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JUNE 2023

IRGC Shot Down U.S. Spy Drone Over Iran

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IRGC Shot Down U.S. Spy Drone Over Iran

PALMDALE, Calif. (May 22, 2013) The Triton unmanned aircraft system completes its first flight May 22, 2013 from the Northrop Grumman manufacturing facility in Palmdale, Calif. T. (U.S. Navy photo courtesy of Northrop Grumman photo by Alex Evers/Released) 130522-O-ZZ999-115

UPDATE: The Central Command (CENTCOM) said that Iran had downed a RQ-4A Global Hawk.


The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has shot down an advanced U.S. unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that violated Iran’s airspace.

In a statement posted on the IRGC’s news website Sepah News, the Guards said that the U.S. UAV was brought down on June 20 by its Air Force over the central district of Jask County.

“It [the UAV] was shot down when it entered Iran’s airspace near the Kouhmobarak district in the south,” the website added.

U.S. officials confirmed to Reuters, Fox News and the Associated Press that the Iran shoot down an MQ-4C Triton of the U.S. Navy after denying the IRGC’s claims for a few hours. However, the officials claimed that the UAV was downed over the Strait of Hormuz.

The Northrop Grumman MQ-4C Triton, presented only a year ago, was developed to provide the U.S. Navy with real-time intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions (ISR) over vast ocean and coastal regions. The UAV has a range of more than 15,000km and an endurance of up to 30 hours.

The MQ-4C Triton was designed to operate at extremely high altitudes, up to 18km. It remains unclear how the IRGC was able to shot it down and with what weapon.

The downing of the UAV will likely escalate the already high tension between Washington and Tehran, especially that a single MQ-4C UAV could cost a whopping $120 million.

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opet ja

Great. Please someone to inform us how they did it, which system they used. Any chance it was Tomcat with AiM-54 heh??.


Report say it was a SAM. They are slow and large but fly very high up. Perhaps a S-200 or upgraded variant


Iran has one of the densest fibre optic integrated SAM system in the world and most of its capabilities are unknown. US may inflict some damage, but will open a Pandora’s box with very costly results.

Prince Teutonic

I wonder if they used domestically built Bavar 373 or S-300?


Just think of the schools that that much money could fund.


Just think how many schools the US have bombed in recent years.


and how many schools at home they have failed to provide adequate financing for and the resultant illiteracy spreading like the plague across the country, primarily in the fly over states, not to mention homelessness, poverty nonexistent healthcare und zu weiter.


The US doesn’t need to bomb their own school kids, they have plenty of proud US patriots who shoot school kids for fun.

Evil nation that has a school shooting every other week.


I know but if the disintegrating states of A spent half of what is spent on foreign wars it wouldn’t be such a dysfunctional country where the american dream has come to its natural end – or what do you say when someone goes to school with a gun and starts shooting indiscriminately at other kids and teachers etc and then is shot dead by trigger happy cops. not a happy country – dysfunctional


US has very little regard for human life or humanity, it is controlled by a very racist cabal of egotistical narcissist WASPS and devious Jews who are in full spectrum delusion of world domination. US has already bankrupted itself by endless wars from Afghanistan to Libya since 2001 and a unending asymmetrical war with Iran will cost far more than the $11 trillion spent so far on Zionist led wars. Iran is a large nation, imbued with deep seated Persian nationalism dating back over 3,000 years and has a huge mountainous landmass and will goad the ego driven US into a costly land war and occupation and try to send as many body bags home as possible. Also Iran will instantly go after Israel, UAE and Saudis, who are all very vulnerable. I would caution the US not to test Iran too much.


I think Iran has no interest of disclosing the weapon they used.

Jan Lavicka

hope they will have enough S-400 or modernized S-300 :)

Pavel Pavlovich

S-300PMU2 would be enough. Is that not what they received earlier?


Those are pretty expensive for a large attack from NATO, could help only for a small attack by Israel


Iran is not a nato issue – it’s a venture by the quickly disintegrated states of A for and on behalf of the squatters and since the entire contingent on the hill is bought and paid for by fifth column jews in and about washington dc, the fifth column jews set the agenda and the msm prints the aligned narrative – won’t fool anyone except the under-educated rednecks/hillbillies from the fly over states. the rednecks/hillbillie types are only suitable to be bodybag stuffing or meth cooking. the former might be preferable to the latter with a resultant 10 to 15 in a penitentiary


Iran is a land of surprises as many Empires have found to their chagrin.


They been surprise for themselves every time they met Greeks


Not Greeks, but Alexander of Macedonia.


So you never heard of Darius and Xerxes, is the number 300 or the word ‘Spartans’ ringing any bell, d’Artagnan?

What language was speaking Alexander, by any chance…Macedonian?

And yes he died like everyone else, what’s the point with that?


There is no chance for targets like ACCs, Submarines, F-22s, F-35s etc to escape from Irani missiles whether these targets are in the air, sea or land.


Iran’s logical response should be to widen the conflict and cripple the Persian Gulf Arab vassal states like UAE, Bahrain and Saudis who are instigating this suicidal conflict. Just a few missiles or even artillery strikes on UAE airports and ports will spell the end or UAE as there would be an exodus of foreigners, who make up 80% of the population. The Persians have lived in the Persian Gulf for over 3,000 years and will remain do so till infinity. The US will be fighting its worst war over 10,000 miles from home with extended supply lines and so far there is no real preparation for the occupation of 1.64 millions sq kms of Persian hinterland or decades of asymmetrical war on Russian southern flank. Bolton is a danger to the US, more than to Iran, which is prepared as the drone shoot down shows.


The downing of drone will definitely hurt Trump that what’s happen.


I would like think your right, but I doubt it.

cechas vodobenikov

probably brought down by 13 yer old Persian hackers trained by Boris and Natasha

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Awesome!!! Iran should also lob some more missiles at terrorist targets in syria like they did last year


The U.S. military has in recent days confirmed that a similar U.S. drone last week was shot down in Yemen. A Pentagon source confirmed the successful shooting down of one of its RQ-4 Global Hawk on June 6 by “Iran-aligned Houthi forces” in Yemen. It is quite evident that the regional resistance forces have figured out how to down these expensive drones.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Yes, all the more power to them :)))

Abtin Do

They recently unveiled the Talash 2/3 systems (dubbed 15th of Khordad) have been claimed to have a max engagement altitude of 27 km. It seems they had the mercet real-time scenario for testing it ;-) The interceptors are partially based on US-supplied SM-2 missiles but the Iranian R & D engineers worked on furthering the design over the past decade in parallem to their ballistic projects. Iran is now recognized as a world power hnit comes to air-defense,as major outlets such as defense-update, Jane’s and militarynews all acknowledge that fact publicly.


Pentagon has just confirmed that a missile downed the drone and it appears that Iranians may have gained valuable intel as well as it come down 30 kms inside Iranian territory near Jask, one the largest IRGC bases. US is probing Iranian defences. Iran has just released videos and photos of the 4C Triton coming down on its territory. Iranians have been telling the truth from get go. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7d8c37ba2204208bdc8eba390c52832c4e11bd213918db38f3ed3a1e2748a0af.jpg


The semi-official news agency Fars said the Guards used the locally built “3 Khordad” missile system, which Iran had unveiled five years ago, to destroy the drone.


Taer-2 Missile Specification:

Range= 60 km

Altitude= 30 km

Speed= Mach 4

Warhead= 40–50 kg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9a639a6b044f11eff3c1017823463ab205b231e1fdaab2bed996cc489e14692f.jpg

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

very nice :)))


Or they could just have been designed by the same team that made the last Boeing.


US technology is more hype than reality. American cars are pure junk and they hardly make any electronics as the faulty systems on the Boeing 737Max have embarrassingly shown. US has been lucky to have attacked small isolated weak nations like Serbia (1999), Iraq (1991-2001), Afghanistan 2001, Libya 2011, Syria 2015 onwards. Most of these had small populations and no international backers. Iran is a different story and a shooting war will be very destructive and may prove to be US swan song.

Rhodium 10

In Yemen was diferent drone..MQ9-Reaper predator attack drone…in Hormuz RQ-4 Global Hawk Navy version ( triton)…more sofisticate, long range and for surveillance purpose!


better to lob a few nukes that I hope kim jung un has provided, on tel aviv – nothing much in tel aviv that will be mssed.


If the default America go for attack on Iran, so I will say American regime is seriously on some drug abuse.

The ranges of Irani solid fuel nuclear missiles are 70 km to 16,000 km with target seekers, IR and radar homing, GPS and inertial guidance systems. So there is no chance for targets to escape from these missiles whether these targets are in the air, sea or land. The following video is for awareness only.



Way to go Iran!


Iran has used some serious weaponry to down a drone flying at 50,000 feet. It looks like the Iranian SAM knocked off a whole wing.

IRAN SAYS: READY FOR WAR, but not looking for one. Asks US to stop violating its airspace.



The downing of drone will definitely hurt Trump that what’s happen,


Bolton and the chickenhawk cowards and AIPAC will push for escalation, hopefully saner heads will prevail. Iran will fight, if it has to.

Zionism = EVIL

Americunt arseholes miscalculated and got whacked over Iran. Now let’s see what their Jew masters tell the shithead Trump to do next?

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

probably try to use it as an excuse for more aggressive action


I think the term is “reeeesult!”


Congratulations to Iran for shooting down that Zionist, U$ Drone. Let’s hope it’s a sign that their air defenses are more integrated and advanced then most thought (I do know they have the S-300, I just don’t know how many and how integrated they are). By the way I just created a website https://learsland.com/ for the purpose of having an intellectual discussion better both the Far-Left and Far-Right on how to come together and create a common consensus against the Zionist, Liberal, Globalist, ideology that is sweeping the planet and seeks to destroy everything we hold dear. Come check it out if your interested.


MQ-4C goes lower when it gets closer to the objects it is going to scan.

Prince Teutonic

Obviously too close this time… ;)


When it gets hit by a missile it goes all the way to the ground.

Aaron Driver

Blame the Russians coz Iran isn’t sophisticated enough to be able to bring their MQ Triton flaming down, according to US propaganda IRAN is still way behind with laughable tomcat generation technology! who’s laughing now, I know I am right at U


better than you think and once the shooting starts the hormuz will be closed and the squatters will be kicked once and for all all the way to hell.should have happened eons ago but it never is too late to finish off the vermin.


One thing I can guarantee is that if the US is stupid or arrogant enough to attack Iran, the whole region will burn, starting with Israel and the world economy will crumble as a major conflict will not be able to be contained. If you read the history of Persian wars since 1600, they have all lasted for years, wearing out the aggressors.


The US has been hijacked by Zionist warmongers led by the draft dodging coward Bolton. The US is unnecessarily provoking Iran in a mistaken belief that it will back down like Saddam’s Iraq did. Iran is a pretty capable large nation and the shoot down of this expense drone is a humiliation for US, which first denied the factual Iranian version and then released details that a U.S. Navy MQ-4C Triton had been shot down inside Iran near Jask, Hormozgan Province. Jask is a major IRGC base at the mouth of the Persian Gulf and there is no doubt that US is testing Iran and violating its airspace. It also proves the capability of Iranian radars and SAM systems.

A senior Iranian security official said on Wednesday Iran would “strongly respond” to any violation of its airspace.“Our airspace is our red line and Iran has always responded and will continue to respond strongly to any country that violates our airspace,” the semi-official Tasnim news agency quoted the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security council as saying. Iran has beefed up its air defence systems near the Straits of Hormuz and it is believed that Russia may have provided S-400 to Iran recently.

I believe testing Iran is not a good idea as any ill-advised Bolton and Zionist adventurism will prove very costly to US, the Zionist instigators and will set the region ablaze. This drone cost $120 million which could have fed and housed the over one million US discarded veterans living on the streets.


an anti-zionist world wide day is in the offing – and can the iranians show the wreck it would be proof of the warmongers lies – and in yemen squatters are helping saudi crown prince; mohammed bin salman, of fake leonardi da vinci painting at 450 million bucks fame, in the war against the people of Yemen and the disintegrating states of A is busy setting off a war against iran for and on behalf of the squatters while the squatters stealth subs with nuke-tipped missiles is lurking in the gulf of oman.the friggin squatters are itching to nuke teheran although it would be a mistake since the 90 percent of the world’s population that dislike and hate the squatters would quickly and efficiently take their revenge on the fifth column jews living in various countries subverting justice and the good society that these fifth columns have not an inkling of what it means.

and the world is quiet as a mouse – what shameful institution democracy, the so called democracy, is


US or none of the western nations are a “democracy”, it was charade created to discredit the USSR and socialist systems as they posed an ideological challenge.

Concrete Mike

Excellent point!

I was alluding to how toxic our materialism is, and i quoted this comment in support!

Ishyrion Av

Relax, socialism/communism is all about materialism too. The first two things they done when they came in power in my country was to abolish the private property and to forbid the religion. Private property is good because it preserves dignity and freedom of people. However, what rules today in west is much closer with communism and have just a resemblances of private property. If the law is in hands of a corporation or in hands of an arbitrary state, no matter how you name the system, is still a zionist slavery.

Concrete Mike

Thanks for your wisdom. Made me think of Trotsky!


a democracy is the worst form of government known to man… A constitutional republic now…


Good job Iran! Russia should watch and learn how one deals with “western partners”.


As an ex-Soviet and also an ex-Persian Empire descendant, I would never underestimate either the Persians or the Russians. They may appear stoic, but when challenged they are no shrinking violets. Their nationalism runs very deep.

Concrete Mike

Culturally we are infants compared to the great civilizations of russia and Iran.

Look at our TV shows ffs.


Sorry to say more like brats. The US really needs to grow up and act maturely or the planet will go up in flames. Your Jews are your worst enemies. Luckily, no Jews in Armenia.

Concrete Mike

Lots of jews here in canada too.

That being said, i have no problems with jews.

But the political tendencies that some jews and non jew leaders have ( that are quite aligned) is what is troubling.

So the politcal zionist movement is the problem, not regular jews.

I hate painting everything with the same brush, that channels hate where its not supposed to be.

What i see is Israel being set up to die( the political entity needs change thats for sure).

I see the Jews as another puppet being played by the extra national.puppet master.

For thoses jews who dont repent, the punishment will be harsh, as very few see them as puppets like I do.

Zionism = EVIL

Any country that has the moron Trump as its president is fucked.

Concrete Mike

Trump as president , the way I see it, is a symptom of the rejection of the political class by the american people.

Is seems he has been set up, no matter what he does it will be wrong.

viktor ziv

Like in 2014. when UAV MQ-5B was hijacked and landed intact in self reclaimed people republics of Lugansk and Donetsk. As few years before Iranians brought down RQ-170 intact.


Russia has provided S2500 Antey systems to Iran, and no doubt other hi-tech gear, to help them keep the US at bay.

The US has declared Russia to be the most danger to the US, that tells you that Russia knows full well how to treat the crazy Western partners.

Tudor Miron

Do you mean that US drones are entering Russian air space freely? :)


Nope. But in every provocation by the US, the only response the Kremlin has is more appeasement and call for talks. Meanwhile US weapons kill Russians in the Donbass and Syria. But all the kremlins have to say is “we don’t want WW3” etc


The US has had a poor June for losing drones with the Houthis already downing one. Thats over 200 million lost!


$400 million lost in a week. The MQ-4C Triton is one the most “sophisticated” and expensive US drones costing in excess of $200 million.

Concrete Mike

Hit them where it hurts!

Well than one less hospital for Alabama, sorry chaps!


Was the MQ-4C flying with transponder off? Radar tracks of MQ-4C, of SAM?


Some more information came in, quoting Iranian sources Persian reports: The system which brought the drone down was “3rd of Khordad”, using Sayyad missiles.

Iran has been tracking the drone since it took off on 00:14′ from “an American base in the southern shores of Persian Gulf with known coordinates” (see what they did here?) and “turned off all it’s transponders and ID signals against all international norms and global aeronautical rules”. They tracked it going from the strait of Hormuz in direction of Chabahar (towards east). It returns and upon closing to the strait, it goes into Iran’s airspace, despite continuously staying out of it up to that point. The command to shoot it down executed as soon as it entered the airspace at 04:05′ by IRGC’s aerospace force. Not bad for a system officially unveiled about 10 days ago,there’s the first test!

3rd of Khordad is the anniversary of liberation of Khorram-shahr from Saddam’s army, in importance for Iranians it is comparable with retaking of Stalingrad for Russians.


I did the perusal of Wiki for info on this aircraft, the link provided by Southfront, and on the global Hawk that the Yemeni AF brought down this week. This was a very expensive week for the DoD, amounting to something like $400 million plus in financial loss, as another has posted here.

My opinion is that this is big stuff. These aircraft are supposed to operate with a bit of impunity, rising above the fray and observing whatever they wish. Now the Houthis have killed one ( were they wearing sandals when they launched their attack? ), followed by the ‘ ill prepared for US abilities ‘ Iranian IRGC blowing another to smithereens. The follow on lying by the DoD about it and revelation that they were lying, is a dumb truck sized cherry on this stinking piece of work. US technology is once again in question and its’ credibility continues to meander in a big pool of hot do do.

Leadership in my country has to stop this. if they think they are just going to do whatever with, again impunity, this is a huge signal that they are really, REALLY mistaken. My advice to President Trump as a US citizen, born and raised, is to stop this crap …… get rid of Bolton, Pompeo and the rest of the idiots before it is too late and begin to have meaningful negotiations ( not the kind of BS you are used to pulling back in NYC or Jersey ) with the nations of the world. This was a big one, do not ignore it.

My two cents, I wish well unto all.

Jay Kim

US always is testing enamy’s air defence capability with drones, spy planes. this news is music to my ears. Nice job.

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