulf (Videos, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

IRGC Simulates Attack On US Aircraft Carrier In Large-Scale Drills In Persian Gulf (Videos, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

IRGC Simulates Attack On US Aircraft Carrier In Large-Scale Drills In Persian Gulf (Videos, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image


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  1. HiaNd says:

    “Well,heck… we have littoral combat “ships”that are not built for combat, stealth destroyer without ammunition,$14B aircraft carriers (that doesn’t work), flop-35 that can’t fly,
    destroyers that home in on and ram into commercial
    shipping, and mixed crews of every gender and perversion you can think
    Russia,China, Iran consider yourself as warned”

    1. good american says:

      I don’t know about them, but I’m terrified!

  2. Lone Ranger says:

    The boats are only for show.
    If it happens it will be a salvo of supersonic cruise missiles, and another salvo of super cavitating torpedos.
    No ships, no boats, no helos, no jets.
    Nobody will see it coming util the very last seconds.
    All that said that would prompt a nuclear strike from the U.S. which could trigger WWIII.
    So I would rather avoid it.
    The U.S. Empire is collapsing no need to throw dynamite on the fire…

    1. gryzor84 says:

      Precisely. The rappelling and boarding is for Battlefield/Call Of Duty fans ,internal consumption with absolutely zero general culture in anything military bar action movies. Such WVR engagements are a thing from the past and everybody knows it high up in Tehran.

      Iran has yet to demontrate a supersonic AShCM (since their Khalij-Fars Mach 4 missiles are quasi-ballistic and not sea-skimming CMs) althought their huge arsenal of subsonic Noor and extended range Qader is well enough as a deterrent. Indeed C-802s fired in salvos from coastal batteries and jets/helos from stand-off ranges along with torpedoes will be the actual approach if things go hellish.

      And like you, I wish we never have to witness a world where this arsenal’s efficiency has to be tested.

    2. Robert Browning says:

      Then kyke what happens after? How many missile targets are there, one days worth? What happens after? You gotta think kyke. Does Israel do bye-bye? Don’t believe the lie that Iran does not have nukes. Don’t believe it kyke. Stick to the gay parades okay kyke.

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        Thats a lot of passive agression…
        Are you on your period?
        Need a Tampax…?
        Im neutral on the issue, only stated facts…

        1. Robert Browning says:

          The American miltiary is a bunch of fagiolas. you support the American military. That makes you a fagiola,…..supporter, lover, cheerleader. Why aren’t you out loud and proud? Oh and kyke I know you are a Jew.

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            Who said Im supporting them?
            Just because I stated facts and want to avoid WWIII doest mean I support them.

          2. Robert Browning says:

            I apologize. please forgive me.

          3. Lone Ranger says:

            No problem.
            Friendly fire does happen sometimes :)

  3. Laurent Parodi says:

    There are many things which don t make sense in these drills:
    – the carrier does t move
    -there are no ships to defend the carrier
    -there are no jets to protect it and attack Iranian ships and helicopters
    -boarding the ship with the helicopter is ridiculous (there are 6000 people on a carrier what will do the 20 Iranian soldiers against them?).
    -they are giving far too many informations to their enemies.
    So I think all of this is nothing more than a show.

    1. Wayne Nicholson says:

      Between you and me the Iranians have been watching US carrier groups operate for 40 years so I would imagine they are well aware of how a carrier group operates.

      Drills are meant to work on specific skills … not practice the overall game plan.

      The guys practicing boarding may just be practicing boarding not attacking an aircraft carrier. Same goes for the fast attack boats …. maybe all they have to practice on is a plywood aircraft carrier …. maybe they’ve made their dummy ship to look like a carrier for propaganda purposes.

      I wouldn’t read too much into it.

    2. gryzor84 says:

      You are quite right, just like US and Istaeli ABM testing entirely controlled and limited scenarios, this is basic, crude,textbook and quite mediocre PR and plays to actually discredit Iranian capabilities rather than the intended goal. Actual military decision-makers already kbow full-well iranian A2/AD capabilities and have consistently refused to go hot for a decade, and even more so recently with the immense political pressure from the b-team pushing for some sort of limited action.

      Leon Panetta warned as early as 2012 that the USN ,at the time already would have to sustain an incompressible 10 to 15% loss rate on major surface combattants should a total war occur in the straights,at the minimum and mostnconserrvative estimates. Since then, Iran’s inventory has grown both in scope ,sophistication and numbers, as demonstrated in the Al-Asad warning strike (some say Tehran wanted to avoid escalating).

    3. Free man says:

      “So I think all of this is nothing more than a show.” – Bad show of amateurism and negative PR.

    4. The Objective says:

      A good comment. But do you think the 6000 people will survive the missile onslaught? I tend to think the Iranians might be sending the message they’ll board a carrier after destroying much of what it carries. This seems like a lot of fiction to me.

  4. Assad must stay says:

    very nice all the best

  5. Nzhdeh says:

    I don’t support American foreign policy but realistically Iran doesn’t have even a 1% chance against the American military.

    1. Wayne Nicholson says:

      The American military have their strengths and weaknesses. I don’t see Iran defeating the US military but I don’t see the US military achieving more than tactical victories over iran either. Toe to toe in the open seas or open desert iran doesn’t have a chance but if the USA tries to invade Iran they are in for one hell of a bloody fight and I doubt it would end well for the USA.

      1. Nzhdeh says:

        Yes that’s exactly true

        1. gryzor84 says:

          Totally agree,and the Iranian know it full well,hence their decades-long focus on developping their so-called “asymetrical warfare” where the idea is not to “win” or go toe-to-toe in a given engagement, but rather to inflict to the much more powerful attacker a level of economically and politically unacceptable losses in a short period of time.

          The Pentagon itself estimates a 10-15% immediate surface ship loss rate in the opening hours of a conflict,this would be a rate unseen since the days of the Pacific wars with Japan ! That is exactly why no administration would ever survive, hence attemt that. The entire Iranian military doctrine revolves around being able to repeatedly hit and even kill prized assets such as heavy destroyers,and on paper at the very least, they have what it takes to do it in the confines of the Persian Gulf.

          As for a military invasion of the Iranian mainland and its rugged and impractical terrain for foreign armor having to cross its huge strategic depht,no US military commander or political thinker in its right mind would ever thing of putting such an impossible campaign together. That is, short of being able to deploy 1 million troops and 6 carrier groups and station them for 20 years in that theater ,of which a good 200,000 would have to die (along with a probably around a million Iranians though…). We’re talking Vietnam redux with much more firepower for the enemy. A quagmyre of epic proportions.

          Indeed Iran is certainly not yet another third-world impoverished nation and is qualified by the US military itself as a “high technology opponent’ with conventionnal means to damage and destroy some of their key infrastructure assets like the USN’s 5th fleet anchorage. A conflict of this magnitude is unthinkable. To anyone in charge at least. And I personally hope it stays that way.

          1. christianblood says:

            Exactly… And add to that the huge unintended consequences a war on Iran could lead to and especially with Russian troops and bases in the region, with Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Gulf dictatorships, Turks and Israel. Add the mix still with China, the straight of Hormuz and oil routes. The whole region, probably the whole world would explode into violence and war and given the huge tensions between the superpowers this may even lead to WW3 and nuclear catastrophe! If (God forbid) this happens, it would the sole responsibility of the U$A.

          2. The Objective says:

            I don’t think there’ll ever be a nuclear world war regardless of whether or not the U.S and Iran goes to war. Neither Russia nor China will sacrifice millions of their own people to protect Iran.
            I think the Iranian regime should give up this confrontational stance against the West, even temporarily, otherwise, this war can’t be avoided for too long.
            Despite all the consequences of a regional war with Iran, the world came withing minutes of that war in January. What if Americans had died in the retaliation even if Iran never intended to kill any?
            This single incident forced me to look at the whole situation from a different angle. I am pretty certain the American leadership will keep the pressure on Iran to a point where the Mullahs can no longer bear it. Then what?

          3. christianblood says:

            They key words here are ‘Miscalculations’ and ‘Unintended Consequences’ and there is huge possibilities of those in the region and the world currently. For instance, there are thousands of Russian and Iranian troops in Syria as we speak, imagine of the US hits Russian troops and assets in Syria killing scores of them in the heat of the battle and Russia hits back killing hundreds of US troops and assets. In such a scenario it would be very difficult to deescalate and especially given the current global tensions. In times like these it only takes a little spark to lit a global and catastrophic fire! Remember, It took the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo to set off WW1 and few years later its second phase of WW2 and even without the usage of nuclear weapons over 100 million humans were killed in those two savage wars! For what??? What about today? It could easily escalate into a nuclear holocaust that could end all life on planet Earth! Again, for what???

      2. MikeH says:

        Think regionally. Iran cannot defeat the entire US military but they don’t need to. Can they take out the airbases and block naval movements? Yes

        1. christianblood says:

          Cunts need not to miscalculate. They should know that Iran is not Iraq, Yemen or Libya. George says it well on the clip below:


        2. kamalashila says:

          admiral Tojo though this, too

        3. Wayne Nicholson says:

          Invading Iran would be costly in lives, equipment and money ….. there is no way Americans would stomach such a war. Iranians certainly aren’t going to stand out on the desert waiting to be killed like the Iraqi’s did.

          The USA can’t strike iranian assets because Iran has far richer targets to shoot at than the USA does and the US targets are out in the open desert or floating in the Persian gulf not dug into mountains.

          I just read in the news that as part of the above mentioned war exercises Iran launched ballistic missiles from underground deep in central Iran and hit that Carrier mock up. There was no launch pad …. they just blasted up through the dirt …. no one knows if this was an underground facility or if they’ve buried launch boxes all over the place but they did it.

          In light of that remember the trouble the USA had hunting terrorists in the mountains of Afghanistsn …. imagine if those terrorists had ballistic missiles and modern air defences.

      3. Alberto Garza says:

        they used to say the same thing in iraq and the iraqui army turned out to be a joke .

        1. Jaime Galarza says:

          Don’t believe everything you read in the media. There was at least one instance when the invasion almost floundered. There were some Iraqi units that fought fiercely. And the US had big losses, not the small numbers they offered to their steneographers.

        2. HiaNd says:

          Extremely short sited and simplistic. Stupid comment.

          US today compared with Desert Storm days is not even shadow of what it used to be. A true Super Power second to none by far in those days.
          Iraqi desert terrain is not comparable with Iranian mountains.

          On the motivational level ratio is 100 for Iran to ZERO for Americans. Army with zero motivation to get killed is useless and loser from get go!

          In short Iranians would EAT ALIVE all wimpish gay Americans who would venture to put their foot on Iranian soil !
          It would be much much worse than Vietnam and US would be completly ruined financially and militarily.

          1. christianblood says:

            Exactly, the diapered cunts will have no chance against Iran.

        3. Wayne Nicholson says:

          The iraqi army fought the US army toe to toe in the open desert. they basically sat out in the open with no air defences while the USAF bombed the crap out of them then rolled over the charred remnants who were only too happy to surrender.

          Like I said as long as iran doesn’t fight in the open desert or on the open seas toe to toe ….

          Unlike Iraq Iran isn’t open desert …. it’s mountainous. Iran has been expecting an invasion for 40 years. They’re dug in. Air power is far less effective in mountains especially against prepared defences. You’re going to have to take Iran valley by valley.

          Unlike Iraq Iran has the ability to strike deep behind US lines with missiles. US assembly areas, air bases, ships and command centers are all within range of iranian missiles. You wouldn’t have months of peace to assemble an invasion force …. you’d have to do it under fire.

          It’s a lot of fun to go to war and shoot fish in a barrel when your enemy can’t hit back but not so much fun when you have $$$$ of ships, aircraft and bases getting pounded by missiles and a stream of body bags on TV every night. Instead of picturing Iraq picture the Korean war only against a much better armed opponent who had 40 years to dig in.

          1. christianblood says:

            Well-pointed out!

        4. christianblood says:

          Iran is not Iraq, Libya or Yemen. Watch George Galloway’s take on this in the video clip above.

      4. The Objective says:

        They don’t have to invade Iran. Just overthrowing the regime is what they are after.

        1. Wayne Nicholson says:

          They’ve been trying that since 1980 ….. but it really it goes back to the 1953 coup. The Anglo / Americans did manage regime change in ’53 until the Shah was deposed in ’79.

          Iran is a country of 83 million …. 73 million of them are muslim and 95% of them are Shia. Look at the Anglo/American/Israeli behaviour toward Iran over the last 70 years and tell me if you think that they’ve influenced enough Iranians to trust and love America over their own kind?

          The USA gave chemical weapons and intelligence to Iraq during the iran – Iraq war. They shot down a civilian airliner, flying on a daily milk run in a civilian air corridor killing 270 people then not only didn’t they apologize or offer restitution but gave the ships captain a medal for doing so. The list goes on and on.

          The USA just reneged on a deal the made with iran. they also reneged on promises they made to Russia after raping the country in the 1990’s and then there’s Iraq, Afghanistan, libya and Syria.

          There is not a hope in hell that even if there is a regime change in iran that it will be favourable to the USA. Iranians are not stupid …. they know what’s going on in the world.

    2. Laurent Parodi says:

      Yes and no. The US does t want to destroy Iran they want to control Iran. They would have attack Iran a long time ago if they wanted to destroy the country. What they want is to regime change Iran. They are using sanctions for that purpose. Another possibility is to invade Iran and regime change Iran by military force. That is something Iranian military can prevent. This story is very complicated.
      In terms of military power the only country in the world which can defeat the US, which means to destroy the US completely, is the Russian Federation.

      1. Alberto Garza says:

        the state of the iranian economy is very bad …and with covid is worse.

        1. bla says:

          what is your point seriously ? Add something useful instead of trying to play so smart, cuz you aren’t

        2. HiaNd says:

          Luckily for U.S., their economy is in perfect shape…never better.

          Which planet are you from?

        3. christianblood says:

          The cunts have the worse covid in the world and it is getting worse by the day!

    3. Andranik says:

      Sometimes it’s not about winning the fight so much as taking as many of your enemies down with you.

      1. Nzhdeh says:


    4. guest says:

      Iran will not be fighting a conventional war, it is four times the size of Iraq and will bog the US in a regional asymmetrical conflict and sap its its economy and military.

      1. Nzhdeh says:

        That’s in an invasion scenario not an American fleet against an Iranian fleet or military regiment

        1. Jaime Galarza says:

          It’s not an American fleet against an Iranian fleet. It’s the American fleet against the Iranian nation. The US, moreover, is thousand of miles away from its supply lines. And the Al Udeid air base as well as others in the region probably won’t help much because they will be bomber at the beginning of the war.

    5. Robert Browning says:

      Iran is all rough terrain. Vietnam was rough terrain also. Rough terrain is very well suited for guerrilla warfare and a war of attrition. Who wants the land more? The people who have lived on it for a very long time or some outsider from far far away who already has his own land?

    6. Free man says:

      You’re a really party popper . The mullahs regime has defeated the wooden toy carrier without a doubt.

    7. christianblood says:

      Have you ever heard the word ‘asymmetric’ warfare?

  6. chris chuba says:

    I am actually starting to get confused by this. There are a number of commentators dismissing this as ‘show’ but since Iran doesn’t have any aircraft carriers I can see a value in doing swarm drills against something that looks like a carrier rather than and empty spot in the ocean. I can even see Iran wanting the IRGC getting familiar with how a carrier silhouette changes as they close in on it from the horizon. But why not give the fake carrier a few real escorts for drills, Iran does have some frigates. This could be a useful drill with learning how to target or bypass them.

    BTW the circling around the carrier does look silly. It reminds me of the dumb John Wayne westerns where the Indians ride around on horseback circling the covered wagons just waiting to get picked off. I always wondered why those idiots don’t rush to infiltrate the circle. In the same manner I expect a real attack would involve closing in, firing and then leaving. You aint getting more than one shot.

    1. PZIVJ says:

      The “flight deck” would make for easy training of IRGC helos and boarding troops.
      So why not make it look like a US carrier. :)

    2. Robert Browning says:

      You are being lie to by the American government on the Iran capability to fight and to defend themselves. America is being set-up for a humiliating defeat.

    3. anonim says:

      The Indians rode around at a safe distance in real life. The sitting ducks behind wagons had no chance. The movie is obviously different.

  7. Alberto Garza says:

    this is laughable ….assuming that an aircraft carrier is never alone they think they can run circles around it ? do the iranians think the arcraft carrier is armed with .22 rifles or bb guns ???

    1. guest says:

      US has never won a war in its pathetic 200 year old racist history.

    2. jade villaceran says:

      i think they are assuming that the fleet are already destroyed and the carrier is the only ship that are floating but damage

    3. bla says:

      close minded comment again, they are practicing boarding the ship , can’ t you tell ?

    4. Free man says:

      “this is laughable..” – Even more than the 5th generation Iranian plane, introduced last year, which turns out to be actually a 50-year-old American F-5.

    5. christianblood says:

      Don’t forget Iran has many midget submarines armed with two Torpedoes each,
      as well as variety of powerful, land-based anti-ship missiles that can kill a ship in a range of up to 200 km or more.

  8. guest says:

    Iran is taking the prudent steps to conduct exercises and ensure the safety of the Persian Gulf against US interlopers. An aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf confined shallow waters would be sheer suicide, much like the Hollywood US navy posturing in South China seas.

  9. MH370 Atok The Deceiver says:

    assuming the carrier was lost from its group?

    1. Not a fan of Israel says:

      If someone uses an EMP weapon that fries all the circuits, how dangerous is a navy vessel? Answer: not dangerous at all. It’s a sitting duck, unable to move.

  10. Romeo Pesiao says:

    Hahahaha, it’s very laughable simulation, the capability and capacity of the attacking forces can never touch the CSG of the US in actual confrontation. I suggest that the simulation is good for the Oil tanker only.

  11. Free man says:

    But the wooden toy aircraft carrier fought back bravely.

  12. chris chuba says:

    The next one should be a joint naval exercise with the Chinese and Russian navies. China can provide the carrier and also get to practice anti-submarine tactics against Russian / Iranian subs. The IRGC gets to practice against a real carrier and the Russians can train the Iranians on the new weapons that they sell them after this Oct.
    This will be the last time the FOX news crowd gets to write their annual sneer article laughing at the IRGC carrier mockup.

  13. anonim says:

    What is shown is the phase after striking the command center. Anyway I really don’t think the keyboard warriors know more than an experienced force about military drills.

  14. kamalashila says:

    playing children

  15. goingbrokes says:

    This is a propaganda video and is not meant to simulate the first wave of attacks against an US Navy boat. This is to show US command that after the carrier’s support squadrons have been eliminated with missiles and torpedoes IRGC is capable of boarding a US carrier and even taking control of it, if they don’t want to sink it. It would be a PR disaster for US. They are having fun with the notion!

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