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IRGC Releases Alleged Photo of Azerbaijani President In Sniper’s Sights, Iran Says Presence Of Militants In Karabakh Unacceptable

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IRGC Releases Alleged Photo of Azerbaijani President In Sniper's Sights, Iran Says Presence Of Militants In Karabakh Unacceptable

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In a reminder that Iran opposes any further Azerbaijani ambitions in Nagorno-Karabakh and beyond, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) released an interesting photograph.

It shows Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev in the sights of an Iranian sniper, while he was visiting the Khodaafarin bridge at the Karabakh-Iran border.

Earlier, on November 16th, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said that no changes have occurred in Iran’s northwestern borderlines.

This happened in reference to the peace deal between Azerbaijan and Armenia after several weeks of conflict over the Nagorno-Karabakh region near the Iranian borders.

Stating that no change has occurred at the borderlines, he stressed that Iran will never accept anything other than what has been announced by the two sides.

Khatibzadeh added that the corridor that has become controversial these days is simply a transit route, the case of which is closely monitored by the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

He further said that Iran welcomes any peaceful settlement of the case as it did over the past three decades.

He reiterated that no change has occurred at the Iranian borders and will never occur in the future.

According to Iranian Foreign Ministry knowledge, the Syrian militants must have already left the region, the spokesman said that a peaceful settlement of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia will benefit the entire region.

The spokesman, however, said Iran will not tolerate presence of any foreign elements in the region.

About killing of Iranian border guards in northwest of the country, Khatibzadeh said Iran’s response to such measures is strong.

A senior advisor to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says there is no place for Syrian militants close to Iran’s northern borders.

“There is no place for Wahhabi and Takfiri terrorists among people of Azerbaijan who are known for their love for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s progeny, and track records of such groups are very bleak,” Ali Akbar Velayati said in an address to a webinar held to discuss Ayatollah Khamenei’s views on the Karabakh region. “The people of Azerbaijan are capable of liberating their land and the presence of Wahhabi terrorists in north of Iran’s borders [with Azerbaijan] will be fruitless.”


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Lone Ranger

Ah the good ol Dragunov SVD, best DMR ever produced.


long range 334 lapua is better. no offence..comment image

Lone Ranger

But thats a bolt action sniper rifle not a semi auto DMR.
The Dragunov SVD is the only DMR rifle with sniper rifle level accuracy, it matches the M24, has a 10 round magazine and has AK level reliabilty.
No offense ?


?i shot with Dragunov, mate. and i know we can do. i also fired on 8,58 mm lapua magnum rifle…

Toni Liu

Its early dragunov that had rivalling m24 accuracy but after they want it to be able to shoot b32 API ammo the accuracy downgraded a bit because new rifling need used more specialized ammo that not as common as the old one


iran does produce its own sniper rifles XD

Toni Liu

They already had dragunov in 9.3x64mm and I ever saw the dragunov successor had 338 lapua so it just matter of choice


iran does produce its own sniper rifles and this might be similar to a psg1 rather than a to a dragunov XD


the sniper rifle used inside iran which is based on dragunov is taher its more precise and better for sniper role yet they changed it into bolt rifle since snipers seemed to have prefered this which means also lower rate of fire


reverse engineered psg1 semi fire sniper rifle was turned into an anti material rifle so the psg 1 styled rifle is also very unlike the original one so if this is above 1km than he is targeted with one of those shaher or similar types if its beneath its going to be a taher bolt action sniper rifle


again if its taher than its a copy of dragunov if its shaher than its closer to psg1 but it being a dragunov is kinda hard to believe and i doubt that its one of the designs close to 50cal american snipers because those were more for export like most of the rifle designs based on american designs are for export


russia doesnt have sniper roles such as iran which is why russia doesnt have alot to offer in the aspect of sniper roles it of course produces stuff but its not used well enough for warfare and those used like dragunov are not fitting for a real sniper because its not even close to being precise enough while many other rifles are basically new which would offer the same precision of what iran produces itself so there is really no need at all for iran to use russian sniper rifles and dragunov you might find among borderguards maybe which are more like police

Assad must stay

he should have taken the shot ahahahaha

Potato Man

Some Wahhabi-Zion-Azer shithead killed IRGC soldiers which Iran later shelled Azer.
“Three border guards killed in clashes with terrorists in NW Iran”
“IRGC fires artillery on terrorist positions across Iran’s northwest border”


this is iran iraq border so no you are not right about this because this incident was about kurdish seperatist terrorism

Potato Man

Read it,
Report 1:

The incident, which also left two other guards injured, took place in the district of Targavar in West Azarbaijan Province on Friday, according to a report by the Iranian Law Enforcement Force.

Report 2:

The Iranian forces managed to repel the terrorists’ infiltration into the Islamic Republic.
In recent years, Iranian border guards have on many occasions engaged terrorists who attempted to cross the frontier and carry out attacks.
Such confrontations are not rare in West Azarbaijan Province, which borders Iraq and Turkey.
The area has seen occasional fighting between Iranian forces and PJAK terrorists as well as militants linked to the Daesh group.

Potato Man

No it is Azer…did you read it or just dropping your 2 cents?
In the report it said NW – Iran’s western borders are with Turkey in the north and Iraq in the south, terminating at the Arvand Rud.

In first report it even said: Given its borders with Iraq and Turkey, Iran’s West Azarbaijan Province has been witnessing numerous clashes with elements of PJAK which is closely affiliated with the PKK terrorist group.

If you gonna suck cucks Azer/Turk/Zion/Wahhabi Sunnis do it better.

Mr T

Iran persian empire is next. It is already crumbling.


Keep dreaming. The only thing crumbling is the turkish lira.


hahahahahahaha right you now repeat the same mantra like our enemies do it for a century if it makes you feel good XD

Jihadi Colin

It’s been “about to fall” since, oh, 1978.

Free man

The time of the IRGC will also come soon.
Apparently the Mullahs regime is tired of the Azeri territories they control.


hahahahaha you are so delusional XD

Free man

You only know to talk. The Azeris have proved that they know how to win wars.
But there is a good chance that at the end of the war Mother Russia will come to save you as well from total defeat .


apparently aliev is doing work for us by getting our territories back from armenia so we wouldnt have to fight armenia about the region in future after aliev is tired and takes an eternal sleep together with his whole family and structures


Frankly, you are an Iran obsessed troll. Get a life will ya!

Free man

Frankly, LOL.


comment image

Jihadi Colin

That prat looks even more of a prat through a sniper sight. Any politician that puts on a military uniform looks like an idiot. Granted that few can match up to the gibbering globetrotting genocidal Gujarati gangster Narendrabhai Damodardasbhai Modi in that regard. Just look at this creature:comment image

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